My favourite Documentary ever.

Name two popular icons, then add them together you get this brilliant movie. We all know Martin Scorsese is a fantastic director,but he is is a bloody good documentary maker,and one of his greatest passions, apart from religious beliefs,is he absolutely loves music,and how to document it, The Last Waltz anyone?  Shine A Light with the Rolling Stones,which I loved also,and had to fight over which was the better film to review,well in the end it was this one that won. Living In The Material World. Yes the other iconic,icons had to be the Beatles, but Martin did not want a documentary about the Beatles, he choose to make a Documentary about the quiet man George Harrison. 
And I thought I knew everything about the Beatles,as to be honest I'm a bit of a Beatles Nut. But in fairness I knew nothing about this man outside of the Beatles. The film is a long film split into two parts,the early life of George eg. The Beatles,then part 2 of the Documentary Post Beatles.
We find out how George lost his Wife to his then best friend Eric Clapton,when he found they were having an affair,he let her go. We found he was a very spiritual man,especially in the religion Buddism.
The most interesting part of the Documentary was how he formed the super Group The Travelling Wilburys,by just going round the house of Tom Petty at the time,to borrow a hedge trimmer,that leaded to a jamming session,that somehow leaded into getting Roy Orbison involved with Bob Dylan. Which leaded to the formation of this super group,which sadly only lasted two Albums,but my goodness they were fantastic Albums. I'm not going to to give any more of the Documentary away,as you need to watch it for yourself. It contains a lot of information about the Beatles,with interviews with Paul Maccartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono. And just about everyone else in the music industry that this Man touched their  Hearts. Yes George was a genuine nice guy,was he as quiet as people were led to believe,no he wasn't he was a very quietly confident man,who pushed to get his songs heard in the dominant form of Lennon and Maccartney. And his very first solo Albums every song written on that album was written for the Beatles and never got heard, shame as that Album All Things Must Past was a classic Album and to have heard some of his songs sang on a Beatles record would have been lovely. Then again we still have the fantastic Taxman,Here Comes The Sun, Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Within You Without You. A Documentary about a great man,directed by another great Man also Martin Scorsese,yet he never lets his name over shadow this project,it is all about George.