A rushed sequel that shows,with no new ideas,so we just have Michael kill more.

Here we have the rushed sequel to number 4,as it was such a sucecess,Michael is to rise again like the Phoenix. After being shot and falling into a drain,and left for dead,this film follows straight from the last one,as Michael is floating lifeless in a river,being flushed out by the storm drain. Being found by an old Hermit,who nurses Michael back to health,and his thank you for doing so he kills the old man. And yes it is straight back to Haddonfield once more to claim his niece Jamie. Who is in an institution,over her trauma the year before,and stabbing her step Mother at the end of the last film. We have Donald Pleasenece claiming his pension money now,and in all fairness should  hold his head in shame,as this film is terrible,and  is all about the kills,and Michael happily chopping away at his victim's, with a higher body count in this movie,with more kills than ever before. With a silly side plot of Jamie having a psychic link to Michael,which enables him to always find her,and some mystery man in black at times helping Michael makes this film a complete mess,such a shame as number 4 was half decent,with a rushed film to capitalise on the success of the previous outing,I would advise not to bother with this film,and just watch the first two films instead for your original Michael fix,as it is a different Michael Myers we see in this film,not the cold calculated patient killer of old,but a one man killing machine,which to some fans will like,but not me,I prefer the Michael of old.