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Ghosthunters (2016) Film Review. Distributed by The Asylum. Directed by Pearry Reginald Teo. Released on VOD 5th July, Not yet rated,running time 89 minutes.

This film is not to be confused with the German kids friendly CGI film of the same name released last year,although I haven't seen it, I'm betting it is still better than this terrible film. From the great Studio The Asylum who brought us Three Headed Shark Attack, Atlantic Rim, Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies and just about any other  film made, a rip off cheaper version is made. From what I can understand about this film as most of it with very scientific  heavy dialogue, with large words, with physics based gizmos and gadgets, in other words a bunch of clever scientists have found a way to extract ectoplasm from any so called haunted environment, and yes you are hearing me correctly, to get DNA from these ectoplasm, to actually find out who that dead person is, to prove life after death existence. When one of these Ghostbusters, sorry wrong film, Ghosthunters wife and child, is horrifically murdered by some serial killer, who likes to dress up as a plague doctor from the sixteen…

I Am Not A Serial Killer (2016) film review. Directed by Billy 'OBrien. Distributed by Floodland Pictures. Not yet Rated. Running time104 minutes. Released limited cinema release 26th August, DVD and VOD same day America, with a UK release 9th December.

The trailer was released for this great film the other week, and I finally got a chance to see this quite remarkable film, the first book of many from Dan Wells about  the character John Wayne Cleaver, a teenager, who is extremely confused about his own state of mind, being I think wrongly diagnosed with having socialpathic tendencies, obsessed with death, and the human anatomy, probably due to the fact being brought up in an environment as his mother is an undertaker, and he regularly helps out with the preparation of the dead bodies. He like Dexter is so convinced he is going to kill, he has a set of rules to follow, be normal and do normal teenage stuff with his close friend, he has his therapist on speed dial to talk to at any time about his impulses, but the fact he has empathy, and is basically a good kid, is why his diagnosis I feel is wrong. Plot summary; John Wayne Cleaver believes he has socialpathic tendencies and is convinced he will become a killer, but someone in town h…

Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes (1977) Distributed by Arrow Films. Directed by Wes Craven. Certificate 18, running time 89 minutes. Released on Bluray 3rd October 2016.

This 1977 beauty from Wes Craven is getting the 4K restoration treatment,for all those lucky to have a 4K television set,another one of the U.K. Banned film list,that was available on DVD since the early 2000's only on DVD originally from Anchor Bay,a vanilla release,with at least this great film is getting the hi-def version it deserves. On route to Los Angeles the Carter family's camper home breaks down in the middle of nowhere,caught in the heat of the desert,and fighting against an onslaught of blood thirsty cannibals,who want to devour them,this is another classic of our generation in horror, with the title "The Lucky ones die first" this film even though a little dated still does shock,with a pre Nightmare On Elm Street, it was Wes Craven firing on all cylinders.
Brand new 4K restoration of the film, supervised by producer Peter Locke and viewable with both original and alternate endings High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation Original mono audio Optional Engl…

The Burning (1981) Bluray release on Arrow Films. Limited to only 4000 limited edition copies. Directed by Tom Maylam. Release Date 10th October 2016, certificate 18 running time 91 minutes uncut.

The Burning finally makes it onto Bluray,and guess what it is sold out on all UK sites, limited to only 4000 Steelbook copies. From one of the best companies at the moment Arrow Films,this 1981 slasher released a year after Friday The 13th and wrongly compared to it over the years. Another of one of the famous banned films in the U.K.under the Video Nasties list,with the U.K. Suffereing from the most appalling state censorship of any adult content,for almost a decade,thanks to a woman's institute member Mary Whitehouse,because she was offended by these films,and with a very Conservative,government at the time allowed this to happen. You know that some of these films didn't get to see the light of day,untill mid to late nineties,when we had a more liberal approach to film censorship,with a change in the British Board Of Film Classification,we finally got to see,on VHS and the emerging DVD these titles once more,With Driller Killer,The Bogeyman,The Evil Dead,Friday The 13th, The…

Let's Be Evil (2016) Film Review. Written by Elizabeth Morris,OwenMartin,Jonathan Willis. Distributed by Posterity Pictures. Directed byOwen Martin. On VOD and limited in theatres from 5th August. RatedR,running time 83 minutes.

Let's Be Evil, in all fairness the cleverest part of this movie, is using the same actress Isabelle Allen, and using the same pose from the poster Les Miserable,as shown above, apart from that observation the rest of this movie is extremely forgettable. Co Written by and Starring Elizabeth Morris as Jenny, using for the first time I believe augmented reality, you know that fancy app you can get on smartphones and Nintendo DS, when you point the camera at an image the image comes alive as a 3D holographic image. This movie uses this technology to raise the next generation of super kids, in a laboratory environment, with kids wearing these augmented reality glasses, they can see, touch learn multiple things at once. With Jenny getting a job as what she thought was a Nanny position, looking after these kids, alarm bells does not start ringing,when she turns up at this state of the art facility, told she will be sleeping here,eating here, and is under strict rules from an AI intellig…

Summer Camp(2015) film review.Written by Alberto Marini,Danielle Schleif. Distributed by Pantelion Films. Directed by Alberto Marini. Rated R, running time 81 minutes. On DVD 2nd August 2016 US.

From the producer of the original Rec film 2008,and the producers of Annabelle and The Conjuring comes this film. A film that is a master of misdirection, like the film I saw recently They're Watching, where you think it is a typical locals vs outsiders, and the ending turned out to be something different, well this film uses the same misdirection. Where as a viewer you are led to believe these American Camp Councilors  at this remote summer camp in Spain, waiting on the arrival of children are already in danger from travelers camping on the same summer camp site. With some of the travelers stalking, and looking at them at different parts in the wooded area by the camp,carrying knives, and being intimidating, it is at this point where the story goes into a completely different direction. This is a film that if I said too much would spoil the film,it is extremely smart,taking the viewer one way,then going a completely different way. Using scientific and believable reasons why stra…

I Spit On Your Grave (2010) Film Review. CineTel Films. Directed by Steven R.Monroe. Based on Day Of The Woman by Meir Zarchi. Distributed by Anchor Bay US,Platform Entertainment UK. Rated R US, Certificate 18 UK. Running time 104 minutes.

I'm reviewing this never seeing the 1978 exploitation flix of the same name,with this being readily available since early 2011,with it producing two more sequels. I did get round to watching it last night,and as the poster says " stark,twisted and brutally shocking" and this film did at least deliver what it said on the poster. With one of the most prolonged torture,then finally rape scenes,that I have ever seen on screen before.  With the male actors so realistically getting into it,the mental torture of this poor woman,with live, lit matches being thrown at her,was almost too much for me to keep watching,never since the film Martyrs have I seen such brutality and sadistic pleasure of a woman being degraded,abused physically and mentally,is absolutely shocking. I have seen other films this year that did not shock me as much as this movie,and they were The Bride and Even Lambs Have Teeth,even the reverse mental torture film of Knock Knock from Eli Roth,with the women doi…

The Bride (2014) film review.Written and directed by Marcello Daciano.Produced by Marcello Daciano,Nakamura Kinno. R Rating, running time 80minutes.

I have just watched probably the worst film I have ever seen, at least the worst horror film made,I can take bad acting,I can accept bad special effects,cheapness in general,as a film maker you have to start somewhere,look at Peter Jackson's debut Bad Taste,and how he progressed as a fantastic director. This film I'm just so confused about,whether it was made deliberately bad,or whether it was an exploitation flick. With any film especially a revenge movie,you need to have a sympathetic view of the characters onscreen,you need to be able to see the love involved between the two leads at least,but  in this we have two actors with zero chemistry,dreadfully acted by two actors,trying to convince us of their love for each other,that lasts for a very slow 14 minutes, with sex scenes added,as the dialogue is terrible,to hide this fact. With Kira (Henriette Riddervold) and Marco ( Charles Campus) as the unfortunate lovers. Think of this film as a cross between the Last House On The …

Even Lambs Have Teeth (2015) Film Review.Produced by ElizabethLevine,Adrian Salpter. Written and directed by Terry Miles.MatchboxFilms released in the UK 20th June 2016. Rated 18, 1 hour 16 minutesrunning time.

Even Lambs Have Teeth is released on DVD this week in the UK,by director Terry Miles an exploitative revenge flick,hawking back to the days of I Spit On Your Grave,and The Last House On The Left. With this film reminding me of Eli Roth's Hostel,not so much the violence,but the fact a whole community is involved,in a depravitity of sexual exploitation,by abducting young pretty girls,and through forced prostitution and rape,become sexual slaves,for the willing towns folk to abuse. Hell even the Sheriff is involved, happening in a remote location so no one can hear the girls screams,we have a terrifying situation where girls are abused in large shipping containers,until they are no longer needed and disposed of afterwards.
Meet BFF'S Sloane ( Kirsten Prout) and Katie ( Tiera Skovbye) who wanting to earn money for a New York shopping trip,decides to work on this Organic farm for a month to save for this trip. The usual thing happens en route meeting these two young boys,who offer…

Wer (2015) Film Review.Film District,Sierra Pictures,Incentive Filmed Entertainment,Prototype,Room 101, inc. Directed by William Brent Bell. Distributed by FilmDistrict US Entertainment One UK. Available on DVD and Bluray. Rated R, US, certificate 18 UK.Running time 89 minutes.

This is one of the best  werewolf movies made in recent years,with such a realistic monster,and actually using medical definition to explain the condition that the character Talan Gwynek ( Brian Scott O' Connor) Is suffering from a rare condition all his life,where he is blessed with far too much body hair,but being extremely tall,due to his bones being too large,but also making his everyday life painful,as he can barely move without pain and discomfort. Yet he has been arrested for a brutal slaying of an American family near his family plot,in a savage yet almost animalistic attack. With an American human rights lawyer Kate More (A. J. Cook) who believes Talan has been unfairly arrested,treated like an animal,and is determined to prove his innocence,alongside her colleagues Eric Sarin ( Vik Sahay) Gavin Flemyng ( Simon Quarterman).

The three are determined to prove that Talan has this rare condition,that is actually controlled by the term Lunar Effect,that has actually been proven …

The Culling (2015) Film Review. Silver Lining Media Group Gold StarFilms Safady Entertainmen. Distributed by Highland Film Group (HFG)US,Signature Entertainment UK. Directed by Rustam Branaman.Rated RCertificate 15. Running time 76 minutes.

This is a film that could have actually been a decent film,with a different script,but was happy in the end to be a confusing mess. Shame as it had a decent cast,with higher end values for a low budget film. Now from what I can make of the plot, a couple leave their child deliberately at a nearby gas,and restaurant stop,and tell her to pretend to be upset,befriend some strangers,then have them bring her home to her house. Whilst  her grateful parents befriends the strangers,with beer and food,then sacrifices them to some demon,who lives in the house,and to breed with any females to produce demon children.

If this would have been my film,I would have had the same story, But using the same couple,leaving their kid at the Gas station,to be brought home,to them,and to thank the kindness of strangers,by slaughtering them,that would have been a more sicker idea,but would have worked. To have a film that wasn't too sure how it wanted to look or work,as I said made it a mess,is it a slau…

Let Us Prey (2014) Film Review. Creative Scotland,Fantastic Films,Greenhouse Media Investment,Irish Film Board. Directed by Brian O'Malley. Distributed by Kaleidoscope Entertainment. Certificate 18, running time 92 minutes.

A great little indie chiller,from Scotland with Liam Cunningham as a strange drifter who just appears one night. It just so happens to be Pc Rachael Heggie's first night as a constable,in a small remote rural Police Station,with Sgt Macready as her gruff and not very welcoming boss.
Thing is none of the constables make Rachael welcome,and almost makes my assumption that most Coppers are ignorant,full of themselves ego maniacs. The thing is Rachael arrests a local trouble making youth for dangerous driving. The strange thing is by chance other people are arrested at around the same time,including the drifter,who's record say he has been dead since the 1970's.
 Is it some coincidence that he is there,the same as 3 others.Who each have dark secrets,the Wife Beating Teacher, the Doctor,who may have just gone a little crazy,and killed his family,and the youngster who might have been involved in another hit and run,leaving a young lady dying in a ditch somewhere. The thing is t…

11.22.63 (2016) Series Review.Bad Robot,Warner Bros Television.Distributed by Hulu US,Fox UK. Directed by Kevin MacDonald,FredToye,James Strong,James Franco,John David Coles,James Kent. Written byStephen King,Co Produced by J.J Abrams. Rated R US, 15 UK. Running timeapprox 426 minutes.

This mini series consisting of just eight episodes debuting on Hulu in the States and Fox Hd in the UK,I watched during the early summer months,from the Stephen King novel of the same name,is finally released on Bluray and DVD in the UK on Monday 15th August. Starring the Marmite of actors James Franco as Jake Epping/James Amberson an actor that a lot of people really hate,mostly because of his  comedy roles with Seth Rogen,but in decent roles and a very good script James Franco is a seriously good actor,and in this he shines,in probably his best role to date,and if he isn't nominated for BAFTA or  the American equivalent would be a travesty. A story of a High School English teacher,actually bored with life,with no purpose,or dreams to follow,his only real interaction is with an owner of this classic diner,Al Templeton played wonderfully by Chris Cooper,in which Jake frequents regularly, and Al being his only true friend. With Al explaining to Jake that he is terminally ill with …

The Purge: Election Year (2016) Film review.Platinum Dunes,Blumhouse Productions. Written and directed by James DeMonaco. Distributed by Universal Pictures. Rated R, Certificate 15 UK, running time 105 minutes.

Welcome to the year 2040, this distopian future that really is the sickest of any movie franchise,the future when the far right, the NFFA have for many years decided the best way to eradicate crime,is to make it legal for one night in March,including rape,murder,which stops crime all year round,and for one night the sickest in society can vent their anger,and their right to kill. A film that surprisingly isn't so far away especially in America with the Republican front runner in this years election,serious right wing political views,even the other day inciting gun owners to use the 2nd amendment and the right to bare arms,and use it against Hiliary Clinton. Yes it was an off the cuff statement,and maybe not a big thing was made in the states,but here in the UK it was front page news,saying what a horrible dangerous man he is,and could be,inciting NRA members to kill,it is almost straight out of this movie. The fact this movie was made before any of the front runners were chosen,jus…

88 Films classic film releases all now available on Bluray and DVD.

Just a few of the classic releases from 88 Films, a Fantastic independence film distribution company in the UK,these are just a taster of the releases now available,or coming soon. I already own a couple of these titles,and other titles,such as The Toxic Avenger, Creepshow 2, and Wrestlers Vs Zombies,and they are great transfers. For other releases check out their great site at

Vestron VHS titles are to be given a new lease of life thanks to Lionsgate Entertainment, complete with this original logo and under the title Vestron Video Collector's Series.

The most iconic film company in the eighties,especially for the VHS rental market,and being a teenager in that decade I can certainly remember this company,that unfortunately went out of Buisness in the mid nighties,to be aquired by Artisan Entertainment,then eventually Lionsgate since 2003. The great news is that a lot of these iconic horror films from that decade,never made it onto DVD,are about to see the light of day once more,In glorious Bluray transfers with Blood Diner,and Chopping Mall the first entries,being released in September. The company had many famous films under its flag,especially in the States,such as An American Werewolf In London,Monster Squad,Blood Diner,Evil Dead 2,From Beyond. With two of their biggest hits surprisingly being Dirty Dancing,and Young Guns, I remember this company,it had a slightly different  banner in the UK,but I can remember the company well, it was only this one and Entertainment In Video,that seemingly in the UK had the nerve to distribute indi…

Head Case (2007) film review.Distributed by Fleet Street Films,B.P.A Productions Group, Inc,Brain Damage Films. Directed by Anthony Spadaccini. Rated R Ristricted. Running time 101 minutes.

Head Case by Anthony Spadaccini,a film that many thought was actually real,with the director having to prove the stars in this were actually very much alive. Starring Paul McCloskey as Wayne Montogomery,and Barbara Lessin as Andrea Montgomery,a married couple who take equally great pleasure in death,with Andrea Montgomery who films all her husbands kills,whilst she is the also the one who poisons her house guests,and takes great pride in this,and will not let her husband be involved in this part. Wayne is truly the cold calculated psycopath,who actually truly likes dismembering bodies,using knives, saws,and even cheese graters to grate the flesh of his victims. This couple also have two teenage children,and actually manage to keep all this depravity of death in their house,away from them,untill one day the daughter walks in on her dad dismembering two bodies,in the basement,we hear off camera the dad,daughter and mother arguing,with the daughter saying "she won't say nothing&…

Sick Boy (2011) Film Review.Written and Directed by Tim .T Cunningham.

Seeing this film for a few years now on free movie sites,especially Viewster I decided to give it a watch. The thing is it ain't that terrible. With a been there,done that type of horror,which goes in the end into Zombie territory,we have a film that offers nothing new. But plaudits has to go to director Tim T. Cunningham,for directing on a tiny budget of $50,000,and in just 13 weeks of filming,losing the final set location,meaning no re-shoots ,with some continuity errors.
The one thing that did strike me,was the very human script,yes a lot has said the film is boring,and has  serious plotting issues, that do plod along. The scenes between the character Lucy and her fiance were very genuine moments of conversation though,such as petty arguments about money,not going to bed angry,but picking a fight in bed is one of the most common things in a relationship.

Now unfortunately the negative points, the acting to go along this film is terrible,with an actress who is not the best I…

Annabelle (2014) Film Review. New Line Pictures,RatpackEntertainment,The Safron Company,Atomic Monster. Distributed by WarnerBros Pictures. Rated R US, Certificate 15 UK, running time 100 minutes.Directed by John R. Leonetti

And here we have the prequel to the film The Conjuring,with its star Annabelle,who barely gets a mention in the first film,but still producers green lighted a stand alone film. Set a whole 12 months before the Conjuring. About a freaky looking doll,that young expectant parents buy,as the lady loves Victorian dolls, yes this young couple are church going lovely people. Yet one night they are rudely awakened by noises at the neighbors house,the husband goes to investigate to find the couple next door,brutally murdered,and the murderers are moving house to house, they invade the house of the pregnant woman stabs her in the abdomen,gets over powered by her Husband and when the Police arrive the one guy is shot,whilst his girlfriend commits suicide,holding the Annabelle doll.
Turns out this murdering couple were part of a Devil Worshiping cult and were killing people as sacrifices. That is the story, the Doll becomes a conduit of Evil,being taken over by the Demon,the two muderers were tr…

The Boy (2016) Film Review. Production companies Lakeshore Entertainment,Huayi Brothers Pictures,Vertigo Entertainment.Directed by William Brent Ball. Distributed by STX Entertainment US,Entertainment In Video UK. Rated R US, Certificate 15 UK. Running time 97 minutes.

The Boy or in production being named the inhabitant from William Brent Bell the excellent director of Wer,then previous the very average The Devil Inside,we have this movie,another scary doll movie,we have had Chucky,Annabell and my other review the British film Robert,all about scary sinister dolls wishing harm on us. Staring the very lovely and Gorgeous Lauren Cohan from Walking Dead,and blink and you miss it cameo as Bruce Wayne's Mum Martha in Batman VS Superman Dawn Of Justice. Now Greta (Cohan) is escaping from an abusive relationship in the States, moving to England to have a job as an elderly couples Nanny to their 8 year old son Brahms. To Greta's amazement Brahms is actually a life size porcelain doll,as their other son died in a house fire 25 years earlier.Greta has strict instructions to follow everyone of Brahms rules,as he likes a routine,doesn't like rule breaking or even change. With Brahms parents going on holiday to Cornwall,Greta soon realises this is e…

Robert (2015) Film Review. Production Company North Bank Media.Distributed by 4Digital Media UK. Directed by Andrew Jones. Certificate 15 UK.

I have just finished watching this movie and needed to put down in words,straight away the feelings I have towards it. And the words are,well it is a little crap,if only the Movie was as scary as the DVD cover itself,or even the doll Robert could have been a very good movie. In the end the director Andrew Jones was happy to settle for average. I'm not saying all is bad,as the movie does have its creepy moments,but the whole thing is ruined by really bad acting,plotting and an unbelievable chemistry between a Man and Wife.Suzie Frances and Garton Lee Bane,are not the most believable actors I have seen.and have actually worked together before,in another Andrew Jones film, which I should have researched better,but I really couldn't be bothered.
 Now I'm a lover of independent cinema,I like to give all films a decent chance,and this film could have been a shining light of British independent film making,with better,believable actors this film could have been fantastic,as the d…

Ozark Sharks (2016) Film Review. Debuted on Syfy 30th July. Produced by Fabel House. Distributed by Syfy Films. Directed by Misty Talley. Rated R, running time 88 minutes.

Ozark Shark, or Summer Shark Attack in the UK is another Syfy exclusive movie,and one directed for the first time In Syfy films history, a film directed by a female director Misty Talley her second feature with her first being Zombie Sharks,with most of the cast from that film reunited for this movie. A story about rogue bull sharks terrorising the fresh water lakes of Ozark Cove, in Arkansas,just ready before the towns summer firework display. A family return to Ozark where the Grandma grew up as a child,to the picturesque lake,to only have Grandma eaten almost immediately in front of her granddaughter Molly "Allisyn Ashley Arm" all grown up now from her days in So Random,And Sonny With A Chance,with her funky short hairdo,and the obvious final girl of this shark slasher movie. With other surprising good actors starring in this, Laura Cayouette playing Diane,Molly's mum,and more famous for starring in Django Unchained, Now You See Me, Kill Bill 2, also starring is Michael…

Sharknado The 4Th Awakens. (2016) Film Review. Produced by Syfy Films. Distributed by Asylum US,Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment UK. Written by Thunder Levin. Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante. Premieres on Syfy 31st July.

Here it is,finally hitting our screens in America on the 31st July,and August 2nd UK on Syfy,set a whole five years have passed since the previous movie,with no Sharknado attacks in that time. We have Fin with his five year old son Gil,who is obsessed with sharks,and is convinced his mother April is one. Well talking of April, she has been on life support for 4 years with Fin finally allowing it to be switched off,thinking she has passed away but is secretly taken under the wing of her father,who has turned her into an ass kicking half woman half machine cyborg. We have Tech mogul Aston Reynolds,who has developed an early warning,and storm disabling device called Astro-X,that has successfully stopped any Sharknado attacks in five years. The film starts in Las Vegas with Fin meeting his oldest son Matt,who is getting married in a mad Skyfall wedding to his finacĂ© Gabrielle,the plane somehow causes a sandstorm in the dessert,that soon whips up into a tornado,that smashes into Fin's H…