Snakehead Swamp.(2014) Directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy. Distributed by SyFy Channel

Another SyFy exclusive,a film I actually thought might be okay. Yes we have had Sharknado trilogy,Mega Python, Two Headed Shark Attack,and IceTwisters. Well SnakeHead Swamp is not for me.

I can take cheesy CGI effects, I can forgive below par acting,but I cannot forgive a script,that is completely boring. With no new scares,or any decent violence, Heck Sharknado is literary genius compared to this.

A story about genetically altered Snake Fish,to grow,and learn quicker than any other species, with an insatiable appetite to kill,accidentally released into the release havoc on the unsuspecting Swamp folk.

With a lovelorn story of a man getting over his ex who has recently remarried, to his parents,his Mother who is Ranger round these parts,and His dad a Swamp Expert, who has recently divorced,with a sub plot about voodoo,and curses we have this mess of a film. I can watch any crap film,and usually find some good in most films, well in this I just couldn't,and I loved Sharknado,and that is terrible,but still completely watchable, this I couldn't like any of the  characters,the script is, well boring,with too much emphasis on Love,and rekindling,just give me more violence,and Snakefish eating folk,in a spectacularly violent bloody way, and I'll be happy.


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