Downing Street Siege (2014) Film Review. Directed by Paul Tanter.

Another great comedy film I have watched today,and it isn't even a comedy,but with the worst script and probably the most awful acting from everyone involved,made this straight to video film a complete shambles.
With the worst direction,and quick editing,that most music video Directors can get away with,but in a 80 minute film,just becomes annoying. The only plus point in this dreadful movie is the Actor above Simon Phillips,who unlike all the other actors in this film,does not take it seriously,like he knows he is in a crap film,but just enjoying the ride. 
Everything about this film is just dreadful,to the so called action SAS Hero,who has as much charisma as a blank piece of paper,and watching paint dry would be more interesting. To the stupid and bad choreography that you can tell that no body is actually hitting each other.

So how can we make this film better,we just shoot as many people in the head as possible,have everybody walk around as a typical Mockney Cockneys,calling everyone a Cu@t,put blood in it and hope no one notices how crap this film is. Honestly it is so bad,it becomes almost watchable, and makes the Recent Sweeney, dia effort years ago,an Oscar winning masterpiece in comparison.
If you want a laugh,and need a cheer up put this film on as you won't be disappointed,as it is hilarious.