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13 Sins (2014) Film Review. Directed by Daniel Stamm. Distributed by Dimension Films, Entertainment One UK.

Imagine a film that is a mix between, Needful Things, The Conspiracy,and Cheap Thrills, we have this very dark film about the need,and also greed we have for money,when you have none.

With Elliott,a down trodden man,bullied severely as child,by both his school friends,and mentally abused by his horrible Father. He has lost his job as an insurance salesman,as he hasn't the balls to chase that client,and lie,and sell that policy.
He is engaged to be married to the love of his life,she loves him no matter what,even though his Dad hates her,as He is also a racist bigott,and she is African American.

When his life could not be worse,when he finds his Dad is being kicked out of his sheltered housing,and will be living with him,as well as his severely autistic adult brother.
He gets a phone call from some mysterious man,who knows everything about him,even to where he is at the same moment,being stuck at a red light,at an intersection.

He offers Elliot $1000,00 To swat a fly bothering him…

Texas Chainsaw.(2013) Film Review. Directed By John Luessenhop.Distributed by Lionsgate

Another film about Leatherface again,but this one being not that bad.better than the 2003 reboot,and the following sequel. With this now being number 5 in the franchise. And the only one to go back to the roots of the original,with it claiming to be a direct sequel.

With a shootout from Police,and state Troopers,against the Evil Sawyer family,we only have one winner here. With everyone dead,we have a child,a baby still alive,which gets taken away secretly,and adopted illegally by a childless couple.
Cut to many years later,and the baby girl Heather is all grown up,but when a Lawyer tracks her down somehow,and tells her that her Great Grandmother has passed,Heather finds out she is adopted,and she has been left this house in an inheritance.
Heather and her close friends then go on a road trip to the House to claim her inheritance,with disastrous results when they get there. I know this film upset a lot of the original Fillm fans,but I actually thought this was okay, the 3D gimmick was…


Wishing all my American readers a very Happy Thanksgiving today,and to my American sister in law,and Her family a Wonderful day today. And to my very English brother,who this is all quite new to him enjoy your Turkey and trimmings. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

The Devils Rejects. Film Review. Directed by Rob Zombie. Distributed by Lionsgate International

The remaining Firefly family are on the run,after the original film,with Baby, Captain Spaulding,and Otis,being hunted down by the Determined Sheriff Wydell. And yes this film is as depraved and sickening with violence again. But more grounded,and realistic,without crazy Doctors,and Zombies in basements.

A road movie of sorts,which is ten times the original film was, like a sick western,but with no real good Cowboy to route for. Just these three sick individuals cutting through Southern America, literally.

With the opening scenes the sickest I have seen,with a woman escaping from these psychos,after being tortured,and wearing the Dead skin mask,of either her Husband,or boyfriend,after escaping into the road,and being knocked down,by a huge lorry,spreading her across the highway.

Even critics hated this depraved film,more than House of a 100 Corpses,with more negative comments,but I believe the fan Base preferred this film, I know I did,the Family seem less maniacal,still dangerous,bu…

House Of 1000 Corpses (2000) Film Review. Directed By Rob Zombie. Distributed by Lionsgate Films

This depraved film of barbaric proportions was released to the World in 2003,Directed by Rob Zombie on his Debut ,a Death Metal Singer in his own right,but he had made and directed a lot of his music videos. It was always inevitable he would try his hand at a full film feature. And he released The Firefly family on to the world,with apart from Pennywise the Clown,we had the people's next favourite clown Captain Spaulding, played wonderfully by Sid Haig.
We have an exploitation flick,with a mix of some of the sickest movies from the seventies,put in a pot,and sifted together,and we get this film. We were also introduced to the Wife of Rob Zombie Sherri Moon Zombie,who unfortunately starred in every one of his films made since.
We have the usual Car full of teenagers on a College Road trip,writing a piece about American violence,where they stumble on Captain Spaulding's wonderful Museum of the macabre,about Horror and Tourture,and somehow being invited back to the Lovely Firefly ho…

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992) Film Review. Directed by Curtis Hanson. Distributed by Touchstone Pictures.

An oldie but goody,one of the best thrillers made in the nineties,a decade that became the norm for psychological thrillers,with Horror playing second fiddle,we had years of these type of films,alongside many action films. With only a return to form for the genre in Wes Craven kickstarting the public need once more for Horror,in the form of the Scream Franchise, in 1997.

Without doubt Recbecca De Mornay finest performance,as the phycholocical scarred woman,who loses her own unborn child,due to the stress,her Husband and a successful Gynecologist,who kills himself,through sexual molestation of female patients,she loses her Home,her Husband,her lifestyle,her baby,and worse of all,the ability to have another child,due to complications,when losing her child.

She blames all this on Claire Bartel,who is fantastically acted by Annabella Sciorra ,who made the complaint against her husband,and wants revenge on her and her family,by worming her way in,as a Nanny,to look after Clair's newborn,…

Funny Games (2007) Film Review. Directed by Michael Heneke, Disributed by Warner Independent Pictures.

A film that I won't be watching twice,probably one of the most depraved films I have ever seen,and the truth is,in most films we have to have survivors. Well this film proves like in real life,if this home invasion really happened,there would be no survivors.

A shot for shot remake, directed by the same Austrian Michael Heneke, made 10 years previous. This time not German,but English,for the the rest of us,to not enjoy.

Staring Tim Roth,and Naomi Watts, with the two psychopathic protagonists,admittedly played well by Michael Pitt,and Bradley Corbett. Who invade the family, holiday home in New England. Dressed in what can only be described as Tennis Whites,and proceed to play a psychotic sick game,of psychology,to scare the family,with a bet between Peter and Paul,that the family will not survive the night,and will be dead by 900 am the next day.

As I said I did not like this film,because for one reason,it is too dam realistic,with even the most positive of people,would watch this…

Nightbreed (1990) Film Review. Directed by Clive Barker. Distributed by 20Th Century Fox

This is one film I would love to see again,owning it on VHS cassette in the early 90's.
Never seeing it released on DVD in the UK , I would love to see it again.Directed and written by Clive Barker,and this is easiest his finest work to date.

Starring an almost unknown Cast,with a famous Director starring as probably the most sinister serial killer ever seen on screen,that is David Cronenberg,as Dr Decker,who convinces one of his unhinged, mentally ill patients that he is actually a serial killing psychopath. Who is eventually killed by the Police.

Being reborn as Cabal,and being accepted into the world of Median an underground world,full of Monsters,called the Nightbreed,but unlike the real world,these Monsters are not as vicious or nasty,as their Human Counterparts are. Who have been happily living underground,and only if seen,classed as being mythical creatures.
I loved this film,yet being Directed by a British Author and Filmaker,we have never had the privilege of owning this g…

Videodrome (1983) Directed by David Cronenberg. Distributed by Universal Pictures.

It was 1983 the real start of the VCR revolution,with the models becoming more readily available,and affordable,when this film was also released. A film about a TV corporation wanting to mind control,via TV content,which will develop a tumour in your head,that will give you violent Halucinations.
Directed by David Cronenberg, and Starring James Woods, and a young Debbie Harry,in this violent,almost pornographic nightmare,of State sponsored snuff movies,which when broadcast,using subliminal imagery,that turns those who watch into drones,with violent Halucinations,followed by Death.

With some of the most depraved imagery seen on screen,including the above image of James Woods stomach turning into a VCR,and the usual blood and gore violence you would expect from a David Cronenberg movie, I can remember watching this during the Eighties,bizarrely on VHS,and repulsing me then,so I really need to have a decent  re-run of this movie to see if I would still be offended by this movie. But wit…

The Taking Of Deborah Logan (2015) Film Review.Directed by AdamRobitel . Distributed by Eagle Films.

I would like to say I had the pleasure of watching this film,especially as it is not readily available for the UK at the moment. I saw it on US Netflix,and it really is a disturbing film,one that uses,the documentary footage perfectly,like in the film Afflicted.

The story of some medical students,making a documentary on the effects of Alzheimer's,on an older Lady called Deborah Logan,who through her degenerative progress getting worse,and experiencing moments of severe confusion,and violence,especially towards herself,by self harm.

This is no easy film to watch,as you really Take to Deborah,she is such an interesting lady,who throughout the running time we see the degeneration of her condition,and behaviour,that is terrifying to watch. Even confusing trained specialists,and Doctors. As her condition and behavior,is very quickly worsening,with more self harm ,and very unexplainable events happen,including Deborah levitating,and talking in another language,with sound octaves unreco…

Downing Street Siege (2014) Film Review. Directed by Paul Tanter.

Another great comedy film I have watched today,and it isn't even a comedy,but with the worst script and probably the most awful acting from everyone involved,made this straight to video film a complete shambles. With the worst direction,and quick editing,that most music video Directors can get away with,but in a 80 minute film,just becomes annoying. The only plus point in this dreadful movie is the Actor above Simon Phillips,who unlike all the other actors in this film,does not take it seriously,like he knows he is in a crap film,but just enjoying the ride.  Everything about this film is just dreadful,to the so called action SAS Hero,who has as much charisma as a blank piece of paper,and watching paint dry would be more interesting. To the stupid and bad choreography that you can tell that no body is actually hitting each other.
So how can we make this film better,we just shoot as many people in the head as possible,have everybody walk around as a typical Mockney Cockneys,calling eve…

Barely Lethal (2014) Film Review. Directed by Kyle Newman, Distributed by A24 Films

Just by looking at this poster above you would be forgiven into to thinking this was a decent action type flick. Unfortunately with a clever Trailer, clever poster campaign's this gave the impression that this  film is a comedy action film,well it is neither. With Samuel L Jackson,just collecting his Pension Money now, Jessica Alba,as a Dangerous Terrorist,the only thing scary thing about her is the fact she is still acting.
With Sophie Turner from Game Of Thrones,as a titular nemesis, I wish I could say the only thing that saves this mess is Hailee Stenifeld,well she doesn't,and I really like her as an actress,this is why I brought this movie,she is mesmerising in True Gritt,really good in Endersgame,even in the recent 3 Days To Kill,with Kevin Costner,apart from him,was the best thing in that movie.  With this being her. Major staring role,I just wished she would have choose more carefully,as she is so much better than this.
The problem is,it cannot decide what it wants to be,a…

Project Almanac (2014) Film Review. Directed by Dean Israelite. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.

A time travelling film for the One Direction generation,which in fairness is not all bad.
When David and his sister Christina,come across an old VCR Video camera in the loft of their home,surprised it still works.

They reminisce over their youth,and watch David at his eighth Birthday party,with his Dad,who actually dies on the same day in a car accident coming home from work. When David catches a glimpse of himself in the background of the video. He shows his friends,who are dubious about the whole thing.

David comes across some of his Dad's former work,with some strange Blueprints,and some strange device,with mathematical equations,and he realises his Dads government job,might have been working on some Time Travelling machine.

Of cause David, his teenage friends are typical computer genius's,which In all fairness is probably the truth,with a recent 15 year old kid being arrested for taking down,and stealing  bank details of a famous mobile phone company in the UK . Anyway wi…

Predestination(2014) Film Review Directed by Michael,and Peter Spierig. Distribution by Pinnacle Films

A man walks into a bar,sounds like a joke well it is the start of this fantastic film.
It is going to be very hard to review this film without giving any plot points away.

It is without doubt one of the best time travelling movies I have ever seen. I thought Looper was good,well this blows that film out the water,throws it around in a Tornado,shoots it hundreds of feet in the air,and explodes into fragments of this film.

It is without doubt Ethan Hawkes best role, since Alive,Dead Poets Society,and Training Day, a Time Travelling Cop,on the trail of the Fizzle Bomber,who will eventually create one of America's worst terrorist explosions,causing tens of thousands of people to die in New York in 1975.

He is a determined man,who in the opening scenes,almost catches the bomber,to have the explosive device explode,and burn his face badly. We then catch him 7 years later,after a full face transplant,which is now available,and he looks like Ethan Hawke, or John Doe in this film.

He Is …

White God (2014) Film Review Directed by Kornel Mundruczo.

A lot of people might think why is a foreign film about Dogs being mentioned on a horror type blog. Well quite easy if you have Dogs that turn feral,and become organized,and attack and kill Humans who have done them wrong.

White God is a Hungarian film drama,about a young 13 year old girl and the love of her life her dog Hagen,a cross breed Dog. That in Hungary under strict Canine Dog Laws, unless pure breeds,you have to pay a Mungrel Tax. Which is normally not a problem,but with her parents separated she lives with her Mum,but when she goes away on Business,she has to move in with her estranged Dad,who's apartment block does not allow Dogs.

With a busybody neighbors reporting him to the authorities,they have a choice pay a huge fine they cannot afford,or get rid of the Dog. The Dad chooses the latter,and Dumps Hagen in a road,in the middle of the city.
We then have the film told through the eyes of the Dog,who has to join other stray Dogs to stay alive. With Hagen being captured…

Dick Night (2011) Film Review, directed by Andy Viner produced by Tucson Comedy Horror Productions.

I had never heard of this film ever,but came across it today on a free streaming site,with the film poster very deceiving,and giving it a possible dirty edge,which is a cheap shot,as this film did not need it to promote it.
A story of a woman still in shock after being dumped on her wedding day,her husband to be never turned up,with her breaking her arm after hitting the best man,when he told her the news. She has been living in her Arizona home on her own,surrounded by her wedding presents,and takeaway pizza boxes. She hasn't gone to work,and just having her own depression keeping her company. With only her strange neighbors who live in a caravan next to her home ,and surrounded by meth head skaters.
Her friends say she should get back on the horse again,and just have some get over the ex sex. In which she decides to one night,inviting a Doctor back who works with her Dad,to share the rent on her house,and she decides he is the one. The problem is her male best school friend tur…

DayBreakers (2009) Directed by Michael,and Peter Spierig Distributed by Lionsgate Screen Australia

A completely different take on any Vampire movie I have seen,where they treat vampirism as a viral infection,that infects the whole population,with the survivors kept in Matrix like prisons,to be on demand blood banks. The problem is the human population,are literally dying out.  Blood stocks are running dry,with corporations now controlling the world, a synthetic blood substitute has to found quickly as the vampire population is getting very hungry.
With Ethan Hawks character hating being a Vampire,and has kept most of his humanity,and is sympathetic to the human cause. Instead of creating a synthetic blood substitute,he is creating a possible cure to the vampire virus. With one man who claims to have cured himself,played my Williem Defoe. 
This film is more a sci fi film,and less Horror with a clever idea as treating the Vampire outbreak as a viral infection,and using the best scientific brains to try to cure this virus. With the cure being discovered by exposure to untraviolet light,w…


I will not be reviewing or putting any Films on my blog today. There is enough violence,and Horror in the world. It seems disrespectful to be talking about horror films today. The fact that in the world France is our nearest neighbour,I'm ashamed and appalled,that other fellow humans can be capable of doing such horrible things.

Dracula Untold (2014) Directed by Gary Shore, and Distributed by Universal Pictures.

Every legend has a beginning,and this film charts the beginning of Dracula,starring Luke Evans,from the Hobbit fame. Told from the point of view from the Turks who controlled most of Europe. Who took young boys from Transylvania to fight alongside the Turkish army,and Vlad was one of these children,who in war became a monster,who impaled villages of people,and got the nickname Vlad The Impaler, which this film surprising moved on very quickly.
He then returns to his town to a heroes welcome,and becomes a Prince with a wife and young son. When the Turkish Sultan decides he wants a further 1000 children to fight again,Vlad has to decide wether to call off the truce between nations,or fight. He decides to fight,knowing it is a Death sentence on his people,he seeks  help,from a known Demon who lives in caves,to make some type of deal.
The finest part of this film is the meeting between Vlad,and the Demon,who turns out to be a Vampire cursed with immortality,unless he passes the curse on,whic…

Fire In The sky (1993) Film Review. Directed by Robert Liberman, Distributed by Paramount Pictures.

I can always remember this film vividly,as I took a girl out on a first date at the cinema to watch it. It was 1993,we didn't have a second date,as the film freaked her out,and wanted to leave and I refused as I was loving the film too much.

It is based on a true account of a man being abducted in The White Mountains Northeast Arizona,and based on the book of the same name by Travis Walton. Some lumberjacks head to the mountains to work one night,when a strange object in the sky catches there eye, Travis gets out the pickup truck to have a look,and is struck by this blinding white light,and is thrown into the air,at such velocity,his friends believing him to be dead,panic and leave the area. To find no body later.
Of cause the local sheriff suspects fowl play and tries to pin the murder of Travis on his future brother in law,Mike Walters,and the rest of the crew,as tensions had been reported amongst the group involving Travis. With his friends being charged with murder,a phone cal…

Alien Abduction 2014 -Film Review Directed by Matty Beckerman

This is the one film that certainly took me by surprise,the one thing that I could never understand,especially in the UK how cheap immediately it became on DVD. I picked this DVD as little as £3.00. I had seen the trailer,yes it looked good,but I still didn't really have much hope,as trailers can be so deceptive,and I had been let down by so many clever trailers,but this film really was an exception,and surprisingly really good.
With it being really well acted,and a believable family,is what actually makes this film,so when the tension does start,it is unbelievably  scary in places,and why?  Well we know their is something supernatural going on,but we rarely see much. Which actually increases the tension. And for once the use of a  handheld camera,makes the whole experience more realistic.
With the reason the camera is always on,is the youngest child,has autism,and this is the only way he can communicate,and accept  the outside world. So when the family gets lost in the mountains…

EXTRATERRESTRIAL-Film Review, Directed by The Vicious Brothers.

Do not believe the hype on this film,or even the quotes on the poster above,directed by The Vicious Brothers,the creators and Directors of Grave Encounters. Here we have a film about Alien Abduction, in which could have been a decent film,with a decent idea,but we have a bunch of directors,who just want to show you everything on screen.
With frequent encounters with the Aliens,and being seen on every occasion,it takes away any kind of suspense,sometimes in films less is more,why did the first Alien film work so well,one word suspense,Ridley Scott, would leave the Alien in shadows,or you would see a brief glimpse only. This film they are all balls out on screen,well not literally but you get my point.
With execessive violence throughout,with Alien torture,and yes they even have to bring In the Anal Probing. It was made purely for violence,bloodshed,and to be controversial, with Alien Abduction,released the same year and being 10 times the film this one is.

Plus points it has above ave…

Area 51- Film Review. Directed by Oren Peli.

Another found footage film,from the Director of the original Paranormal Activity.A film that has been done so much better, in Alien Abduction,even in comedy form in Paul with Simon Pegg,was done much better.

A story about three young guys,three good friends Ried,Darren,and Ben,who attend a house party one night,with Reid going missing for a few hours,to be found disoriented,and vacant in a middle of the road,miles from the party. We learn that he was missing for hours,and have since had time slips of missing time since.

He then becomes obsessed with Alien Abduction,with the loss of his job,because of it. With an over obsession over The secret government Air Base Area 51 in the Nevada dessert . That is the only part of the movie I got as it is told via camcorders,and go-pro cameras,with  night vision.

That is the problem with this film,it is just so dam dark all the time,with the audience not knowing what is going on most of the time. With conversations in darkness,or sections filmed …

Zombeavers - Film Review. Directed by Jordan Rubin.

Never had so much fun with the word Beaver,since Leslie Nielson in the Naked Gun,said to Priscilla Presley as she is on a step ladder, "I know I've just had it stuffed"as she removes  a stuffed one from the attic.

I have seen this film on the budget shelves for sometime,only £3.00 at some point,anyway I streamed it for free in the end. I'm glad I did as it isn't bad, made with a nudge,nudge,wink wink, with no one involved with this film taking it seriously. That doesn't mean that it is filmed badly either,with the use of good old fashioned animatronics instead of the cheap nasty option of CGI, at least the actors have something to work with,instead of the usual golf balls on sticks,against a green screen.

I'm not going to give full plot details,as there is no need,we just have two stoner drivers,who hit a Deer in the road,knocking off a canister of toxic waste,that seeps into the water,where the Little Beavers are happy building dams,they turn into an ar…