Christine On Bluray for first time 24th October. Distributed by Indicator. Directed by John Carpenter. Certificate 18, running time 110 minutes

Christine released for the first time on Bluray in the UK. One of John Carpenter's forgotten movies of the 80's. I have already reviewed this title,and it is one of my 80's favourites. Coming with a load of extras, which for once is a bonus, I do like my special editions,and I do like my extras too. With John Carpenter's films usually all having decent extras, such as Arrow Films Big Trouble In Little China, The Thing was loaded with special features.Here is a run down of all the features on this great edition.

Audio commentary featuring John Carpenter and Keith Gordon
Deleted scenes (26 mins)
Ignition (12 mins): how Christine got started
Fast and Furious (29 mins): interviews with Carpenter and screenwriter Bill Phillips
Finish Line (7 mins): a look at the score
Isolated score track
Original theatrical trailer
New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
Booklet with new and archival contents
Dual format edition.
Released 24th October 2016 Bluray exclusive.


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