Gravity(2013) Film Review. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron . Distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

A film that everyone said  needed to be seen,so I did,and well!!.
I didn't like it,and yet I do like Sandra Bullock,George Clooney,is a great Actor,and starred in probably one of my favourite Vampire movies From Dusk Till Dawn,he was brilliant in the Sci Fi Solaris,and really good in every Cohen Brothers films.

Yet in this, A, he is hardly in it, B, Any actor could have played that role, the same with Sandra Bullock, we have two very normally charismatic actors in the two most boring roles ever.
A film that was just an overlong  trailer for IMAX cinemas. I've seen this film on a 32" LCD Tv,a 42" LED, seen it in 3D, and even watched on a 75" projection screen,and I have not ever had that "wow" experience.

The reason why,it is needed to be seen in IMAX theaters only,on the huge curved 360° screens. I have not met one mate yet,that have enjoyed this film on the home video market, it doesn't matter what size screen you watch it on you will never get that viewing experience.

Such a disappointment,as it promises so much,and yet in the end delivers very little,a flick, filmed once again in a completely Green,or blue screen  environment, like my previous films I have reviewed over this weekend,but a film that is totally boring,with hardly any tension,and yet the whole film was marketed as that type of film.
If you want a genuine space film with great tension,and great acting,watch the 1995 film Apollo 13,that being twenty years old now,is still a better film than this film could ever be.
Yes the visuals are impressive,it is well filmed well,and it was completely filmed in the UK in a small independent studio,so in theory it is classed as a British made film,does that stop it From being a great film,no it doesn't unfortunately,one of my most wanted to see films ever,and when I did I was completely underwhelmed by it.
The effect are great so I'm being generous and I will give this.