Insidious 1&2 in one short video and one short review

Insidious in a short video above. Not the best film, a poor persons attempt at a Poltergeist wannabe. Anyway going off on one,  I'm not this films biggest fan, nothing new to see,very un-scary,with the use of jump scares. A very disappointing film,which somehow managed a Trilogy.

Insidious two the same film as the first,only this time told in flashback, with Patrick Wilson's character going back to as a child,who is being terrorised by the foul old creepy lady. Only this time it is told with Lin Shaye returning as the woman helping a young Josh being taken over in the 70's. Yes it is very similar to the first film,once again not particularly scary. I cannot understand why I never liked these films as I was not scared,or even that bothered by either. Yet I love Horror yet these films did absolutely nothing for me and only wish they stop with the third chapter,being released on DVD this month.


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