A brilliant,if not very bleak look at the future.

A classic example of when a film works it bloody works. This post apocalyptic film,for once not after some virus,or nuclear explosion, but a simple story of women who are no longer able to give birth,or get pregnant. Imagine a world where with no babies,means no new life,means probably within a hundred years,humanity will be completely wiped out. A world where chaos rules,and the only functioning Government is the British Government,with draconian laws, a Police state and limited or no immigration.Clive Owen is a Civil Servent,Theo Faron,who was also a former activist,who is targeted by a terrorist organisation,with his government contacts,to help them smuggle out a refugee,from a refugee camp,who happens to be the first female in 18 years to become pregnant. Where if they can get out of the UK,they can get her to a fertility clinic,to replicate a fertility drug to start the Human race once more. With a brilliant cast,with Clive Owen, Michael Caine,Julianne Moore,Chiwetel Ejiofor. The film becomes a race against time to get the Pregnant woman to safety,whilst being hunted by Police,and Army officials. This film is bleak,very depressing,not an easy watch,but netherless a wonderful film. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, the wonderful director of The Prisoner Of Azkaban,Gravity,and the Spanish film Y Tu Mama Tambien. This apart from Shoot Em Up is Clive Owens best acting work. This is really a great film,and if you have never seen it please give it a watch.


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