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IT is old news now, as the feud between John Carpenter and Rob Zombie have apparently buried the hatchet.

With this feud now apparently been going on since 2007 when Rob Zombie's reimagining of the Halloween franchise came. With rumours of John Carpenter's permission never being given to green light this movie. Even Rob said John was pissed with his remake which was never true, with John giving Rob his blessing to make his version of the film. With various comic cons, and movie premieres, the same question has been asked to the very gracious John Carpenter, "what did he think of the remake, did he like it". Well John has  been diplomatic up untill now, saying at first "he had never seen the movie" Things however did come to a head when John's feelings finally came about about Rob Zombie's movie, and the main gripe Carpenter had............ He didn't like the way they told the back story of young Michael, and the reason he was this cold bloodied psychopath. In his version there was always a mystery about Michael Myers and the mystique was taken away fro…

Wolfcop 2 is finally in production. Directed once more by Lowell Dean. Also returning Leo Falfard, as Cop/ Wolfcop Lou Garao.

Yes you have heard right, the amazing Wolfcop from 2014 is finally in production for a sequel, with a graphic novel series approved as well, written by Max Marks, with art by Arcana Studios.  Lowell Dean returns as director once more and we are promised more violence, more booze from the alcoholic cop, more hair and fuzz, and apparently more Wolfcop's. With the poster a parody of Sylvester Stallone's Cobra from the eighties.Alcoholic cop Lou Garou is back, hairier than usual, to stop a Buisness man with dishonourable intentions, that seduces its residents with financing the local Woodhaven Hockey team, and promising locals with jobs at his brewery. The original movie was a fan favourite, and even I gave the movie five stars, it was crowd funded, and what a great idea, and movie it was. Returning is Leo Falfard as Lou Garou, with Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Laura Abram to name a few of the cast members. I for one cannot wait to see this great film, and it's progress with ho…

Paranormal Sex Tape (2016) film review. Written by and directed by Dick Van Dark. Released on VOD from April 2016. Running time 67 minutes

I knew this would grab your attention, this very amateur British produced film, so called based on a true story, about a woman being plagued by some demonic presence, captured on tape, after she agrees to a sex tape being filmed, after a one night stand. This film though believe me is incredibly bad, yes it has nudity and sex scenes, but absolutely no story, no dialogue, just a woman walking around aimlessly through the streets of London, being filmed. With scenes that switch to psychedelic images for no reason at all. With I'm convinced the same images and some scenes used twice. The film is shockingly bad, and like porn movies that try to be something other than porn fails miserably. It is so hard pardon the pun, to find out any info about this very crap movie, it does have a pretty blonde actress in this, if that is what you call her, but she does have a great body. With a demon pair of hands, looking like they were purchased for a Halloween party from a dressing up shop, this…

My favourite, and most controversial, scary, or downright so freaky and unnerving music videos, created over the decades. Hope you enjoy.

Music videos over the years have been constantly pushing the boundaries, in taste and decency, mostly from the last decade to get as much flesh, booty and titties onscreen, but many artists have also created some very strange, to disturbing video imagery, from the image above from Soundgarden "BlackHoleSun" to Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson to name a few. I will be running through my favourite music videos, some are metal my favourite type of music but there are some surprises in there too.
Michael Jackson's Thriller. This was the benchmark for all videos, made famous in the early days of MTV, when they actually played music videos and not reality TV shows. This video, I believe is still one of the most expensive ever made, with a Hollywood budget to boot, and directed by An American Werewolf In London, and Animal House director John Landis. Michael Jackson was always known for pushing boundaries especially in the art of videos, and knew ho…

#Horror (2015) Film review. Produced by Lowland Pictures,AST Studios.Directed by Tara Subkoff. Distributed by IFC Midnight. Rated R. Runningtime 101 minutes.

Tara Subkoff's #Horror should have been called #Shocker, the worst part about is that it has some great talent starring in this with Timothy Hutton, Cholë Sevigny And Balthazar Getty, it still is a mess of a film though. The opening does start quite decent, with a sex scene in a  Fast car, with an unfaithful husband banging his younger employee, to then seeing him having his throat cut by some unknown assailant. We then have the worst opening titles I have ever seen, like watching Candy Crush on acid, an onscreen attack of emojis in psychedelic colours to attack all your senses. I believe the director is making a point about social media, and people's reliance on it, to cyber bullying  using these apps as a weapon, but it just doesn't work and has been done so much better in other films, such as the very underrated Smiley, even Unfriended was so much better than this movie.
Plot Summary; The new girl at school is invited to a sleepover with her horrible bitchy school mates, …

DVD and Bluray releases for UK only. All available from September 26th 2016.

Just a few of the releases that will be released tomorrow in the UK, from the Walking Dead season 6, to Scream Queens season 1, with some classics such as Witchcraft, and Slugs, with Psychomania. We have the Darkness one of the biggest studio releases starring Kevin Bacon, and the others I have never heard of. I know Slugs will have the usual Arror Films professional treatment, The Walking Dead ending on one of the worst cliff hangers, with Negan's eeny meeny miny moe and which major character was beaten to death by the barbed wire baseball bat, as it cuts to black. The Darkness from Blumhouse, starring Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, in a so called, based on a true story, about a family who bring back some supernatural force, whilst visiting the Grand Canyon. We have from 1988 the film Slugs, this Spanish directed movie about a small town being plagued by these killer slugs, which are caught up in some environmental disaster.Psychomania is a cult British film from 1973, about a biker…

The Apparition (2012) Film review. Dark Castle Entertainment, Studio Babelsberg. Directed by Todd Lincoln. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures US, StudioCanal UK. Certificate 15 UK. Running time 82 boring minutes.

A film where the trailer is far better than the actual movie, where there is more action and thrills than the actual film, so my advice don't bother with this turd of a movie, watch the trailer and you've seen the movie, as Alexandre says on the Compare the market adverts in the UK "it's simples". Starring the girl from the Twilight movies, and Malfoy from Harry Potter, a badly acted, and blatant copy of the Grudge and Paranormal Activity, with the opening reminding me of The Quiet Ones, straight out of the seventies, with super 8 footage of a seancé, with a disclaimer at the start is based on a real experiment called the Charles Experiment, I should have realised how much I hated The Quiet Ones, with this movie reminding of that, it was going to be crap!!!.
Plot summary; Three students raise an evil entity, that prays on fear, headed by Malfoy (Tom Felton)and yes he is still crap at acting, and Harry Potter wasn't a fluke, his mate Ben (Sebastian Stan)  and som…

Lionsgate release two more classic Vestron titles from the early nineties. C.H.U.D 2 Bud The Chud, Return Of The Living Dead 3. Released 22nd November.

Straight out of the Vestron archives comes these two b-movie classics, I'm being totally honest I've only seen one of these films, Return Of The Living Dead 3, and was underwhelmed by the whole experience, but hopefully I can look at it again and enjoy it as much as I loved the two previous classics. I've never seen C.H.U.D never mind the sequel, but both are coming out filled with extras, great artwork on the covers, and is produced with genuine love from Lionsgate to give credit to that great independent label that was Vestron in the eighties to early nineties, that gave a viewing platform to these films, that probably wouldn't have seen the light of day otherwise.
Return Of The Living Dead 3. The story of a loving couple, who survived the original Zombie outbreak Curt "J.Trevor Edmond" and his girlfriend Mindy " Melinda Clarke" who realise the cause of the outbreak was due to a toxic substance the army had created to reanimate its soldiers, obvious…

Blair Witch (2016) at cinemas now has it already bombed? Directed by Adam Wingard, distributed by Lionsgate. Will this movie ever be as terrifying as the 1999 orginal, well critics say no.

With the Blair Witch hitting our cinema screens again, hence with a bigger budget, a slightly more talented cast, will this version have the audiences terrified like the 1999 original?.
Well so far it has mixed reviews, getting on most sites a 3/5 rating, but is it any good and can it really match or capitalise on the original?. Directed by a talented director in Adam Wingard, the director of Your Next, The Guest, and a segment on the VHS 2.
Ignoring the Book of Shadows like it never existed, and this being a direct sequel.
 Using HD cameras this time, not VHS, with state of the art gadgets the younger brother of Heather is determined to find out what happened to his sister two decades earlier. With others involved including a bunch of bloggers called the 666 will they find any truth in the Maryland woods.
With a lot of critics saying this movie is far too polished, and has lost the amateur feel of the original, yes the better actors are better at doing that, but apparently has lost t…

Ash vs Evil Dead. (2016) Tv series review. From creators Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell. Starz entertainment. Distributed by 20th Century Fox. Rated R US, certificate 18 UK. Running time 279 minutes.

After binge watching this in a day, yes the entire series in one sitting, I can say what a fu##ing return to form. From the original creators, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, comes a return to form to the franchise that was so sadly missing from the 2013 reboot, and that my friends is humour and heart. To wait almost 22 years from The Army Of Darkness, is such a long time to be without our hero Ash, doing what he was born to do, chopping up demons and sending them back to the deepest of Hell. Set 30 years later from Evil Dead 2, Dead By Dawn, Ashley "Ash" Williams is still working in a dead end job, in a local supermarket, he still hasn't lost his charm, wit, and sexiness with the ladies, with a drunken night of sexual exploitation, marijuana use, and reading poetry from the necronomicon "the book of the dead" he summons the long lost evil once more into the world, and is forced into doing his greatest tricks once more,  killing Deadite's. With his …

The Green Room (2016) Film Review.Produced by Neil Kopp, VictorMoyers,Anish Savjani. Distributed by A24, Broad Green Picures, FilmScience.Directed by Jeremy Saulnier. Rated R US, 18 UK,running time 95minutes. Released on DVD and Bluray 19th September 2016 UK.

As a rock band you are always looking for that one killer gig right? This is that gig, with "The Aint Rights" an up and coming punk band,who would rather their music do the talking,and live shows,and word of mouth being more important than followers on Twitter and Facebook. Touring venues in Oregon,with a local punk rock DJ setting them up at a gig in the middle of nowhere,at a remote Skinhead bar. Surely alarm bells must've started ringing,as it is immediately obvious they are not welcome there,with pushing and shoving in the car park,before they get their equipment out. But being true rebels,like the punk movement was,they start the gig off with an anti Nazi song, by The Dead Kennedys "Nazi Punks F@@k Off" which infuriates the crowd with bottles,and glasses being thrown at the stage. Still determined to win the crowd over they then have a killer set list of original songs which go down really well. They end the gig,get paid by the owner,and return to the gre…

Assault On Precinct 13 1976. Directed by John Carpenter. 40th anniversary edition, distributed by Second Sight. Certificate 15 running time 91 minutes. Available on DVD and Bluray 28th November 2016.

Two years before he made horror cool and terrifying with Halloween, John Carpenter came up with this violent masterpiece. A story that has been copied, and influenced other directors, and many other action films made since. Assault on Precinct 13 is a classic, there is no way to deny that, filmed on a tiny budget at the time, and being filmed in just one location to save bucks, just works. The story of a police station under siege, from a bunch of criminals, with a skeleton crew, on a night shift, determined to protect this building at any cost, with super violence, with one of the best body counts, over 50 in total, oh don't ask for vanilla twist from the ice cream man either, this film is incredibly violent, incredibly tense, with a great soundtrack by the master himself John Carpenter. It is getting the full hd Bluray treatment, from the distribution company Second Sight. Believe it all not this film is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, and this film is jammed packed with …

This weeks horror news, at a quick glance, hope you enjoy.

Welcome to the round up off this weeks news in Horror, with great news that Excorcist 3 is getting the great Bluray make over, arriving in October with a believe it all not a directors cut of this great movie, the true sequel to the original Excorcist, directed by writer William Peter Blatty, in a two disk set containing both versions, and loaded with special features. Also the rumours are true a black and white version of Mad Max Fury Road is going to released on December 6th 2016 called the Black and Chrome version, with both versions of this film, including the original colour version, and the black and white version that was originally only going to be available in an ultimate box set of Mad Max including all films and the Black and Chrome version, well it to is to be released on its own as well. And the biggest news of the week all the characters above, or mainly their films are green lighted to be remade, rebooted, whatever name you call it.

Good old Predator is back, with a sc…

The Hole (2010) Film Review. Directed by Joe Dante. Distributed by Big Air Studios US, E One Entertainment UK. Rated PG13, Certificate 12A, running time 92 minutes.

So I revisited this again last night, and you know on repeated viewings it does get better, I never liked it the first time I saw it, and I thought it was a blatant rip-off of The Gate from 1988, but watching Goosebumps recently, I realised I was looking at this film, as if it was made for the adult market, well it wasn't, it is clearly aimed at teenagers, the one part I never got before. Now back to the film, yes it is definitely aimed at older teenagers, but is way too scary for anyone under 15, which in my opinion is what the certificate should have been, not the 12A it was in the UK.  A story of a family moving into this new house, and neighbourhood, a single parent family, with a very busy working mother, a pre teenage son, and a definite older teenage son, who has taken a liking to the girl next door, like most teenage dramas they are destined to be together, but instead of being all  cosy, cosy, a little matter of a Hole that is the gateway to hell, is in their basement, and …

Annabelle 2 From New Line Pictures. Released next year May 2017.Directed by David F. Sandberg. Produced by James Wan and Peter Safran.Distributed by Warner Bros Entertainment.

The teaser trailer finally dropped yesterday for this movie, a movie that was always inevitable, after the success of the previous movie. In all fairness I preferred Annabelle to the Conjuring, I actually thought that movie was creepier than the predecessor, with great acting. With this sequel once again from James Wan and Peter Safran, directed by David F. Sandberg, the fantastic director of the recent Don't Breathe, being released next year in May 2017, once again from New Line Pictures, and distributed by Warner Bros Entertainment.  Starring Stephanie Sigman, Miranda Otto, Anthony LaPaglia. With the teaser showing a little girl having a tea party with Annabelle, being discovered by her mother, to only start twitching, is scary, without giving nothing away.

Donnie Darko 4 Disk 4K Bluray release. Distributed by Arrow Films. Including both versions of the film Theatrical cut 113 minutes, and the directors cut 133 minutes. Released 12th December 2016, retail at £27,99.

From director Richard Kelly the mind f@@k film of the 2000's from a very talented writer and director, unfortunately this being the debut film he will only ever be remembered for. Starring a very young Jake Gyllenhall, Patrick Swayze, Noah Wyle, Drew Barrymore, Mary McDonnell. The story about time travel, parallel universes, six foot scary rabbits, air plane engines, and one of the cleverest, but mind f@@k scripts ever put to celluloid, is getting the 4K treatment on a dual format release, 4 disks in a great gatefold sleeve from the always reliable Arrow Films.  With both the Cinematic cut, and the directors cut of the movie. Priced at £27, 99, running time 113, 133 minutes. Brand new 4K restorations of both the Theatrical Cut and the Director’s Cut from the original camera negatives produced by Arrow Films exclusively for this release, supervised and approved by director Richard Kelly and cinematographer Steven Poster.High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presen…

Horror, thriller and Sci-Fi releases next week for the UK only. 19th September 2016. Hope you take a look and enjoy.

Just a few of the horror releases for the UK next week 19th September, with the notable Ash Vs Evil Dead the fantastic series from Starz productions on a two disk Bluray and DVD containing all 10 episodes. The other adrenaline paced thriller Green Room, is Anton Yeltsin's last film role, with Patrick Stuart in his scariest and most calculated performance ever, and he is the bad guy. We have another movie in the vain of Unfriended, Hacked and Smiley about a presence using social media to stalk and kill. I'm not to sure what Abattoir, is about but I do know it stars Lin Shay. As for the rest of the titles I have no idea, straight to video, they may be okay I'm not sure as I haven't seen them yet, but I did notice another Danny Trejo film, in what will probably be a cameo performance, but will have his image splashed all over the DVD cover. These are the only titles I found online, there could be more releases, it is that most of the film companies do not tend to talk bac…

Ghoul (2015) film review. Written, produced, and directed by Petr Jákl.Production company J.B.J Film Distributed by VegaBaby, SignatureEntertainment UK. Certificate 15, running time 86 minutes.

A very strange one this film is although marketed as an American film, with most if not all the dialogue is spoken in Ukrainian, with no subtitles, we do every now and then get a translation from a translator in the film, but with two Ukranian actors speaking in their native tongue, we get very little dialogue from the American actors, with no subtitles, is hard to get really involved into this movie. I did still give this movie a go, as it looked like a Blair Witch type of movie, and in places it actually reminded me of Blair Witch Book Of Shadows, and I will come back to that point soon. This film is about an American indie production company, doing a documentary on the true famine crisis in Ukraine in 1932, in which it was reported that one village turned to cannibalism to survive. We have the usual talking to locals about this, with the one local man who took cannibalism to the extreme , as he became one of Ukraine's worst serial killers,  killing young girls, and women, and …

Antisocial (2013) Film Review. Directed by Cody Calahan. Distributed by Black Fawn Films, Breakthrough Entertainment.Rated R, Certificate 15 UK. Running time 88 minutes.

Never heard anything about this film,but now I've discovered US Netflix,I suddenly have access to hundreds of films. I watched this last night,and yes it kinda has been done before,in different formats eg, some type of virus,turning the population into violent aggressive people,intent on doing harm to others. Think of it as a mix between 28 Days later, mixed with The Crazies and a little Videodrone thrown in and you get this film. In this modern age we are all addicted to social media in some format,well this film plays on that,with a new hip social media app,that somehow manages to almost force people to post more stuff,almost an addiction. With a new algorithm built in to subconsciously incourage our brains to become addicted to this app. With a new type of artificial intelligence built in,becomes self aware,which the software developers,tries to disable,sending a new update,a computer virus which actually infects the human brain also.
Sounds daft but it actually works,David Cr…

Viral (2016) Film Review. Blumhouse Productions, Busted Shark Productions, IM Global. Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Distributed by Dimension Films, and The Weinstein Company. Not Rated running time 86 minutes.

Why they had to sexualize this poster for this actual great film is beyond me. Then again sex does sell, with the poster having absolutely nothing to do with this film.
A film for once based on scientific facts, although once more exaggerated, is based on the idea of a parasitic creature taking over a human body, with one purpose to pass that parasite on to other hosts, via spitting blood into people's faces.
With parasitic entities that already control the actions of rats, that actually make them fearless around cat's, which they eat, then live in the intestinal wall of  cats, to be excreated and for the cycle to be passed on again. Using this idea, but having humans as hosts, and loosely using the idea of a parasitic worm similar to South American Botworm is the basis of this great story, giving an insight to how a possible pandemic is controlled, via the CDC and how the Goverment would control the situation, is quite scarily realistic. With a majority of this movie being ca…

Ghoulies 1&2 Available on BluRay Steelbook. Directed by Luca Bercovici. Distributed by 101 films UK. Certificate 15. Running time 170 minutes approximately.

Another one of my favourites from the eighties being released once more on BluRay.
With extras, a decent remastered picture, and a limited edition if you want from
With this film always being referred to as the very cheap poor cousin to Gremlins, directed by Luca Bercovici. I loved this movie as a teenager, alongside Critters that also needs a Hd proper upgrade by the way.
I'm being honest I'm getting conflicting reports but on Amazon it has a release date of 10th October on BluRay, with Zavvi advertising it as available now.
So I'm not too sure which site to believe.
This is a  simple story of a bullied and weak man who summon up these Demons reading from an old book once more, that cause havoc and mayhem, with some great fun deaths. With the best marketing campaign ever having the Demon poking his head out of a toilet seat, became the main VHS cover especially in the UK.

There are very little special features on this at the moment;
It does definitely contain …

Driller Killer (1979) Released on Bluray and limited edition Steelbook 250,000 copies only from the 28th November 2016. Directed by Abel Ferrara. Distributed by Arrow Films UK. Certificate 18. Running time 96minutes, on a two disk set.

Another banned classic is finally getting the great Arrow Films treatment on the 28th November 2016, Released as a limited edition steelbook to 250,000 copies, also available as a standalone Bluray edition. Slammed packed with special features. Starring and directed by Abel Ferrara as a struggling artist driven mad by everyday life,almost becoming destitute, but having a distrust and hatred of the homeless, he does not want to become, and one night taking his revenge using a power drill. This is another of the infamous banned films in the UK under the video nasties act, being banned for over 15 years from 1984-1999, with it finally getting a VHS and DVD release, with it still being heavily cut. The BBFC finally looked at the film again in 2002 and allowed it finally to be seen uncut, which this version is from.  The special features are; 
Limited Edition SteelBook featuring original artwork (2500 copies) Brand new restoration from original film elements High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) a…