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Carrie (2013) Film Review. Directed by Kimberley Pierce. Distributed by by Metro-Golden-Mayer Pictures,Screen Gems

In 2013 we had yet another seventies classic remade. From the master Brian De Palma this time with no Sissy Spacek  and no John Travolta,or Nancy Allen,but it did star the fantastic Chloe Grace Moretz,who is not unknown to the remake scene,starring in the fantastic Let Me In,the American remake of the Scandinavian movie Let The Right One In.  She did such a great job in that movie,I bet the producers of Carrie thought they couldn't do wrong.
With another Oscar winning actress in Julianne Moore,as Carrie's possessive Mother,couldn't quite save this movie,from being just another shot for shot remake. With the usual perfect looking teenagers,we see in just about every film,or TV show,yes Chole Grace Moretz,is very pretty,but she is no Sissy Spacek. Who was perfect for the role first time round,as she is so uniquely different,playing the socially withdrawn teenager.
Still the telekinesis powers Carrie learns how to master,is better introduced in this movie,with some clever sc…

Doom (2005)Film Review. Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. Distributed by Universal Pictures.

Here we have yet another popular game title being made into a film,and once again failing, I think Hollywood will never learn,that games do not cross over well into the world of celluloid. 2000 was the start of a decade of game titles,finally going from standard definition,into full high definition gaming. With a string of films starting with Tomb Raider,then this film Doom, followed closely by Silent Hill,with VOD titles such as Tekken and Street Fighter to name a few.
Who can remember the absolutely dreadful Super Mario Bros in 1993 with Bob Hoskins,a platform jumping game that could never pass over into a film,yet they still tried and failed. With as recent as Last year they attempted to reboot the Hitman game series,calling it Agent 47, which I reviewed two weeks ago,and wasn't that impressed by.
I thought I would give this film a watch,it was on Netflix so I gave it a go,what can I say about it, well it is only just okay,saved from complete normality,from a fantastic original seg…

John Carpenter's Ghosts Of Mars. (2001) Film Review. Directed by John Carpenter.

I came across this last night,and decided to give it another view,and you know it is still terrible. Cannot believe it is from the same genius who gave us Halloween,The Thing,Assault On Precinct 13,They Live,and In The Mouth Of Madness. Yes I get John Carpenter is the master of low budget films,but this I'm sorry is definitely his worst effort,and yes Escape From Los Angeles was bad.
With just dreadful acting from all involved, I'm not sure whether it is deliberate,or it is part of the low budget, almost a  Grindhouse feel to the film,it actually looks like it was filmed in the seventies,but with modern actors in it,with terrible set design,effects,looking like a student made film with a college budget.
We have Jason Stathan with hair, Pam Grier,the queen of black exploitation movies,why she is in this I never know,probably needed a little pocket money. With Natasha Henstridge,the ex model,who only other famous role is in Species as Sil, and Ice Cube,taking a break from the  Are …

American Horror Story. Season One (2011) Review. Distributed by Fx

After my damming review of Poltergeist,and especially the big studios rehashing,and destroying our favourite films,we can still rely on the Tv studios,who are prepared to take a gamble,and produce some fantastic TV.
American Horror Story first hit our screens in 2011, shown on the FX cable network, a series to take all Horror genres,and to make a series of that Genre,with season one being based on the good old fashioned haunted house,or in this series named Murder House,which claims the lives of all who live there.
I'm so glad I discovered this season,as it is beyond brilliant,and to some saying this is the weekest of the series,well if this is the weekest,I have massively high hopes for the other seasons. With some of the finest acting to grace our screens,and some of the most bizarre characters onscreen. With a show stealing performance from Jessica Lange, "Constance" the interfering neighbour,who seems to know what is happening in her neighbourhood house. With two other …

Poltergeist (2015) Film Review.Directed by Gil Kenan. Distributed by 20TH Century Fox.

Was I expecting much from this reboot,of Tobe Hooper's classic, well not really!! Was it any good? Well once again not really. I, at least thought it could have had a different edge to it,well it didn't,it became in the end a more or less shot for shot remake,just using up to date technology,instead of the old CRT Television screens we now have a 50" LCD,and we have a slightly creepier clown.
It comes to something,even with better technology,and CGI effects,we can have a film made 24 plus years earlier with greater special effects,than this recent effort. The same thing was quoted online about the Nightmare On Elm Street scene 2010 with Freddy Krueger appearing over Nancy in the wall,using CGI looked crap,compared to the original version,using proper materials,and decent film making techniques.
I just wish Hollywood would stop remaking old Horror classics,as they really have no idea,how to make a decent Horror film anymore. I'm going to stand on a limb here and say,almost…

Arachnophobia (1990) Film Review. Directed by Frank Marshall.Distributed by Hollywood Pictures,and Amblin Entertainment

This probably,apart from Jaws being one of the scariest PG movies to be made,a family movie for all too be terrified by. With this being Steven Spielberg,and Kathleen Kennedy's long time producing partner Frank Marshall's directing debut.  With it wanting to be reminiscing of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds,and what a debut film,a film about that one thing we do not like,the tiny creature that skulks,and scurry's along in corners of our house,that one primeval thing we are all naturally scared of by definition. To have a common house spider,that somehow mates with a poisonous South American Jungle Spider,accidentally imported into the country.
With the small town setting is perfect,when these Spiders hatch,and causing death and mayhem,and panic,with an introduction to one of the worst pest controllers to grace our screens,played wonderfully by John Goodman,who only accidentally manages to be useful. With other key players,such as Jeff Daniels,and Julian Sands as an arach…

The Bay (2013) Film Review. Directed by Barry Levinson. Distributed By Lionsgate. Produced by Blumhouse

When you here the words from the producers of Insidious,Sinister and Paranormal Activity,in other words Blumhouse,you maybe forgiven for thinking "oh my not another horror movie",in a similar vain,or carbon copy of every other movie out their at the moment. Well you will be wrong this is a generally really interesting movie,about an ECO disaster,which is based on 85% fact and truths,obviously some details,and artistry included,by the director,but all possibilities in this movie could actually happen.
When Barry Levinson, a born and bred Resident from Maryland Baltimore,was asked to direct a documentary about Chesapeake Bay,in which is documented to be 40% dead already,with the worst polluted lakes and rivers,due to its main industry,chicken farming. Which all the chicken waste,is pumped into the local waters,killing all wildlife. The documentary had been done once before,so Barry Levinson decided to dig deeper into this story,and produce a film,all based on facts,about a know…

Extinction Jurassic Predators (2014) Film Review. Directed by Adam Spinks

Here we have another cheap found footage film,that so many directors seem to do these days,as they are cheap to make,zero production values,obviously rushed out to coincide with Jurassic World,but absolutely failing badly. With an opening scene looking like it is filmed in London,with an annoying cameraman,who literally insists on talking,and documenting everything. To knock on a door,to be told by the woman "to get that camera out of my face" Yes we have found characters we instantly take a dislike to.
To only have to spend almost an hour of this film,with characters that are annoying,and not remotely interesting. Yes it is an ECO movie about Tree Huggers,who are saving the rain Forrest,and we know that,as they bravely attack a man in a Hi-Vis and hard hat,a contractor cutting down trees. A terribly acted mess of a film,with zero plotting,and shockingly directed. With just about every found footage cliches put in for good measure. I think we see Dinosaurs,but I'm not so s…

Into the Grizzly Maze. (2014) Film Review. Directed by David Hackl. Distributed by Vertical Entertainment,and Destination Films.

I apologise for lack of posts this week,as I have not been the best,trying to shake off this incredible headache,and migraine,I haven't seen many films this week,for the same reason. I did watch this last night,and I'm being honest I gave up after 35 minutes,and spent the rest of the film on fast forward. A film that had so many good actors in,Scott Glenn,Matthew Marsden,Billy Bob Thorton and Thomas Jane,a film about a killer bear, in the Alaskan wilderness.
Why I didn't like it,well it was so damm boring,for a film that was only 83 minutes long,and half of that time,absolutely nothing happening,you know a film has pacing problems,when the boobs have to come out,for a pathetic seducing scene,that has no place in the movie.
I believe it to be a story about two estranged brothers,one a sheriff in a small Alaskan town,and his wayward brother,who has been a bad boy most of his life,turning back to his childhood home to make amends. With hardly any spoken words between the brother…

Evil Dead (2013) Film Review.Directed by Fede Alvarez. Distributed byTristar Pictures. Rated R US, certificate 18 UK

I will say this that I will find some good in any film I watch,no matter how corny,badly acted it is,out of every negative there  is always a positive. I take the same approach to any remake/reboot,or what ever you call them these days. So I wasn't expecting much from the Evil Dead remake,especially without Sir Bruce Campbell. My neighbour had seen it, before  me at the cinema,and she said it was the most disgusting,depraved film she had ever seen,and when I watched it,in all fairness I had to agree in some parts. At least the original Evil Dead,and I mean the very first one,had some humour in it,obviously it went balls out comedy in Dead By Dawn,and Army Of Darkness, this had none of that,a film made to deliberately upset all your senses.  With the main hero this time female,who somehow turns to a deadite,but still manages to become normal in the end,for one of the bloodiest of battles seen on celluloid.
With scenes to deliberately upset,or at least make you completely cringe, t…

The Vatican Tapes. (2015) Film Review. Directed by Mark Neveldine. Distributed by Lionsgate,and Pantelion Films.

To be honest the Horror world has been flooded,in recent years,with Possession,and Exorcism movies,from The Last Exorcism 1&2, Devil Inside,Possession Of Michael King,The Taking Of Deborah Logan,Evil Dead 2013 to name a few, and yes there are more to mention too,but I will take up the whole of this page on my blog. Here we have the latest offering,part found footage,part normally filmed. Although the Vatican will always deny,exorcism,it is pretty obvious,they certainly know about,it and practice it,with records dating back 2,000 years.
A story of a young woman Angela played wonderfully by Olivia Dudley,who somehow on a surprise birthday party,cuts her hand badly,using a knife,which needs hospital attention,a few days later with an encounter with a Raven,smashing through a bus window,that bites her on her infected finger,Angela's behaviour,changes dramatically,so much so needing further medical attention.
We then have Angela returning home from the hospital,to only grab the steer…

Rambo (2008) Film Review. Directed by Sylvester Stallone.Distributed by Lionsgate, and Weinstein Company.

Another film set in the East this time in Burma,a country that has a terrible human rights records,run by a military dictatorship,similar to the previous film I reviewed,with scenes of torture,rape and executions of innocents. We have a brave film from an aging Sylvester Stallone,written,produced and directed by him,with probably the most violent,with the body count being unbelievably high,with head,limbs,guts,arms flying everywhere. Making a statement I'm back,I maybe older,but the old John Rambo,is still there.
When some aid workers are abducted by the Burmese Army,some are instantly killed,but others are taking as prisoners,mainly the women probably for one reason,and one reason only,for a sexual nature. John Rambo is approached once one,to use his skills,and knowledge of the area to guide some,paid mercenaries in, to rescue the aid workers,made up of retired special forces personnel.
What we have left is a 70 plus minutes of absolute mayhem,violence,a film that made all the other …

No Escape (2015) Film Review. Directed by John Eric Dowdel. Distributed by The Weinstein Company.

I will have to admit I have never seen a film recently that so reflects the current state of emergency we are in at the moment,with threats of terrorism,coordinated attacks,such as the recent Paris,and Jakarta attacks. This film is not so much about terrorism,but more about a military coup,to Change the current dictatorship,with a more violent terrorist group,fighting for anti Americalism,because the locals see the American Government as controlling the current presidential elect with dodgy contracts especially over a recent water pipeline only given to American contractors.
Set in a fictional Asian City,with Owen Wilson moving his entire family,as he has taken a job of a lifetime opportunity,to work for this said water company. Unbeknownst to him and his family,during his flight over the Government is compromised,by a vicious coup,and within hours on arrival he witnesses the local police fall to these armed militants. Witnessing executions of foreign citizens,by attacking local Hotels…

Vendetta (2015) Film Review. Directed by The Soska Sisters. Distributed by Lionsgate International.

Here we have the Fourth film from the Soska sisters, or the twisted twins who first made American Mary in 2012 then went on to directed the straight to VOD sequel to See No Evil,with this being another VOD title. And you know it ain't half bad,yes we have seen the prison situation before,done many times,and yes we have had some crackers and some turkeys along the way. Think of this as a Death Warrant, or even In Hell, a story of a honest cop,who lost his wife to notorious criminal,and Mr Big  Victor Abbott. With the cop,Mason deliberately getting arrested,in a revenge killing on Victors brother Griffin Abbott.
Somehow strings are pulled,and Mason ends up in the same prison as Victor Abbott,to eventually avenge his wife's death. We have the usual violence you would expect to see in any violent prison film,with vicious beatings,home made weapons,made from broken pens,a metal clip to hold the water pipes in place,turned into a nifty knuckle duster,with screws and rivets,to cause e…

Would You Rather. (2012) Film Review. Directed by David Guy Levy. Distributed by IFC films.

I will admit I have seen some sick and degrading films in my time but this one is top of the list. Based on the Would You Rather game,giving two choices,but these choices being of the most vile and cruel,I have seen in some time. Oops I have almost jumped far to of myself let me explain the plot.
We have a Family who gives out scholarships The Lambret Foundation, money  to needy people,a charitable organisation in a way,but with a difference,to earn your Money,you have to take part in a parlour game called Would You Rather,only the most desperate,will win the money at the end of the night. So we have 8 strangers all desperate for a break in life, invited to dinner at this house. We have the gambler,who is in financial difficulties,a recovering alcoholic,an ex service personnel,and a woman needing money for her brothers medical bills,and to hopefully find a bone marrow donor,to her brother suffering with leukaemia.
With dares first to the alcoholic being offered $50,000 to down a decante…

Natural Born Killers (1994) Film Review. Directed by Oliver Stone. Distributed by Warner Brothers.

A film I saw three times at the cinema,this is a film no matter how many times you watch it,you find something you've missed previously. One of Oliver Stones better films in the nineties,with a script and screenplay written by Quentin Tarratino. With apart from Zombieland  this being easily Woody Harrelson's best film,even the normally annoying Juilette Lewis was decent in this.
This is a film where we are introduced to Micky and Mallory Knox,two destined souls meant for each other,both with a destructive hatred of the world we live in. The tag line was they know the difference between right and wrong,but just do not care. With the emerging 24/7 news coverage,this film is the perfect film,to exploit the press,and the media organisations. With the press trying to damm them to hell,but actually making them more media superstars.
The strange thing about this film,is the media makes them out to be monsters,but the actual,reality is the horrible people,are the people who are in power…

Untraceable (2008) Film Review. Directed by Gregory Hoblet Distributed by Screen Gems.

Probably because I'm a little twisted,but I did like this movie from 2008,starring Diane Lane and Colin Hanks. A story about a sick serial killer,who uses the internet, to show off his sick torture of victims,using a YouTube style viewing system,the more views,the quicker the victim dies. The film explores the whole idea of the internet,and the dark side to it,with thousands,millions watching videos in the safety of their own homes. Sometimes vile videos,such as beheadings and torture,and violent deaths. This film believe it all not is actually well before its time,as social media,and especially YouTube was still very much in its infancy stage.

Why is it called Untraceable, well the killer is obviously a computer nut,who knows his or her way round computer code. Bouncing the IP addresses of multiple servers,to become untraceable. With the recent use of what was to be known as torture porn,arriving on the scene after Saw,and Hostel came into the horror scene,with many copying the …

Monsters Dark Continent (2015) Film Review. Directed by Tom Green. Distributed by Vertigo Films.

The sequel to the 2010 film,yes and proud that it is another British made film,with most of the cast being British, even though they are portraying Army Soldiers from Detroit. On the first proper tour of duty,to some middle eastern country,where these monsters have now respawned.

With an on going battle again,in an almost illegal war once more. Against these creatures, the thing is the locals are not happy with the constant bombing campaigns. With many innocents being collateral damage.
with insurgents fighting an Anti American stance. With I.E.D's and guerilla fighting.

Once more the Monsters take second fiddle to this film. With the modern warfare being the main story here. And it is relentless. It shows the true nature of modern War campaigns of late. The thing that got to me was the true friendship of these soldiers,who are more like brothers. Who will put each others lives on the line,to protect each other. And to see hardened men cry,when a brother is downed,and killed in a…

Monsters (2010) Film Review. Directed by Gareth Edwards. Distributed by Vertigo Films.

A fantastic debut from British Gareth Edwards,a film made with some of the best guerilla filmmaking. With sometimes,including actors, on location as few as 6 people,as part of the production crew.
with filming without permission,and without filming permits.

A story of an extraterrestrial tale of a satellite landing back on earth,with some alien life on it. These monsters them grow to humongous proportions. With Mexico being the choice of habitation. With it being contaminated,and  quarantined. And being a no live zone for humans.

The thing is these aliens are huge,but actually quite docile,and only become aggressive,and protective of their young,which is just about like any species. With previous Army attacks,not seen,but you do see the devastation. With the Government almost admitting defeat on these creatures,and quarantined,and contained in Mexico.

A lot of people were disappointed by this movie expecting a Starship Troopers,and Alien type movie,which this film is far from that, a…

Scream The Tv series Pilot review (2015) Produced by MTV Production,and Dimension Television. Distributed by Weinstein Company

When it was announced that a TV series of the Scream franchise was to debut,on MTV, and Netflix,I had been aware of it for months,but not really wanting to dip my toes in,as I loved the Wes Craven originals. Well I watched the pilot last night,and I was pleasantly surprised,to the fantastic opening segment,of a spoilt rich girl,who films a fellow student kissing in a car,and deliberately making it viral,amonst her friends. Why is it so special,well it is two girls kissing,deliberately outing a student,who wasn't ready to come out yet.
Then it turned into the standard teen drama we have seen countless times before,with the typical stereotypes, the jock,the joker,the hottie,the brainiac,and the plain girl, oh and also for political correctness a bi-sexual character,who all said and done seems to be the most interesting character anyway.
With a backstory of a bullied loner who was facially deformed,and home schooled,but became infatuated with a girl called Daisy. Who he met on,yes wait…

VHS Viral (2014) film review. Directed by Nacho Vigalondo,Marcel Sarmiento,Gregg Bishop,Justin Benson, Arron Scott Moorhead.Distributed by Magnet Releasing.

I will admit,I'm a little bit if a fan when it comes to the VHS franchise. Number 2 being brilliant,especially the segments directed by Adam Wingaurd,and Gareth Evans.

We have this time 3 stories with another interlocking. With no VHS tapes to view this time,but everything being filmed on hand held cameras, with the interlocking tale of a young man and woman, living with the guys Nan,whilst watching  a live police chase on local Tv,the young man becomes determined to film some of it,to put on youtube,and become an internet sensation.

The first proper segment is Dante The Great, told in a documentary format,and almost like a Police Most Wanted Tv show. With a story of a trailer park trash, type of man,who comes across this cape,that actually has magical powers,once belonging to Houdini,that gives this man immense powers,and he becomes the worlds best illusionist,but not using illusion or slight of hand,but actual magic,dark magic,which needs sacrifices. So Dante feeds his assistan…