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Southpaw (2015) Film Review. Produced by Fuqua Films,WanDa Pictures,Riche Productions,Escape Artists. Distributed by The Weinstein Company. Directed by Antoine Fuqua.

In all fairness this is not the best boxing film ever made, with a hero we are meant to be routing for,who is actually not a nice person in this film. Billy Hope is the great white Hope, a middle weight boxer, undefeated in 43 matches, world champion across various belts.  The problem with this film  it is very hard to have any empathy with the main character, who is actually not likeable, the downfall of his own existence. Who through his own anger, arrogance actually  caused the situation in which his wife dies at a press conference. Which is his start of his downfall, he loses his only love of his life left his daughter, Who is taken away from him from child protection,as his anger, and drinking is putting her well-being at risk. A girl needs her Daddy,especially after the death of her Mother,and he fails to even do that one thing right,and be a decent Dad,to his almost teenage daughter.
The very genius of this film though is that Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant, so much so, you actuall…

Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension (2015) Produced by Oren Peli,Jason Blum. Distributed by Paramount Pictures. Directed by Gregory Plotkin

Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension the final in the series,that finally raps up all six movies,with the two previous not being the best,with this movie being a direct sequel to Number Three. With that film being told from the point of view of the two sisters,whilst younger and thier relationship with Toby the malevolent spirit. We then cut to 2013 with a new family,in the house that the sisters lived in,the house that suspiciously burnt down 20 plus years earlier. With a camera being found,and a box of VHS cassettes whilst putting up the Christmas lights and decorations,two brothers decide to watch,some of these tapes,and use the VHS recording camera,that surprisingly still works. The thing is the camera starts picking up strange images,with the brothers thinking it is just an anomaly at first using older equipment,but soon realising the camera is actually picking up Paranormal Activity. With the daughter appearing to have a new friend in the house,named Toby,who is seemingly inco…

Navy Seals VS Zombies, or Navy Seals Battle For New Orleans. (2015) Film Review.Edited and Directed by Stanton Barrett, Screenplay Matthew Carpenter. Distributed by Anchor Bay US, Icon UK.

Nothing more can be said about this film,the tiltle says it all,and is it bloody awful? Well in fairness it isn't that bad. Some of the Zombie effects and make up are quite decent. The head shots and blood squibs are quite decent,especially close range head shots. But the film is spoilt by dreadful CGI,especially explosions,and some very poor extras running about as Zombies. The closeup ones the makeup is perfect,but you can see quite clearly in the background extras running,or stumbling about with no makeup on at all. Some even forgetting to move anything like a Zombie we are all accustomed too. With obviously most of the budget obtaining actual city locations,with permits,and road closures,is where the budget has been spent. With parts of the film suffering badly because of it,but after all said and done it really isn't a dreadful film, yes it is yet again another Zombie infection movie,told in the usual people running at you like demented animals,wanting to chomp on you,like…

Star Wars The Force Awakens (2015) Film Review. Directed by J.J.Abrams.Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

I am a huge Star Wars fan, I have to get that out of the way, I was excited the same as everyone else, to see this,and at first , Well I was disappointed by it,yes it is a blockbuster,will quite happily fill your time with two hours of fun,but that is all. A film that has been terribly hyped,that doesn't live up to that hype.  That is what I wrote in December,to be honest I take back some,if not most of my comments I made about this film in December. Seeing this again this week,I admit I was wrong. Below is part of my original review.
" I get the whole continuium of the story,to set it 30 years later from Return of the Jedi,as a standalone new story would not have worked. But and a big but is the only reason this works,the film only comes alive when Han Solo,and Chewbacca appears,even the very small roles of Princess Lea now As Ambassador Organa,still head of the resistance. Older but wiser,but still a presence on screen. It was nice to see older faces too such as Admiral Ack…

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.(2015) Production Companies LoganPictures, SpectreVision. Distributed by Vice Films. Directed by AnaLily Amirpour.

This is quite a groundbreaking film in all sense of the word, a very brave film to make especially the subject matter it covers,such As drug use,prostitution,a very strong overpowering woman, in the shape of a Vampire,who takes out surprisingly mainly men,and bad men at that. The fact it is an Iranian film,which In it self is amazing to see a film from actually a female perspective,with it being directed by an Iranian woman,with it strangely looking like an eighties film,with eighties fashions,music,and cowboy hats,and a skateboarding Vampire. As strange as this film is,a black and white,very art house type of film,it has some charm,and almost a love story attached to it somewhere. With sporadic episodes of violence,and gore,in Bad City, a fictional place thst looks a cross between the oil and desert scenes of Texas,to the slums of New Mexico. with very few people living in this small industrial city scape,and with an open pit of dead decomposing bodies,that people walk past daily,wit…

The Visit (2015) Film Review. Distributed by Universal Pictures,produced by Blumhouse,and Blinding Edge Pictures.Directed by M.NightShyamalan.

Nana and Pop Pop rules "Don't go down to the basement,it has mould. We are old we go to bed at 21.30 in this house". Welcome to the twisted world,and may I say back on form once more, for Mr M. Night Shyamalan,in his best film since The Village,a simple story of Grandparents,spending time with thier teenage grandchildren,what could possibly go wrong?.
I'm not going to spoil any plot lines,or give any spoilers,as this film was ruined for me last year,thanks to an online review,that gave away the great reveal. All I can say it is unnerving,and actually quite scary in places,Nana's behaviour during the week,is explained very well,with dementia being the culprit,and her actions at night,called Sundown Syndrome,which actually causes more irrational,and erratic behaviour,especially in the twilight hours,hence the word Sundown.
The behaviour of the grandparents become so strange,it actually scares the kids,my only gripe I would say about this film,is the trailer gives …

Hush (2016) Film Review. Produced by Intrepid Picture,and Blumhousefilms. Directed by Michael Flanagan. Showing exclusively on Netflix.

A film that I knew nothing about going in completely blind,being a Netflix original once more,and my goodness it really is good,in fact not just good but,brilliant. It is a slasher type movie,or even a home invasion movie,set in isolation in a cabin In The woods,with cliches we have all seen before. But why is this film so different,it is told from the perspective of a deaf,and mute woman,who is a successful writer,but is less sociable,because of her condition,and chooses to live alone in seclusion. She has a habit of pushing people away,and is clearly only comfortable with her own seclusion.
When a masked man appears one night,and at first actually gets in her home,without her hearing him is truly terrifying,with him taking pictures on her mobile,and sending it to her through her I messages,yes this film is very Apple influenced,and a lot of product placement is happening. Apart from that it is generally terrifying,with the masked man revealing himself, outside with him taunting her…

Sttephen Kings A Good Marriage (2014) Film Review. Screenplay by Stephen King. Produced by Reno Productions. Distributed by Screen Media Films.Directed by Peter Askin.

This one is my fourth slightly disappointing film I have seen recently. Stephen King's A Good Marriage,starring an older but still good looking Joan Allen,and Anthony LaPaglia. A very Happily Married couple,25 years of wedding bliss,who run a successful business together. With grown up children,who are equally happy,and successful too. When the Husband is on a business trip again,his wife,whilst watching TV one night,and a Horror film comes on,trying to turn the TV off,she realises she needs new batteries,so she goes into the Garage of the family home,and stumbling about in low light,she finds a box of Pornographic magazines,which is maybe a shock,but not a major thing in a marriage,it is only when she looks to find,they are Hard Core S&M,with destressing images of women being tied up. On investigating further she finds a  hidden panel,in the wall,where she finds driving licences,and other pieces of memorabilia from Women. It is only through searching the Net,she realises all…

Delores Claiborne (1995) Film Review. Produced by Castle Rock Entertainment. Distributed by Columbia Pictures. Directed by Taylor Hackford

Another very good book,and a movie adaptation from mr Stephen King once more,which is also a very good stage play also, the story of Deloures Claiborne,and a determined local sheriff,who is convinced Deloures is capable of murder,with the death of her boss,and friend,who Deloures was her live in housekeeper,the same sheriff who was convinced that Deloures was involved in the suspicious death of her husband decades earlier.
Told in flashback in two narratives the relationship between Dolores and her Boss,from early beginnings,to the deteriorating health of her friend and boss. To the relationship with her abusive husband,the thing that surprised me was the such adult rating of an 18 certificate in the UK,which I asked the cinema employee at the time,and he told me you'll see. The film was not only dark and showed the physical violence Delores suffered at the hands of her abusive husband,but the horrible abuse he inflicted on his daughter too,which was of a sexual nature,which is tru…

Sometimes They Come Back (1991) Film Review.Produced by Dino DeLaurentiis. Directed by Tom McLoughlin.

This film is surprisingly celebrating its twenty fifth anniversary this year,so after this being noted a lot online I decided to revisit it again also. A film I'm being honest didn't like first time round,a very week version of the short story from Stephen King that it is based on, a TV movie which I also didn't know at the time. With the strangest thing being the sequel,which was more violent and bloody, and was closer to the Stephen King story,than the first film was. Sorry to go off on one,but I was a huge fan of Stephen King in the eighties,his novels got me through college,especially the commuting that took up nearly six hours a day. As I never wanted to stay away from home,and it was actually cheaper to commute than stay in digs.
Anyhow back to this film,which unfortunately in the early nineties after the massive box office successes of Pet Cemetery,and Misery,we had almost every book by the horror master purchased and made into some cheap crappy film,or TV series. …

The Collection (2012) Film Review.Distributed by LD Entertainment, eOne UK. Directed by Marcus Dunstan.

A film that is totally forgettable from the opening moments, a Saw wanabe in the vain of Hostel vs Texas Chainsaw, a torture porn film to keep all the gore hounds happy,with chopped up bodies,experimental human dissection. A sequel to the original film The Collector, a serial killing,abducting torturer,who takes great pleasure in the pain and torture of others.

Hunted by the Police, but with no actual calling card,or no pattern to his work,is extremely hard to track down,starting with brief introduction from various news outlets,the action cuts straight to an underground nightclub scene,that eventually turns into a bloodbath. With blades representing a enormous lawnmower,or cultivating machinery,cutting into the dancing patrons,with booby trapped corridors making sure that no one leaves alive. A scene that in my opinion was done better in Blade,or even the opening to Ghost Ship. With only one female survivor,an heiress to a very rich man,who after her abduction pays a group of mercen…

Oculus (2014) Film Review. Produced by Blumhouse Productions, Intrepid Pictures. Distributed by Relativity Media. Written and directed by Michael Flanagan.

I have to admit I've been looking forward to seeing this film for some time. It must have been a top seller,as no shops were reducing it in any sales,or offers,which is normally a sign of how well that film has sold. Finally got the chance to stream it last night,and in all honesty I was a little underwhelmed by the whole experience. A film told in two narratives,one in 2002,with a family with two younger children,recently move into this house,with strange occurrences happening after a purchase of an antique mirror. Jump to 10 years later with the children growing up,with a very sassy Karen Gillan as the older Kaylie,with another on form performance by the ever talented Brendan Thwaites as her younger brother Tim.

Now from the two narratives,the first one works better,and would have been a better standalone film. With the Mirror,having a evil force,that wants souls,and Always gets its way,by turning the adults mad,and eventually trying to turn on to the children. Cut to ten years…

Martyrs (2015) Film Review.A Safran Company,and Wild Bunch Productions. Directed by Kevin Goetz,Michael Goetz. Distributed by Altitude UK.

A film to say I thought was good, and being controversial for saying so I preferred this to the original version. With it being condemned already for daring to be made,a film regardless should be seen,at least if you have seen the original. Condemnation has cometh of this film for being a carbon copy of the original,and yes in places it is,with the shooting of the family being identical. There are however creative differences. More time is spent with Anna and Lucy's friendship as children,less time is spent on the abuse side of Lucy,which as the younger girl,we really didn't have to see that abuse and violence,to someone so young,in the 2008 original.
Lucy,and this is a plot spoiler,does not commit suicide in this version,and is the final girl as a Martyr and not Anna like in the original. I preferred the actress in this version of Lucy,still haunted,equally dangerous,but not as psychopathic as the original actress. Although the actress who plays Anna in this film is weaker. …

Martyrs (2008) Film Review. Produced by Richard Grandpierre,SimonTrottier.Distributed by Wild Bunch. Directed by Pascal Laugier.

This is a film I have thought long and hard about putting on my blog,only watching this week,with other horror writers praising the film, a film that pushes the boundaries of horror to the limit,and beyond.a film so depraved,you are actually questioning your own reasons,and insanity,for continuing to keep watching. A film that I'm utterly confused about,on whether it was made to coincide with the recent amount of Tourture  porn Horrors,such as Hostel,the Saw franchise,Switchblade Romance,with a director that decided to up his game,and make a film so utterly disgusting,or whether he was actually making a film about the effects of abuse,especially in children.
As the first part of this film,although graphically violent,actually makes sense,and even the violence used is actually not that over the top,and put in context to what the girl suffered as she was younger,makes sense that the people who abused her needed to die. No they are not Tourtured, and in actual fact are put down rela…

The Gift (2015) Film Review. Directed by Joel Edgerton. Produced by Blumhouse Productions. Distributed by STX Entertainment.

This is not to be confused with the Gift 2001 with Cate Blanchet directed by Sam Raimi,although this film from Joel Edgerton with his directorial debut,produced by Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions,is a surprisingly very good film. A psychological thriller,in the  vain of Cape Fear,meets Mystic River,with an unrecognizable Joel Edgerton as Gordy.  A man with a very upsetting past,who meets up with With an old school friend Simon and his wife Robyn,to only push the boundary of friendship to far. With an extremely slow start,but please do not put you off,as it really is a fantastic thriller,probably one of the best I have seen recently,with one of the best twists,not so much being groundbreaking,just a brilliant turnaround of events later on in the film.
With a cast of just three people,is why this film works and is such a tight thriller,with brilliantly acting from all involved,especially Rebecca Hall, as Robyn ,with her character being the central piece of this film,and it is great…

A must see, and much recommended website,please click the link below.

A recommend site for all things Horror related. If you have never heard of him please check out his interactive website. This guy gives horror fans,critics,and even film makers a voice.

Dark Skies (2013) Film Review Produced by Entertainment One,Blumhouse Productions. Directed by Scott Stewart.

Although this is not a great film I can relate to the story,a story of a family targeted by Alien Beings,intent on abducting their child. Why can I relate to this story,well it is based on a boy who may have had been visited by Alien beings as a very young child. Afterwards being quite ill. Having a lot of  childhood illnesses,fits,and seizures. Well I had a similar experience when I was young,a bright light surrounding me,unable to speak and communicate,I lost the use in my legs a few days later,which came back,but baffled doctors,as they put it down to a psychological trauma. Yes I had a lot of fits and seizures as a child,all Of them checked out,and it wasn't high temperature fits,or even epilepsy,something I just grew out of.
It turns out like in this movie if that happened,you have had a very high chance of being involved in some extraterrestrial encounter,as this expert tells the parents in this film. With the film not being a horror as such, not even really a sci fi movie,but…

American Psycho (2000) Film Review. Distributed by LionsgateFilms.Produced by Edward R. Pressman Productions,Muse Productions.Directed by Mary Harron.

Although this is not technically a British Film it does star a very British actor and that is Christian Bale. In his finest role ever to date,yes I know he has done other roles,been know to push his body to extremes, like the extreme weight loss in the film the Machinist. This is the film he will always be remembered for. Surprisingly so early in his adult career,being a very good child actor in the late 80'S.
This film is Iconic in every way,about corporate greed,and excesses in the late 80's. Think Wall Street meets Dexter,and we are there.Now Patrick Bateman is a Psychopath, killing a homeless man and his dog, all because a colleague has a better Business card than him. He likes sordid sex with prostitutes,and murdering them with chainsaws,whilst being the perfect finance. Yes this film is violent,wrongly marketed as a Horror/ Slasher film, well it is no,  it is a psychological film,about different personalities. And the excesses of wealth in the 80'S.
 It has brillian…