"Your young Dumb and full of cum"

A classic from 1991 from a great female director Katherine Bigelow who was married to James Cameron at the time so she obviously picked up great tips from her husband. Anyway Banks are being robbed by a gang called the Dead Presidents,wearing masks. Well New FBI Agent Johnny Utah is convinced the robbers could be surfers. So the plan is for him to go undercover learn to surf,and get the Trust of Brodie the lead surfer in the gang. Turns out he was right,and with a serious bromance between Utah and Brodie, the cop finds it hard to arrest his friend. It is an adrenaline fuelled thriller,with guns, violence,surfing, sky diving. Another great role with Keanu Reeves,and Patrick Swayze. With the remake out soon, I had to put the best one on,as the remake looks a bag of shite.