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Fantastic Four (2015) Film Review. Directed by Josh Trank.Distributedby 20TH Century Fox.

Well is Fantastic Four a fantastic flop, well no not in my eyes anyway, inside this film is a great film  Waiting to get out. With so many people with so many theories,and online speculation, it is so hard to figure out who is right.  With talk of studio interference,and other Directors being brought in to complete the film,with so called rushed reshoots,Josh Trank being forced out of the editing process,with special effects experts,being replaced,or fired. This film was pardon the pun "Doomed" from the start. With the brilliant chronicle under his belt, Josh Trank was clearly on the radar,for many Hollywood studios, with Fox offering him this almost immediately,to design it from scratch,to reboot a franchise,that has been unfortunately so badly done before. The problem I hear was any plot lines,character development was leaked online,to be debunked by fans,bloggers,social media,killed this film from the start. With ideas the four would be teenagers,angered the fanbase,and …

Ant-Man (2015) Film Review. Directed by Peyton Reed. Distributed byWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I know some of you may be thinking why am I writing about a Marvel film on my Blog,that primary is a Horror Blog. Well I do review other action type films,and Sci Fi as they are the genres I enjoy the most, but this film I really truly enjoyed. Without doubt the best of the Marvel films put out so far,and yet in box office terms,it is classed as a flop,and may never get another outing,which will be criminal as it is the cleverest,funniest,smartest blockbuster I have seen,that gets the comedy,to action ratio spot on. With comic actor Paul Rudd,normally part of the recent brat pack of actors,you know Ben Stiller,Vince Vaughn,Owen Wilson,Seth Rogan,Jack Black to name a few. Yet he is the perfect choice as Ant-Man,or Scott Lang,the recently paroled computer hacker,who took down a major corporation,because he didn't like their morals. With the absolute genius of casting,and putting in acting God Michael Douglas,as his protégé and creator of the Ant-Man suit,this film from beginning,to…

X-Men Days Of Future Past (2014) Film Review.Distribution by 20THCentury Fox. Directed by Bryan Singer.

This is a film I so wanted to like,with Bryan Singer back on board,the director with probably the cleverest debut In The Usual  Suspects,making his real big budget debut for Fox with X-Men,and his far superior sequel X-Men 2,then completely going downhill with Superman Returns,and Valkyrie with the franchise once again,suffering under the Fox banner. With the insistence of the studio that the main character is always the Wolverine. A change of direction was needed,and Mathew Vaughn was brought in,to reinvent the franchise,going backwards, with a younger Professor Xavier,and Eric  (Magneto) played more menacing by, Michael Fassbender,calling the movie X-Men First Class. This was a decent movie,although not being Vaughn's best work,suffering through a small budget for such a blockbuster. Then we have this time traveling movie,to bring in the new X-Men universe,with the old,set thirty years into our future,with a timeline also of the glorious seventies,involving a story line very sim…

Goosebumps (2016) Film Review.Sony Pictures Animation,Village Roadshow Picures,Scholastic Entertainment,LStar Capital,Original Film. Distributed by Columbia Pictures. Directed by Rob Letterman.

Goosebumps or Cabin In The Woods for kids,a film with all the things of nightmares come to life. A film way to scary for a younger audience,but not scary enough for the teenage market it is obviously aimed at. A film crying out for a 12 or PG13 certificate,but getting a PG rating,shame as this film although good, could have been great. With for once a toned down performance from Jack Black as (E.L.Stein) the author of this book franchise, with the original manuscripts that is safely guarded and locked, in his house, but will come to life,if they are opened. Set in the usual small town setting. With the usual teenage characters you have normally in these films,the new boy moved in,Zach (Dylan Minnette)who falls for girl next door Hannah (Odeya Rush),we have the geeky friend and comic relief of the film Champ ( Ryan Lee),we have the freaky dummy (Slappy),who normally narrates the TV show,as the main protagonist, who releases all the monsters and demons from these manuscripts,whilst bur…

Rapture Palooza (2013) Film Review. Mosaic Media Group,Mimran Schur Pictures. Directed by Paul Middleditch. Distributed by Lionsgate.

This is my second and last comedy film today, but as I saw the funniest film I have ever seen last night. The dreadfully funny film,that wasn't meant to be funny and that was Left Behind.
So we have this film another comedy take on the Rapture,when millions just disappear again,only leaving the clothes they were wearing on the floor. We have a voice over of Anna Kendrick who explains how the Earth is now,since the Devil,or the Beast has taken over. With BlackBirds with foul mouths who abuse you with foul language. Comets,and burning rocks constantly raining from the sky. Yes it is a daft film but I actually enjoyed,thanks to the great performance by Craig Robinson as the Beast, who actually isn't as Evil as he portrays and just wants to be loved. Anna Kendrick I actually liked her in this,now she is an actress I can take or leave,but I did like her in this role. She plays the virginal Lindsey who catches the eye of the Beast, and realises that if she goes with him,and actuall…

JeruZalem (2015) Film Review. Written and Directed by Doran Paz,YoavPaz (The Paz brothers) Distributed by Matchbox Films.

We are told there are three gates to Hell one in the desert,one in the ocean,and one in Jerusalem,with the latter because of the Relgious division between three religions. With a lost footage tape beginning of three church leaders from all three faiths,trying an exorcism of a recently deceased woman,who has risen from the grave with Demon like qualities,with her then execution. We then cut to 40 years later with two Jewish girls Rachel (Yael Groblas) and Sarah (Danielle Jadelyn) going to Isreal on a pilgrimage,to get back to thier Jewish routes,and for Sarah to get over the death of her older brother who died a few months earlier. This strangely is literally a film of two halves,with the first part working better than the second,with a detour from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with Sarah taking a liking to an archeologist Kevin (Yon Tumarkin)who is doing resaearch in the Holy City.  This part of the film works with it being told from the one girls perspective wearing Google glasses,the frien…

This Is The End (2013). Mandate Pictures,Point Grey Pictures.Distributed by Columbia Pictures. Directed by Seth Rogan and EvanGoldberg.

Yes this is another Seth Rogen comedy written by himself and script writing partner Jay Baruchel. It is actually really good. The genius is they are all playing themselves,jumped up big headed actors they are. When huge sink holes start appearing around the world,they pay no attention. Even the party to end all parties,with all of Holływood elite partying at James Franco's house. When most are sucked down to hell when a sink hole to end all sink holes,swallows most of Hollywood,and almost the entire party at James's house. They still play the usual juvenile actors they normally play. Franco is an ego, Jay is the nice guy, Craig Robinson is Craig Robinson. Seth Rogan is his normal self,the genius is Johah Hill who when the shit hits the fan his true self comes out literally, and is camper than Allan Carr on chatty man. With a scene when he is possessed,because he was earlier touched up by a Demon in his sleep.Yes it is crude,very rude, very violent in places,we have decapitati…

The Remaining (2014) Film Review. Triumph Films. Directed by Casey La Scala. Distributed by Affirm Films US,Sony Pictures Home Entertainment UK.

The Remaining, or a party political broadcast from the Christian Party that if you do not give yourself to God you will die a horible death and be tortured for the rest of our days. Sorry being a little over dramatic but that was the impression I got from this film,another end of days films,about the rapture,from the New Testament and book of revelations,that all believers will leave their mortal bodies behind,and be rewarded with eternal life. All non believers or sinners will remain on Earth and be tortured for seven years by Demons, it will rain fire and ice,earthquakes like never seen,and apocalyptic lighting. The strange thing is that this film actually is not that bad,part found footage,the other part is filmed naturally,with likeable characters,and being filmed on what is normally the happiest day of your life,your wedding day,to only have half your guests,including your parents drop down dead suddenly,with planes dropping from the sky.
This film is twice the film Jeurzalem was,…

Dream House (2011) Film Review. Morgan Creek Productions. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Directed by Jim Sheridan.

You know I feel like I have to defend this movie,a box office bomb in 2011, even though a Stella cast could not save this film. Starring Mr and Mrs Craig ,Daniel Craig,and Rachel Weisz,with Naomi Watts,and probably two of the sweetest child actors,and real life sisters Clair Geare,Taylor Geare. Directed by Oscar nominated director Jim Sheridan,produced by Morgan Creek productions,distributed by Universal Pictures. Your thinking what could go wrong. As it turns everything,a film plagued with infighting apparently,between director Jim Sheridan and James G. Robinson,in which the final cut of this movie was taken out of the hands of Jim Sheridan,and was re-edited without his permission,with apparently him wanting his name removed from this project. The infighting was so bad all three actors refused to do any publicity for this film.
Such a shame as underneath all the messing about is a good movie,and you know,on a repeated viewing I will have to say that it is actually a decent little thril…

Sightseers (2012) Film Review. Big Talk Pictures,Film4 Productions,BFI Film Fund,Rook Films. Directed byBen Wheatley. Distributed by StudionCanal UK.

You know the one thing that annoys me living in the UK,being a small Island,and not the mammoth of film production like Hollywood,that every now and then a film comes out,and we have on the poster or DVD cover "The best British film Made" " The funniest film since Shawn Of The Dead". For a decade in the nineties we had every film made compared to bloody Four Weddings And A Funeral. The fact yes we do make 'some' good films,but a lot like Hollywood we produce a lot of shit also. I saw this trailer a few years ago, directed by Ben Wheatley the director of Kill List,and produced by Shawn Of The Dead's Edgar Wright,and I thought "mmmmmmm okay" a dark comedy,well this film is clearly not as funny,or clever as it thinks it is. Infact a film that is so tediously annoying,with two of the most benign characters I have ever seen onscreen,and yes I get the irony that they are made that way,taking the piss out of trainspotters and ramblers,taking a pop at p…

The Possession Of Michael King. (2014) Film Review.Production by Gold Circle Films,Quickfire Films.Directed by David Jung. Distributed by High Flyers Films UK.

It is out of protest why I am reviewing this film,although distributed by a different company in the UK, the American arm of this film decided my review of this film last year online broke licensing laws,and tried to make me remove my video review,I appealed against this,and it can be shown in my own country,but was made unavailable from The US,as in the UK the licensing rites were owned by another company. So I will give no credit,to any of the distribution in the US,only the distribution of the U.K. Companies.
Shame really as I cannot bite my nose of to spite my face as this film is nothing short of incredible,and after deciding for over a year I have finally give in,to put my review out once more. A film that for once,like a certain brand in the UK "it does what it says on the tin" this film is that,it says it is scary on the cover,and my goodness for once they are right. It is really is scary,and for one reason the one man performance of Shane Johnson (Michael King) of th…

Ava's Possessions (2015) Film Review.Distributed By Orion Pictures US, Netflix UK. Directed by Jordan Galland

I'm being totally honest,I liked this film I really did,we have had an influx of Possession films of late, The Vatican Tapes.The Possision Of Michael King,The Taking Of Deborah Logan,but not since The Exorcist 2 The Heretic have we had a film that deals with the aftermath of an Exorcism. A very clever take on the genre post exorcism,by director Jordan Galland,with surprisingly a bright neon colour palette to admire onscreen,rather than dark and dingy you would normally expect from this type of film. This film is quirky,strangely marketed as a comedy,whilst it has its moments of humour,it is more a drama,but excellently acted from everyone involved,with it having a definite art house feel to the film,with a cast that genuinely looks like they are having fun filming this film,as the performances show.
Now back to the story we have Ava ( Louisa Krause) at the start of the film having the demon exhumed from her body from a Priest performing an Exorcism. We find out Ava has been posse…

Me And My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse (2015) Film Review. Distributed by Matchbox Films. Directed by Declan Shrubb.

What do you get when you get three of Australia's biggest stand-up comedians and put them onscreen,you get Me And My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse. Starring Alex Williamson ,YouTube sensation,and award winning comedian, Jim Jefferies,and Greg Fleet,former actor,now a stand-up comedian. To start with this film is funny,the script is genuinely funny and witty,the three work well together,especially Roy,(Fleet) and Darryl ( Williamson) with an ongoing joke about being a member on Roy's cricket team,and Roy hiding the fact he has the virus,but tries desperately to hide it. The cock and balls checking scene is funny as Roy is convinced the virus starts on the balls. The in joke of Darryl shooting Roy's wife in the face,as she has turned,but says "we shall say she fell on a rock" with Joel (Gefferies) saying " pretty big explosive rock mate".
This film is typically Australian,using all the stereotypes to the extreme,the cricket,drinking beer first above anythi…

Emelie (2016) Film Review. Distributed by Icon UK, and Frightfest.Produced by Andrew Corkin. Directed by Michael Thelin

"There is something wrong with the babysitter" says Jacob,this is one strange film to categorize, is it a home invasion movie,well no as she is invited in,is it a horror/ slasher movie,once again no,it is a psychological movie,of the highest order. One of the most uncomfortable films I have watched recently,and I'll tell you now, not a lot gets to me,blood onscreen,Tourture,even sexual violence,although always condoning I can tolerate it onscreen. This film was unsettling on the highest order,as we know that Emelie is a strange girl,but we are never quite sure of her motives,what does she want? Will she hurt these kids she is babysitting. It is literally a movie of a parents worst nightmare,leaving your kids in good faith,with a trusted person,with that person then being someone you would rather not have in your house,or even near any of your children.
It is the simplicity of why this movie works,patents celebrating a wedding anniversary,they need a babysitter,their trust…

Revenge (1990) Film Review. Distributed by Columbia Pictures. Produced by Stanley Rubin,Hunt Lowry. Directed by Tony Scott.

I'm betting your surprised why a Kevin Costner film has made my blog,well the reason why,it is a great film,the best revenge thriller I have seen,and being 26 years old,still has the same impact. It is brutal,it is incredibly real,and has a beautiful,but very sad ending. Staring the man of the moment at that time, the actor who was the number one at the box office,since No Way Out, to Field Of Dreams,Bull Duram,Dances With Wolves,and The Untouchables, Kevin Costner was huge,and this film was a strange choice for him to star in. A film that I thought would have gone to one of the action men of the time such as Stallone or Schwarzenegger,but going to Coster as this film being brutal,actually requires some decent acting,and has a lot of touching scenes as well. Directed by Tony Scott,not unfazed by the action drama's coming off the Sucesses of Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop 2, a director that I believe was always underrated,and constantly in the shadow of his brother Ridley,but I will…

Hitman Agent 47 (2015) Film Review. Directed by Aleksander Bach.Distributed by 20TH Century Fox

A second time outing for this franchise,that never set the world alight in 2007. This time starring Rupert Friend as Agent 47, we are told this time in the opening credits about the Agent program starting in the late fifties. The brainchild of genius Russian geneticist, Doctor Pitor Litvenko,who has a change of heart ,when he realises the company want an Army of these super enhanced humans,preprogrammed to kill,with no mercy,to never leave a mission,or have romantic feelings to anyone.
He escapes with his wife and daughter,to only abandon her,to fend for herself,as his wife is killed,he disappears without a trace. The syndicate organisation want to reboot the programme once more,but this time failing,without Litvenko,they discover he had a daughter,and she may be the only one to know where to find her father. With the Sydicate sending their own genetically enhanced soldier John Smith,to locate and bring Litvenko's Daughter in, "Katia". 
With Agent 47 brought in to take …

The Punnisher (2004) Film Review. Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh.Distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The one Marvel franchise like the Fantastic 4 they cannot get right, three attempts and all failing,with this one 2004'S attempt being without doubt the most disappointing,and being hopelessly miscast,with Thomas Jane,and John Travolta,with the most ridiculous hair ever.
Directed by Johnathan Hensleigh, who wanted to take which is actually,a revenge movie,and make it overlong,arty,a director who was trying too hard to get behind the character The Punnisher,and what makes him tick,rather than having him kick ass,and kill,is why this movie just never worked.
With an excellent opening segment, to then go almost an hour with no violence,or action,is why this film is so bad,and even the action scenes,and violence,in the final third feels rushed,and not directed well. Such a shame as The Punnisher is one of my favourite Marvel Characters,a brutal man,who is more violent,and dangerous than any of the bad guys he is killing,a one man killing machine,that Thomas Jane just does not portray…

Rampage (2009) Film Review. Written Produced and Directed by Uwe Boll. Distributed by Boll KG, Phase 4 Films.

This is strange for me to say this a film that is actually good from director Uwe Boll, although completely controversial, and a vile concept, of a shooting spree of innocent people, that isn't even terrorist related. Just the work of a deranged man, who believes he is saving the human race, from over population,as he honestly believes that the world cannot sustain the 7 million new births per year. And the way to solve this is through unnatural cleansing. Meet Bill,who surprisingly is likeable,polite,and almost too nice to be capable of the atrocities he commits later on in this film,he has a job,still lives with his parents,likes to keep fit and work out,has a best friend who seems more deranged,with YouTube rants about the same ideals,such as radical ideas as why give people who are ill drugs,just let them die,don't give to poor people let them die also,to help with the sustainability of the Earth.
This film is not what I expected,I thought it was going to be a more violen…

The Last House On The Left (2009) Film Review. Produced by Wes Craven,Sean S. Cunningham. Midnight Entertainment,Crystal Lake Entertainment,Scion Films. Directed by Dennis Lliadis. Distributed by Rogue Pictures.

Please do not be mad at me,I have never seen the original,but I have seen this  2009 remake,with the original alongside The Hills Have Eyes by Wes Craven both being banned in the UK once more,till the early to mid nineties,with this original Last House,not making it onto DVD till early 2000 if my memory corrects me. I went into this film blindly not quite knowing what to expect,yes I knew it would be shocking,but not so much an attack on my senses. Starring before he was made infamous in a certain TV show Aaron Paul,the young kid now grown up from Gladiator,Spencer Treat Clarke,Garret L Dillahunt, Ricki Lindhome,as the protagonists,with his best role since Ghost, Tony Goldwyn,and his onscreen wife Monica Potter. A simple story of a family, the Collingwood's who have a holiday home in the middle of nowhere,City Folk usually,but enjoying some vacation time together with thier teenage daughter Mari ( Sara Paxton) who is not unknown to the Horror genre starring in Shark Night, Cheap Thr…

Straw Dogs (1971) Film Review. Abc Pictures,Talent Associates.Produced by Daniel Melnick. Directed by Sam Peckinpath. Distributed by Cinema Releasing Corperation, US,Fremantle Home Entertainment UK.

A film that had devided so many fans and critics, mainly for that one scene, and if you have never seen this great film, that scene where Susan George is violently raped, then accused by the cinema watching public, of enjoying it. She is also being accused also of instigating, the said rape scene, because of her behaviour, especially around the local men, wearing skimpy clothing, nipples showing regularly through  tight clothing. This debate surprisingly is still debated now especially in the UK, with the same question, if your female and choose to dress a certain way that is seen as provocative, do you deserve what might happen to you sexually, and the answer is always a resounding no every time.

A film that the one scene was deemed to be so violent, and horrible, in which it is was actually banned in the UK, under the famous video nasties act in the early eighties, in which so many films were banned in the UK by a controlling Conservative  Government.  Through then licensing proble…

John Wick(2015) Film Review.Thunder Road Productions. Distributed by Summit Entertainment,Warner Home Video. Directed by Chad Stahelski,David Leitch

This is without the best action revenge film I have ever seen in a long while, my goodness I thought The Equalizer with Denzel was violent,this makes Equalizer look like a Disney film. Who is John Wick? Well at the start of the film he seems a nice bloke,with flashbacks of his loving wife,we then cut to her Funeral,as he is grieving for her.
After the funeral,and the wake at his house,a package arrives, with a Beagle puppy in a cage,with a note from his dead wife to look after the Dog,as it will give him something to love. It takes time,but he loves that dog.the only other love in John's life is his 69 Mustang,which he drives around an old airstrip for hours,whilst his dog is on the passenger seat.

On the drive home one day he stops for Gas,to then be approached by a guy who offers to buy his Mustang in which John says"it isn't for sale" the guy walks away, smiling saying "have a nice day".That night John is awakened by intruders in his house,he is savagel…

I Am Wrath (2015) Production companies Hannibal Classics,Patriot Pictures,March On Productions,Vallelonga Productions. Distributed by Saban Films, 101 Films. Directed by Charles (Chuck) Russell

A film that is finally worthy of Mr Travolta's coolness, a trait that has been missing from his films in quite a while. Directed by Charles (Chuck) Russell who was a great director mid to late eighties to mid nineties, with A Nightmare On Elm Street 3, The Blob,The Mask and Eraser with Mr Schwarzenegger, and co writer and Producer of Collateral probably one of Tom Cruise's better films. With this being Travolta's better films of late,a revenge thriller,in the vain of Death Sentence meets John Wick,a story of a car salesman,Stanley Hill ( Travolta) who has arrived home from somewhere,being picked up by his wife,Vivian (Rebecca De Mornay) at the airport,to only be approached by a dodgy bloke,Charley ( Luis Da Siva) asking for money,to only be jumped by other men,in a cheap shot,in a robbery,that leads to the death of his wife. With a Police Investigation that seems half arsed,with two of the most stereotypical detectives,Det Gibson (Sam Trammel) and Det Walters (Asante Jones)…

Death Sentence(2007) Film Review. Directed by James Wan. Distributed20TH Century Fox.

This is one of my favourite non-horror films,which all said and done is as brutal as any horror film,and Kevin Bacon's best performance since Stir of Echoes. A story of a normal family man,who witnesses his oldest child being brutally murdered,by a gang. To then only have that gang member walk free,due to lack of evidence, it is every parents worst nightmare,to loose a child then to have no justice for that child.
Instead of trying to rebuild his family life,or start a charity in his sons name,like most grieving parents would do,he decides to take revenge,one gang member at a time,in this brutal revenge thriller directed by James Wan, the director and creator of the Saw series.
As previously mentioned earlier it is a brutal thriller, far too realistic for its own good, Kevin Bacon is no one man army,he gets beaten,shot,and even puts the rest of his family in danger,for his determination to ease his own grief,and get revenge for his son's death.
With a top notch cast with Kell…