Woman (2011)Film Review.Directed by Lucky Mackee. Distributed by Bloody Disgusting,Salient Media.

I have seen a few films recently with strong female leads,especially in Horror,so I'm going to write about them. I have seen this film on the radar for some time,but never watched it. The fact I saw the star Pollyanna MacIntosh in a recent film, Let Us Prey I decided to watch this,and in a way I wished I hadn't .

It is without doubt one of the most disgusting films I have seen in some time. A film that if you say you enjoyed it,well I'm sorry there is something wrong with you. A film that is meant to shock,but not because of the violence,but the whole seedy nature of the film. With an absolutely foul perverted creature,and it isn't the Woman, but the Dad,and Son of this so called normal Family. Who take in this feral woman,in the hope of returning her to normal society.

With sexual abuse to this poor Woman,who is shackled throughout,whilst the Dad,and Teenager son abuse her. With the rest of the family,including an older sister,and wife who sit back and allow it to happen. From the opening scenes I knew this family wasn't right,with me taking an instant dislike to the Dad especially. But throughout this film it is hinted that he Abuses the rest of the family,as the Wife,and Daughter are terrified of him. And it is even hinted the Dad has impregnated his own Teenage Daughter.

This film is sick,it is bleak,and with an ending that in the end is entirely justified,to everyone involved. Yes it goes into excessive disgusting violence in the end,including cannibalistic nature. But in hindsight everyone got what they deserved,for not standing up to This so called Man of  the Family.

It is a film I never want to watch again,but in some ways it is a film you should watch,to show in some ways the good in most people,to the most depraved in others. With a cast that is fantastic. To Pollyanna MacIntosh, with Sean Bridgers, and support from Lauren Ashley Carter as the Wife and Carlee Baker as the abused daughter,it is a horrible film to watch,a film unfortunately that will stay with me,even though I'd rather it didn't.