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Creep (2014) Film Review. Directed by Patrick Brice. Produced byBlumhouse Productions. Distributed by the Orchard.

This is not to be confused with the 2003 film of the same name Directed by Christopher Smith. But it is equally as disturbing,not so much a Horror or slasher film like the before mentioned,but a psychological film that will get under your skin long after the credits have ended.
Directed by and starring Patrick Brice and produced by Blumhouse pictures,and Mark Duplass,who is without doubt outstanding also starring in this film.
A story about a videographer who answers an add on Craigslist,to enlist,and film a dying man with terminal Brain Cancer,his eulogy to his unborn son,for just 8 hours of his time for a thousand dollars, what could possibly go wrong.
Aaron meets Josef, who seems quite a character,very open, a hugger type of guy. A bit out there but very likeable. They actually seem to get on apart from the fact Josef keeps making Aaron jump,with different scares,but always apologising,saying he has a strange,and dangerous type of humour.
I'm not going to spoil any more of thi…

Kill For Me (2013) Film Review. Directed by Michael Greenspan.Distributed by Sony Pictures

I was really expecting a single white female,type of film,with this one. With two college roommate's, both with abusive pasts,one by a violent ex,the other an abusive father.

With a side plot of a missing Girl throughout the film,which does make an integral part of the tale later. Starring Katie Cassidy as Amanda,and Tracy Spiridakos as the heavily abused Hailey.

This has been compared to a modern day Strangers On A Train, with Amanda's ex boyfriend,being killed by Hailey, with Hailey wanting Amanda to kill her abusive father in return,or she will tell Police about the Murder,and implicate her.

This is where I honestly thought it was  going to go into single white female territory,with Haylie's infatuation with Amanda,but the film surprised me and went in a different direction,which I did not second guess. With an honest ending,with no real twists,we have an okay thriller.I have seen better,but have also seen  a lot worse films.

Plus points Katie Cassidy as a brunette did…

South Of Hell TV series Review. Produced by Blumhouse.Created by Matt Lambert.

I had such great expectations from the Trailer of this new series,produced from Jason Blum (Blumhouse) and co produced by Eli Roth,with the opening episode directed by Eli Roth himself.
Staring model and former pin up Mena Suvari,famous for the American Pie movies, American Beauty,not new to TV either staring in Chicago Hope, Six Feet Under,American Horror Story, and recently Chicago Fire.

Mena plays a paranormal investigator Maria Abascal,who has a hidden personality,a demon inside her called Abigail, who takes over to send other demons back to hell.The problem is everytime Abigail comes out she gets stronger and stronger,with a will to take over Maria altogether.

Set in South Carolina,the most religious part of America,with more Churches per square metre than any other State,that is hinted in the opening segment,the reason for so many churches,is to fight the evil that resides in that state.

It should have been an interesting idea,a female John Constantine,in sorts,who is herself p…

The Gallows. Film Review (2015) Directed and written by Travis Cluff, Chris Lofing. Distributed by New Line Cinema,and Blumhouse Productions

By my own expectations I was really looking forward to watching this film,then it started, in actual fact quite decent to a 1993 school production of a play called The Gallows. With an unknown stage malfunction that actually hangs and kills the actor live on stage, you think it might be a good film then it starts properly.

The film becomes the most annoying I have ever seen,all being filmed by the most obnoxious prick ever, whose words and vocabulary are only made up of "dude,shit,dude,shit,dude"
You get my message,as I wanted to punch him myself, having to wait till almost the hour mark before his Death on-screen.

The rest of this film is to  be very much the same annoyance,with nothing happening at all to the 48 minute mark,bearing in mind the entire running time is  only 80 minutes long. Told via camcorder once more,a bunch of teens wanting to destroy the set of this production,as the main actor has second thoughts performing in it. With the ghostly spirit of the previou…

Devil's Due (2014) Film Review. Distributed 20TH Century Fox. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett. Produced by John Davis.

As I said earlier this film is more famous for the publicity stunt with the demon baby in a pram,A massive youtube favourite. Now I'm not even saying this film is good or bad.But from the start to be compared to the classic 70's film Rosemary's Baby is so wrong.To put this film out to fail before anyone had really seen it. All the reviewers had the daggers out for it,kinda like the critic in Birdman,who vows to bring down the play before anyone has any chance at seeing it,or making their own minds up about it.The same argument was with this film.
I'm not saying the film was perfect,no it was far from it. It is still an enjoyable 85 minutes.Yes it is filmed in the usual found footage,but is actually believable as a young married couple want to document their  pregnancy together.

What is wrong with that,and that is why the film has been so slated, for what? for using modern technology to blog about a baby being born.We see thousands of posts a day on Facebook with couple…

As Above So Below (2014) Film Review.Distributed by Universal Pictures.Directed by John Erick Dowdle.

It is always an amazement to me that when your told not to go somewhere as it is dangerous,but still go,told to never press that one button,but you feel like you have to. That is what I got from this film,if a character tells you that way is dangerous,that way is cursed,don't go that bloody way. Then again it would be a boring film with nothing happening.  Anyhow in all fairness,take away the stupidity of some of the characters,you have a half decent little Horror film, yes it is shaky cam footage again,like so many films these days. Do not take that as a negative as I was quite impressed with this film, we have a feisty young woman named Scarlet Marlowe,who like her Father is a keen Historian following the work of Alchemy from the Middle Ages,and she is determined to find an elusive Stone called The Philsopher's Stone. Which her Father dedicated a life to finding it,but unfortunately,he took his own life,for reasons unknown.
The first part is very much like a Tomb Raider/Nat…

The Siege (1999) Film Review. Distributed by 20Th Century Fox. Directedby Edward Zwick

The first real film to show Jihadist, suicide bombers,in their perverse version of Islam. Made two years before 9/11, three years before the Second Gulf War and the Afghanistan conflicts,and before America had any Idea of detaining unlawfully detainees in Camp XRay in Cuba. What is actually scary about this film,is how Hollywood,and thier over the top ideas on films,almost have a way of predicting world events ,and actions before they actually happen. With great performances from The always reliable Denzil Washington,Annette Bening,and an over the top performance  from Bruce Willis,as the Army commandeering chief,who will resort to anything to get the answers he wants,including Tourture,and murder.  Why this film is so relevant to today,in this film the American Government actually enforces Martial Law on the streets of America. And actually detaining anyone from the Muslim Faith,and detaining them in huge Football stadiums.
With an American Republican candidate, now in 2016 almost a…

Spectre (2015) Film Review. Directed by Sam Mendes. Distributed byMGM,20th Century Fox,Columbia Pictures.Produced By Michael G.Wilson,and Barbara Broccoli.

I had thought long and hard at including this film on my blog,yes it is no horror film,a very good action film though,with one of the longest running times for a Bond film,a film like that dreaded second album,how could Sam Mendes complete with Skyfall the most successful Bond film of all time,and most profitable British film ever made. Easy just make the same film,with more action sequences,including the largest explosion ever recorded on celluloid.With Sam Mendes favourite Bond being Roger Moore,bringing in more Bondian references,more humour,Daniel Craig even makes the one liners after he has offed someone,to the first of this recent franchise to feature the Gun Barrel sequence at the beginning of the film. The fight scene reminiscent of The Spy Who Loved Me,with Jaws, on the train, even to the Day of the Dead opening sequence,with a similar mask to the one used in Live And Let Die.
I will give the plus points,Daniel Craig has actually finally really fit into the role of James Bon…

Knock Knock (2015) Film Review. Directed by Eli Roth. Distributed byLionsgate Premiere

I so wanted to like this film,I watched the trailer,it had Keanu in,it was directed by Eli Roth,what could possibly go wrong. Well as it turns out everything,with probably the worst ever performance from Keanu Reeves,we know he is not the finest actors ever,but he is just dreadful in this,but I do not think it is all his fault,as the script,and dialogue is terrible, even the two protagonists who are both gorgeous by the way.just come across as giggling teenagers,with no menace at all. To the fact two young girls,probably weighing less than 50 kilos each can overpower a man who is over six feet tall,and is quite toned,is just unbelievable.
The other unbelievable part of the film is how these girls,can seduce a happily married family man,which the whole opening twenty minuets,shows how dedicated he is to his family,and they can destroy everything and seduce him within 45 minutes. It just shows that all men,with a bit of skirt put in front of them will give in,and ruin everything for se…

Fathers Day(2011) Film Review. Directed by Connor Sweeny,MatthewKennedy,Jeremy Gillespie,Adam Brooks, Stephen Kostanski. Distributed byTroma Entertainment.

Another Grindhouse style film yet this time from the Troma camp. A story of a serial killing monster,who prays on Fathers,in which he rapes first,then brutally murders them. With the main Character Ahab,who witnesses his own Father being Killed by this killer,he goes to the nuthouse,whilst his sister is raised by Nuns at an orphanage.
We have Ahab ten years later,on a mission,and completely mentally cured,to kill this serial killer,with the help of a sexually confused teenager Twink,and A Priest,who is convinced the killer,is actually not human,and is a Demon,sent to earth,to swallow the souls of Fathers.
With a prophecy of Ahab who kills this beast,to only unleash on the world another,twice as powerful,we have a film set on Earth, with a final battle in Hell,for the three Heroes,to kill the Demon in Hell,before he is released on the World. This film is sick though,a film that is trying just a little too hard to be offensive,unlike Hobo With A Shotgun,where the violence, can maybe be…

All Hallows' Eve. Film Review. Directed by Damien Leone. Production byRuthless Pictures.

This could have actually been a half decent film,if it was maybe part of a section of an anthology type film like the VHS franchise. Instead of being a standalone film,just copying the before mentioned film,but doing it badly. Art the clown is a decent creation and is easily the best thing in this trilogy of stories,in which he links into.
Told via a Video cassette again,given to a kid on Halloween,after trick or treating,when the cassette is played it brings Art the clown into the real world, kind of like a Ring wannabe,with a clown stepping out of the screen instead of a dark haired sinister girl.
The stories are not that bad,being about human Sacrifice,and women being inpregnated with the Devils child,with onscreen C-section's. And Demon children being pulled out of wombs. With the middle Story being about An Alien home invasion,and finally a Girl,driving home,who happens to need Gas,so when she stops,she meets Art the clown,who has already dicapitated the Gas clerk,and cut off…

The Town That Dreaded Sundown.(2014). Film review. Directed by Alfonso Gomez- Demon. Produced By Blumhouse productions. Distributed by Orion Films.

I will admit I have never seen the 1970's version of this film. But with great reviews,and online chat,and recommendations, I decided to watch this. And in all honesty I was underwhelmed by the whole experience. Almost giving up at the 33 minute mark. As I was just sick of the low level,and incoherent babbling of the script,and actors involved.

I turned it off and returned to it today,and yes the film did get better,but only by very little actually,with a twist ending,that really adds nothing to the film. The reason I carried on watching it was became of Addison Timlin,who was ace as Stormy in Odd Thomas,and she is equally as lovely,and memorizing in this.

This film is neither a sequel,or a remake,more of a copycat version of the original film,using the same locations,and same fatality order as the previous film. With the local police having to watch the original film for clues. It has its clever moments, I will give the film credit there,with the kills onscreen happening in real…

High Tension (Switchblade Romance) (2003) Directed by Alexandre Aja. Distributed by Lionsgate. Production company EuropaCorp,Alexandre Films.

What can be said about this fantastic debut from French Director Alexandre Aja. A simple story about two best friends Alex and Marie,going on holiday together,to stop with Alex's parents. Everything is well until a knock at the door late one night. Which Marie wakes to open the Door, to only be confronted by this huge man.

The Dad hears the knock too,and is rewarded by being beaten,head put in the slats on the staircase,and a Grand Piano pushed into his head to decapitate him from this killer.Yes this film is violent,and enough red crimson to go round. Critics were never kind to this movie,as it was regarded as being too sick and twisted,far too violent. With many scenes being forced to be cut by the Censors in all Countries. Yet it is a very good slasher movie.

Will Alex and Marie make it out alive,from the serial killer in the house?.
Will anyone survive the night?
One final question is why does Alex seem afraid of her friend,when all she is doing is trying to protect her from …

Basie-Moi (2000) Film Review. Directed by Virginie Despentes, Coralie Trinh Thi. Distributed by Universal UK.

The first film to push the boundaries of pornographic sex,with violence,we have Baise Moi,or translated into(fuck me).
A French film made,in my opinion,to deliberately upset,offend,with it being banned in many countries,for its violence,and pornographic sex scenes.

A film that just isn't sure what it wants to be,a revenge movie,a feminist, hating men movie,or just a violence for violence sake type of film.
With it being co directed by Virginie Despentes,and Coralie Trinh Thi,a director,and star in various Pornographic movies. Starring Karen Lancaume,and Raffaela Anderson,both porn actresses,gives this film from the start,amateurish acting,and terrible directing,using HD camera's,but using no artificial light,giving it a grainy,home movie feel to it.

With the DVD extras of the directors,giving talks,and college lectures,trying to condone the film,which the film itself destroys its own message two thirds in,that the violence spree,doesn't actually make these women any more …

Lord Of The Flies. (1963) Film Review. From the Best-Selling Novel By William Golding. Distributed by British Lion Films Uk. Directed by Peter Brook.

This was a Book originally I was studying for GCSE English in the mid to late Eighties,with a very cool teacher,she knew to engage her students,she brought in her own video cassette of this film,to really get across how horrible,and brutal it really is. And you know to this day I haven't forgot about it,thirty plus years later,a film they tried to make in 1990,and my god what a piece of shit that was.
This is such a simple premise,War time British Children,being moved around on an aircraft,that crashes,leaving the survivors stranded on some dessert island,with all adults being killed in the crash,which leaves the children to fend for themselves. With no parental guidance,the shocking part of the film is how feral,and inhuman some of these children become.
With a battle of wills between,really good vs evil,as the survivors split into two camps,the moderate Ralph,and his friend Piggy,with Jack and the rest of his crew,who were once Choirboys. Although this film is not particularly brut…

Frankenstein (1931) Film Review. Distributed by Universal Pictures. Directed by James Whale.

"It's alive! It's alive! "the most famous line in motion picture history,this film is still the best,although it has been remade,and rehashed so many times,with none coming close to this original.

The first to bring science,and reanimation together,which is amazing as it was made in 1931,the most confusing title ever,that so many confuse the Monster as being Frankenstein,where he is only referred as the monster, Henry Frankenstein was the name of the doctor.
I first saw this movie in the 80's when a good friend was only into classic cinema,at only eleven years old,he introduced me to this Dracula,The Mummy,with other classics such as Abbot and Costello Meets Frankenstein (1948) probably my first foot in the water to horror.  Although this film is not particularly scary,it still had censorship issues,due to a scene involving a young girl,and drowning. Strangely this film is really a love story between Henry and his love of his life Elizabeth,with the monster,real…

Plan 9 From Outer Space. (1959) Film Review. Written,Directed,and Edited by Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Whilst having a bit of fun on my blog for a few days,I watched this last night,and you know it isn't as dreadful as people make it out to be. I saw Ed Wood in the nineties,about mainly the making of this film,and the directors friendship at the time with Bela Lugosi.

With Edward Wood filming many different scenes with Mr Lugosi,in the hope of making a film,about Grave diggers,with his untimely death in 1956,Ed,had already started work on this project,so what does a director do,he had a look alike to film,and finish  scenes,which he was condemned for at the time,but hold on a minute,didn't they do that with The Crow 1993,and Fast and Furious 7 in 2014.

This has been ridiculed for continuity errors in many scenes,and shoddy special effects,using wheel hubs as flying saucers,attached to strings,and airplane pilots,sitting in normal chairs,but after doing some research last night,the film was filmed to be in a Widescreen format,which would have hidden most of the wires,but then b…

FrankenWeenie (2012) Film Review. Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Tim Burton.

I'm betting that your wondering why a Disney movie has made my horror blog? Well I'll give you one clue it is directed by the wonderfully kooky Tim Burton,also it has a very adult theme and message about the one thing we all dread and that is Death,especially the death of a loved one. I think it is a very brave message to put in a children's film.
The film focuses on a very bright young boy,and his love of science,but mostly his love of his beloved dog Sparky,who together are inseparable. But after a tragic accident on a Baseball field,when young Victor hits a home run,his faithful dog retrieves the ball,and is struck by a car. Filled with deep sadness and grief young Victor struggles with the idea of loosing his companion. When his parents explain that he will always be your heart, Victor shouts back "I don't want him in my heart, I want him here beside me".
With Victors Knowledge of science he decides to try to resurrect Spaky,by using the power of electri…

Stay Tuned (1992) Film Review. Directed By Peter Hyams. Produced by James G Robinson. Distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

After some quite deep,and strange films this week,I want to do something a little lighthearted,this devilish little comedy. With the height of commercialism in the early nineties,with greed straight out of the late eighties,well before the recession,that followed,it was the American Dream to own the biggest TV,you could get your hands on. With a satellite dish,as big as your garden to watch every possible channel,what if you had a strange knock at the door one day,to be offered a trial run of this Home Cinema set,all you have to do is sign your name and it's yours. With 666 channels to watch,the problem is the Contract is with the Devil,with a no returns policy,if you survive a trip through Hellish TV,your soul is yours,if you die though your soul belongs to lucifer himself.
So when couch potato  Roy Knable,and his neglected Wife Helen,gets sucked through into TV purgatory,they have to survive,with The TV shows parodying other famous shows at the time,with a twist. Such as Saturday…

Stephen King's IT (1990) Review.Distributed by Warner Home Television. Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace.

This undoubtedly is the most famous onscreen clown,the otherworldly being,Pennywise The Clown,that knows all your deepest fears. The doorstep of a book by Stephen King,that made a mini TV series in 1990, a three plus hour show,edited into one huge film. With news of it being revisited again this year 2016 with a remake or reboot,or whatever you call it.Cary Fukunaga’s adaptation will bring Pennywise alive once more. Then again,it will be a hard push to come close to beat the performance From Tim Curry,one of the most underrated actors ever,yet his most famous roles to date,he has been covered in makeup,and prosthetics,eg Pennywise the Clown, The Devil in Legend,and Frankenfurter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
With other famous TV actors at the time including John Ritter,Harry Anderson,Dennis Christopher,Richard Masur,Annette O’Toole,Tim Reid,and Richard Thomas, were known as the Losers,childhood friends who realised that missing children in the area at the time were linked to this ev…

Playing With Dolls, Bloodlust (2016) Directed by I Do Not Care. Produced by I Do Not Care Either.Distributed by anyone who will watch this garbage.

Can I introduce probably the worst Horror film ever made, yes I can deal with low budget,bad acting,films made to be deliberately bad,such as almost every Troma release,but with this film being totally serious,it is incredible how awful it is. A film that although,had been done similar before,has a decent idea,four actors taking part in reality type TV show,based in the woods in the middle of nowhere,whilst being filmed,whilst being stalked,by a serial killing man-monster.
With the usual movie stereotypes,the big breasted woman,the Blonde,the muscular hunk,and the geek,my problem with this is,we have a decent serial killer,or slasher,with barbed wire wrapped around his head,but apart from the first kill in the opening seconds,we do not see any of the characters we are introduced too,die on film. The biggest gripe of all,the best looking woman,with the fabulous breasts,we have to wait till the 45 minute mark before they pop out. With a budget of a least a few Dollars,I'm betting at lea…

Signs (2002) Film Review. Directed by M Night Shyamalan DistributedbyTouchstone Pictues.

One of the most misunderstood films ever made,with a director on the top of his game,with this being his best film to date,and probably the best film and performance from Mel Gibson. M Night Shyamalan love him or hate him, he was a very talented writer,and director,with The Sixth Sense,and Unbreakable behind him,but this is his White Album. The classic film,that proves three is the magic number.
A film about an Alien Invasion on Earth,very cleverly told only through the eyes of one family,with Mel Gibson, a pastor who has lost his faith,due to the fact his wife was taken away from him from a drunk driver. He lives with his younger brother,and two children,his youngest  his daughter has a weird habit of Leaving glasses,and bowls of water everywhere,which cleverly becomes a pivotal part of the story later on.
This film works so well because of the tension M.Night Shyamalan creates,by using sounds,footsteps,scurrying noises outside in the cornfields. We only see glimpses of the Aliens,w…

It Follows (2015) Film Review Directed by David Robert Mitchell. Distributed by RADius_TWC, Dimension Films.

Well I have finally got round to watching this film,which I brought the other day,yes I do buy all my films that I review. I have heard great things about this film.The first thing I noticed straight away,was the fact it seemed to be set an alternate time, a mix between the late seventies, and the very early eighties. Yet the characters are using modern cellphones, and Ebook readers,and yet watching the old square Television sets of the eighties, completely bizarre.

The soundtrack is another talking point, a trance type music, almost like your listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack, or a very Early John Carpenter score. Another talking point, now I think this soundtrack will split people,you will either love it, or be completely distracted by it. I was distracted by it at first, but you do zone out after a while. I will compare the soundtrack to your favourite band,doing a concept album,at first you hate it,but eventually after many listens,you begin to realise the genius of this m…

The Salvation (2014) Distributed by Nordisk Film, IFC Films.Produced by Sisse Graum Jorgensen. Directed by Kristian Levring.

I've been waiting years for a decent western to come out,with Unforgiven being the last great western to hit our screens,almost 24 years ago.
When I watched the trailer for this film I had a huge hunch it was going to be good,but it totally blew me away how blooming good it is.
With true history being added to the story,about the Dutch settlers,and the first discovery of the black gold,we call oil now.

It is a very simple tale of revenge,when his wife and child are brutally slain,from two drunk cowboys,he takes revenge and kills the two with no mercy,the problem is one of the cowboys has an older brother,who oversees this small Texan Town,by extortion,and collecting fees to protect the town.
He wants equal revenge also.

We have a very slow film,that from the opening scenes,are compelling,you know you are in for a great experience.with a scene stealing form from Mads Mikkelsen,who barely speaks in this,but just by expression,and body language,he is a baddass, With support from Eva …