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A Bank Heist that certainly does not go to plan

The debut film from Roger Avery, the producer  and co-writer of Reservoir Dogs,and Pulp fiction, comes this American/French film, starring,Jean Hughes Anglade, Julie Delpy,and finally 80's hearthrob Eric Stoltz. We have an American safe cracker,come to Paris to help with a raid on a Bank,get in ,get out,no questions asked. Should be easy apart from Eric the gang leader who is a bit of a loose cannon who will shoot you or torture you first,before he asks questions. Yes this is a very violent film,about a Bank  raid that goes horribly wrong, with bloodshed from both the Robbers,and the armed Police who raid the bank. That is the film really,no sub plots no twists just a very violent film. I reviewing this as it has been recently released on Bluray for the first time.And I forgot what a great film it is. As I said before it is really well acted,but all the credit has to go to Jean Hughes Anglade as Eric, a borderline psychotic human being,who doesn't care if he lives or dies,as …

"Your young Dumb and full of cum"

A classic from 1991 from a great female director Katherine Bigelow who was married to James Cameron at the time so she obviously picked up great tips from her husband. Anyway Banks are being robbed by a gang called the Dead Presidents,wearing masks. Well New FBI Agent Johnny Utah is convinced the robbers could be surfers. So the plan is for him to go undercover learn to surf,and get the Trust of Brodie the lead surfer in the gang. Turns out he was right,and with a serious bromance between Utah and Brodie, the cop finds it hard to arrest his friend. It is an adrenaline fuelled thriller,with guns, violence,surfing, sky diving. Another great role with Keanu Reeves,and Patrick Swayze. With the remake out soon, I had to put the best one on,as the remake looks a bag of shite.

A fantastic Bank Robbery film, with actually no violence for a change

Although technically  a comedy does not take away what a great  heist movie this is. With its ingenious planning,the robbery is the easy part getting away with it is the difficult part. When a Clown walks into a midtown  Manhattan Bank,with explosives attached to his body,you know your in trouble. Anyway two customers decide to be not as easy to push around,and fearing for their lives the rest of the hostages nominate these two as first to leave as a goodwill gesture during hostage negotiations with the police and swat teams waiting outside. The third hostage is released and that is that. Turns out the hostages were part of the gang,and leave with thousands of dollars strapped to them,and the third hostage is Bill Murray without his clown makeup on. Anyway with road closures, being robbed themselves,unaware they are all hiding thousands under their clothes. Dealing with dodgy non speaking Cab Drivers,they finally get to the airport,with a police detective on the case to the plan. It&…

A modern classic of fantastic writing,and a great debut.

Probably one of the most famous heist movies made. And by a debutante an unknown Director called Quentin Tarantino, a witty sharp scripted film. With more quotable lines than any other film. It changed cinema,when it came out in 1992. And is still regarded as a classic now,and being just 23 years old isn't bad With a fantastic soundtrack which actually complemented the film. And some stand out performances from Tim Roth,Harvey Keitel, a psychotic Michael Madsen, and an unknown Steve Buscemi. It is a film and it is perfection. The fact we do not actually even see the Heist, just the planning of it. We just see a lot of a warehouse,or safe house,and Tim Roth bleeding a lot,from a wound from his abdomen. The torture scene is still a hard watch,but is hard to forget,or even the song used in it "Stuck In A Feeling"This film was a low budgeted Debut film from one of the most Talented Writers and Directors,we now have,he even managed the impossible by making his second feature…

American Heist

I should have realised this film wasn't up to much when it starred Hayden Christensen ,and Jordana Brewster, but the fact it also starred Adrian Brody I thought I would give it a try. Luckily  I streamed this film for free thank God really as I would have been pissed if I spent any money on this turkey.Yes it Is a Heist movie,loosely based on The Great St Lois Bank Robbery movie by Charles Guggenheim. It is a film about two Brothers James and Frankie, James being the younger Brother and Frankie who has just been released from Prison from a 10 year stretch. For some unknown reason James hates his older Brother Frankie, who actually served that time to protect his younger Brother. So why does James hate is older Brother so much,seems daft,as he owes him really.  Straight away Frankie is back into crime again with a Bank Hiest to make them rich,James goes along with it, even though I said before he Hates his Brother,very strange indeed. The Heist happens goes wrong and we have a cheap…

Thanks for reading my cult weekend.

Many thanks for reading my weekend of my favourite cult films. Yes everybody has a favourite and I might have missed out quite a few. But these are mine and I have always loved them. Hope you agree but if you don't everyone has an opinion, but please read and I hope I can change your minds about these great films.

The cult film that beats all other cult films hands down.

An image from a film that is almost as iconic as the film itself. Also one of the most controversial films ever made,and more so as it was banned by not the censors at the time,but the director himself Stanley Kubrick
After copycat violence in the seventies with people dressing up as the iconic gang. Stanley Kubrick never wanted his film to glorify violence but to Condone it,as it was encouraging violence he had it pulled from all cinema chains,and never allowed on home video,until the day he died. Then it was finally released to the General public again,for us all to make our own minds up about this film. Yes it is ultra violent, with brutal scenes of beatings, bludgeoning, and a very nasty rape scene. When imprisoned the leader Alex is given a chance to reduce his sentence  by taking part in a new technique of renouncing violence by using the Ludovico Technique which he is forced to watch ultra violent images for weeks that then takes away any violent thoughts he might have,and mak…

A film so cool It has taken 27 years to get a sequel

Tim Burton's top film with only Batman, and Edward Scissorhands being a close second and third. And with very strong hints a sequel is being finally made. Shall I tell you why this film worked,one reason Michael Keaton an outstanding performance of manic proportion. Yes he does comedy well,but does manic so much better,I think it is his eyes. It was why he was chosen for Batman, he was scary in the thriller Pacific Heights,and manic once more in Birdman.
we all know pretty much the story of Beetlejuice about a recently deceased couple  who are angered that a yuppie couple has moved into the wedded home. And they need an Exorcist of the dead to rid of the living. Even though they are warned not to call on Beetlejuice. It is a strange,macabre film, scary in places, but not overly scary. With an on form performance from Winona Ryder . Even Geena Davies, and Alex Baldwin,as the recently deceased wedded couple are great. But all plaudits can only go to Michael who is beyond brilliant …

A delicious comedy about fitting in and death.

Probably the coolest film made in the eighties,staring two of the up and coming actors at the time Winona Ryder, and Christian Slater. In this very Dark comedy about fitting in,and being accepted. J.D is the new kid in town. Dark mysterious,a rebel and rule breaker. The rest of the High School is made up of the usual cliques The Jocks, The popular Girls,the Geek's. The popular girls obviously own the school,every girl wants to be a member,and every boy wants to sleep with them. Winona's character Veronica hates being a Heather,and is instantly attracted to rebel J.D.
When Veronica wants to play a trick on the lead Heather she enrolls the help of J.D. by making her throw up,to embarrass her,only J.D uses industrial Drain Cleaner,in a drink and instead of throwing up she dies almost instantly. They panic but Veronica forges Heather' s hand writing into writing a Suicide note. This then leads the school students into copycat suicides,as the coolest girl in school has done it…

welcome aboard the Pork Chop. Express

One of Sir John Carpenters finest from 1986. Yes he was famous for Horror but he made some decent comedy films. And no better than this film with an on form Kurt Russell,who was as comfortable doing comedy,as well as serious roles,and horror. A simple story of a trucker Jack Burton  in the wrong place at the wrong time In the middle of China Town. When he witness's a kidnap of a young Chinese Girl, he has to do something about it. Throwing him into an adventure, fighting Chinese Gods, A man Lo Pan  who needs the blood of a young green eyed Chinese Girl to be Mortal forever. And that is the story, but it is the most fun you can have in 90 plus minutes. Kurt Russell is brilliantly funny,and has some of the most quotable scenes.  A very young Kim Cattrel stars alongside him also. A very action packed,funny film,set in China Town,with Gods, Demons you name it to fight underground,and some fantastic Martial Arts on display also. Another great cult classic.

Warriors come out to play

One of the better films directed by Walter Hill, this Gem about 1970's Gang Culture. In New York,when the city in some parts was no go areas for normal folks. Before the late Nineties,early 2000's When the New York Mayor cleaned up New York,with the fix every broken window policy,and a Cop on every street corner. Which saw violent crime figures drop dramatically. Anyway back to this 1979 film,which was was again considered a flop,because of violence around the film,and cinema chains opting out of not showing it. Starring practically unknown actors at the time. The Warriors are framed for murdering a rival gang leader,at a peace rally for all New York Gangs. All they have to do is get back to their own turf, survive the night, as a hit is put on them ,with a massive reward,to any rival gang who can kill the Warriors. Yes the film is cheesy now,and is very Dated,but still an enjoyable film about survival In a Huge City. But please I warn you do not,and repeat do not get the 200…

Tank Girl is another weirdly watchable film

This film now is twenty years old now,and only ever owning it on VHS cassette,I revisited it the other day streaming it off Netflix.  Directed by Rachel Talalay the director of the original Hairspray, Cry Baby, Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare. A post modernist world where femininity rules with Tank Girl and Jet Girl as the anti hero's fighting against an oppressive corporation headed by Malcolm McDowell. The film once again flopped,and it is unknown why,as it is a very clever post modernist world,where feminism rules, in a Punk type landscape with a fantastic soundtrack arranged by Courtney Love. Lorri Petty who was famous for a decade,and that was it, starring in the Fantastic Point Break, A League Of Their Own and Free Willy was quirky hard as nails girl who will not take crap from any Man. And a very young Naomi Watts as Jet Girl,who was hardly known in the 90's it was only from Mulholland Drive in 2001 the Australian Actress was really discovered. Also starring an u…

Another underrated Film

A modern classic that most people didn't get, more style over substance, most said. Where visuals were more important than script,well I disagree with this film. Yes I will admit I never got it first time round,and believed all the negative reviews. I would say this film is like your favorite Bands doing an experimental album. You hate it at first,then give it a listen and listen,then you realise the sound being different, isn't that bad, and you end up loving it. Well this is that Band, on several watches since I get it. One of the better graphic novel adaptations made in recent years, by Edgar Wright, who is such a talented director. The writing partner with Simon Pegg for the series Spaced,and the other films I reviewed above the Cornetto Trilogy. This was his Hollywood's Debut and to some it was classed as a flop,such a shame as it is brilliantly directed,with such imagination,such great ideas,fantastic visuals,and great editing make this film Unmissable. Trust me in …

The final part of British week

Probably the strangest Trilogies ever, one that each third is a completely different film, but all starring Simon Pegg, and his long time comedy partner Nick Frost. Why the cornetto trilogy, easy as Nick Frost in every film is seen eating a Cornetto, and to non English people,it is a very famous ice cream in the UK. The first and best has to be Shaun Of The Dead, the funniest,and yet violent Zombie movie ever made. Yes America tried it with Warm Bodies, and Zombieland,but they never ever came close. A story of everyday Pals who happen to be caught up in a Zombie Apocalypse, and their only Concern is Shawn's Mum,Dad and his girlfriend,and get to the only safe place they know,the local pub The Winchester. The second in the Trilogy is a homage to all American action films,and a piss take on Michael Bay style of filmmaking Hot Fuzz a story of a successful Police Constable,who is so good at his job he is making the officers look bad in his department, so he is given a promotion,to Chie…

One of the better releases this week

Just a quick video today I have seen this Today, I will put my review on later in the week. It is really good, that is all I'm saying. I have a few more British films to review first. Then I will get round to this.
It has been a poor week for releases this week they are.

1 John Wick
2 Pitch Perfect 2
3 The Flash Season 1
4  Elementary Season 3
5 Curse Of The Werewolf
6 The Man Who Cheated Death
7 Nightmares In A Damaged Brain
8 Big Game
9 Fireman Sam_ Hero's OF the Storm
10 Eaten Alive
11 Essex Boys: Law Of Survival
12 Iceman
13 Norgami Complete series collection
13 Starship Apocalypse
14 Trancers
15 Escobar: Paradise Lost
16 19-2 Series 1

Black Sea Think Das Boot meets The Italian Job

Another great film I saw for the first time yesterday.
Directed by Kevin MacDonald the Director of The Last King Of Scotland, and the fantastic Touching The Void. Also starring Jude Law in probably his best role to date as Robinson an ex naval,ex Navy Submarine operative. Who for 30 years of his life always worked around Subs and Ships,has Been made redundant from his job. He is already divorced and a banning order on him,so he cannot have contact with his 12 year old son. Life could not  be any worse,until an old friend the same as him,redundant,depressed,tells him about a rumour in his Shipping company, of a missing Russian UBoat from World War 2 full of Gold to help Germany with its war effort,before they invaded Russia forcing them to be allies with the British. It sank somewhere in The Black Sea,and a recent expedition may have found it. All he needs is a crew,a submarine on the black market and he is ready to go. So with a rich backer who demands 40% of the find,with an estimat…

I Am Groot

I have waited and waited to see this film. And being a Disney Release it has never come down in price. And I'm not going to be paying top price for a film a year old almost now. But I have managed a view by streaming it,and before you say it yes it was legal.
I know  I'm going to be hated for this, but I did not think it was all that. Yes the visual effects are the best I've seen,and only wished I had seen on 3D as it would have made the experience more enjoyable. But the whole thing just seemed,a bit of a mix mash,of a story. Confusing in places,and it lost my attention a few times. I even got up to make myself a Coffee half way through. Yes Chris Pratt as Starlord is likeable, Zoe Saldana is fit as anything,Dave Bautista is a mountain of a man. The best Characters that hold any attention is Rocket, voiced By Bradley Cooper in probable his best role ever, and Vin Diesel as Groot, the best ever onscreen character ever. Every household,or family needs a Groot. A kind heart…

The Babadook the scariest film in decades.

If it is in a word or in a book you can't get rid of the Babadook. A lesson in how to scare the hell out of you without the need for jump scares. Just plain old fashioned filmmaking,using shadows,bumps in the night,to make you feel unease. This is  Jennifer Kent's debut and oh my goodness what a debut at that. By using the one thing as children we are scared off, The Boogeyman, that appears from a scary child's book. The greatest trick of the film,as the lead actress is suffering,from sleep deprivation,and is severely depressed. We are never sure wether the Babadook ,is real all is just a fragment of her broken mind. The fact her son sees it too,asks the questions can you pass paranoia on to other people,or is the Monster The Babadook real.
 A real dark,gothic piece of filmmaking that every critic was right to say is a frighteningly scary. A must watch,it is kinda like Tim Burton has merged with David Lynch to create one of the darkest depressive films in a long time. The…

shows CGI and how to do it properly.

One of the groundbreaking visual effect films of the mid nineties,and CGI was still in its infancy.
A film that pushed visual effects to the limits in 1995. Starring one of the most Underrated Actors ever and that is Bill Paxton,who has been in so many great films,most of them James Cameron's, starred in a Simple Plan,The brilliant One False Move,and the best Vampire movie ever and that is Near Dark
Alongside him was Helen Hunt,normally a very serious actress,but brilliant in this as Bill Paxtons ex-wife,who still carries a flame for him. The most surprising actor is a very young twenty something actor Philip Seymour Hoffman in an early role,before he went all serious and Indie.
Anyway the film is so simple,they chase Tornadoes to try to let of thousand of sensors into the eye of the storm,so they can gather more information about Tornadoes. That is it storm to storm till they get the sensors into the funnel,to get information how they are really formed,and to invent an early warn…

Into The Storm (2014) film review.

Into The Storm was a film I wanted to watch since I saw the trailer last year. When I saw the scenes of the Aeroplanes being tossed around like Toys I thought Wow.
Then I put the film in and,well I was a little underwhelmed. It is the shaky cam footage again,with Storm Chasers,trying to capture on film Tornadoes and the devastating effects they have across the Mid West America. And of cause during the time they are filming they come across a super cell,which creates one of the largest Tornadoes America has ever seen,a super storm with winds maxing 300 miles an hour. And the chasers are caught in the middle. Alongside A Dad who is a High School Principal,trying to keep his two teenage sons safe. As I said earlier I was expecting a massive improvement on the other film about Tornadoes that was Twister in 1995.
Well you know this is not better at all, and really not that more improvement in special effects. Twister was ground breaking in 1995 even winning an Academy Award for best visua…


After writing about a couple of action films I thought I had to mention this British thriller from 2012,another straight to video title,which is so surprising as it is really good. But I'm not surprised as so many these days happen this way,for the streaming market also. A simple film about the security services,chasing down a possible Terrorist cell in London. And before you all start saying oh yeah another film bashing A certain Religion,well it isn't. It is actually a very clever film of two halfs ,one shows how the intelligence side works and the other, how a normal young man can be radicalised from a normal family, A very English man,with a girlfriend. Not very religious at all, who is targeted at a University by Radical extremists,with mind altering propaganda. It is like a complete brainwashing,of subliminal proportions. And that is the story how a lovely young man can turn into a suspected Terrorist,intent on blowing himself up,and killing others. Whilst the cowards who…

A softer side to Mr Statham

I like many people when I hear another Jason Statham  movie is coming out,you expect the usual kick the crap out of everyone using your martial arts skills,or blast the shit out of them using Guns. This still has its action moments,but actually shows a softer side to his normal tough as nails character. An Ex-Marine gone AWOL for killing some innocents in Afghanistan,after he takes out retribution,for fellow soldiers being killed in an IED attack. He is full of remorse for what he has done. He is still a wanted man,but is unrecognisable with longer hair,beard,living rough on the streets of London,also a Drunk. When a chance break-in to an apartment,he realises the owner is away for months. So he stays at the apartment,sobers up,and gets himself cleaned up. He is friendly with a Nun Sister Christine who helps out at a soup kitchen,and she is pleased he is cleaning himself up. A chance encounter one night when he is working  at a Chinese Restaurant,and a bunch of drunks start attacking th…

The best found footage movies ever.

After watching As Above So Below yesterday,and also the many films over the years I have watched. Since the Blair Witch in 1999 it has been to some filmmakers the simplest form of filming. As it is probably cheaper,need fewer crew. And most of them over the years have been very Good. Of cause with the good always comes the bad,and my goodness I have seen some Turkey's too.
So I have thought very hard and finally came up with my top 10. You can watch the video above and make up your own minds. As I said these are just my preference,you might agree,you may disagree. These are definitely the best I have seen anyway. I wondering if you can guess which is number 1.

The Signal

It is rarely that I see a film and I am speechless,this is one of those films. A film with a twist that I did not see coming.The film is quite simple Nic, his Girlfriend Hayley and best friend Breck on a road trip together to California to drop his Girlfriend off at College. Nic was a very good runner and athlete but has been recently struck down with Muscular Dystrophy,he feels his Girlfriend will no longer love him any more as his illness gets worse.On route they are hacked by a fellow hacker,who has been taunting them for Months,they even almost got kicked out of MIT college for his hacking skills. When they manage to trace his I.P. Address they realize they are not far away,and want to tackle their nemesis called NOMAD. They trace his I.P. Address to a small shack in the middle of nowhere. The boys go into investigate,find the shack empty,but hear a scream from outside,they find Hayley is not in the car,they find her a few hundred yards away in a field,as a white light surrounds h…

He picked the wrong house.

Finally we have a strong woman in a film,who is a survivor,and not a victim.Taraji P. Henson is fabulous in is this,not only gorgeous,perfect body,but a fighter. We do not get enough strong female leads in movies these days, but in three weeks I have seen this and the excellent Everly staring Salma Hayek. This a home invasion movie,with Idris Elba as a Convicted Killer,only on Manslaughter grounds ready for his first five year parole hearing,but because he was suspected of killing five other Women,but got off those charges on a technicality. He actually thinks he may get Parole,but luckily the Parole board see straight through his lies,and declines his Parole. This is when he attacks his prison guard on the way back to Prison in the back of the prison van,stealing his Gun,shooting him,and the Driver. He stalks his old FiancĂ©,and eventually breaks into her house,strangling her,then savagely beating her with a bedside lamp. Yes Idris is the bad guy,a sociopath who likes to control wome…

A Film that proves Religious Radicalism is as equal in all religions.

I never did like the film cover,and poster to this film as the Girl in question is the only decent one in this movie of Religious Nutters.
A film about Christian radicalism which takes place within a Huge Ranch, where a Pastor preaches his bile and hate. to his congregation of equally seriously sinister Biggotts.This film is a complete surprise as it is Directed by Kevin Smith, a man mainly famous for Comedy films,and at only about 80 minutes long is a short film,but it does not take away any of the shocking scenes you see in this movie.
Three Teenage lads answer a Craig's list type add, advertising for Sex, they agree to meet this woman in a trailer promising a night of their lives. They have a Beer and wake up,tied up in this old church.Where they are witness to the vile preachings,and a man being murdered because he is Gay,this is when the three boys realise they are going to be killed,and for what? being horny, by these so called Christian people,because pre married sex is a s…

The worst film possibly ever made.

I think I just witnessed the worst film I have ever seen in my life. I know the reviews on all online sites were negative,but me being me thought I still had to give it a go. Even poor films I can see a little light in them,and maybe find a little positive.In this I could not it is just awful in every sense,the acting is terrible,yes I can normally ignore that,if the film is maybe still going in the right direction. The script is the most clumsy,unbelievable dialogue I have ever witnessed on screen. Everyone involved in this should literally disappear like in the film. I like Nicholas Cage,he makes a lot of crap films,to pay off an expensive divorce. But he has sank to new lows with this. I cannot believe it is the same actor who was brilliant in Leaving Last Vegas, Face Off,Con Air,Joe,Kick Ass, Adaptation and Wild At Heart. Considering this film is meant to be taken seriously, two other films kicked the shit  out of this and they were This Is The End, Seth Rogan's comedy take on…

First rule of Fight Club. You don't talk about Fight Club

The first thing that struck me about fight club, is the need to fit in,be accepted. Chasing exceptance of others. Under all the violence, mayhem that I believe is the message David Fincher is getting out. A man who so clearly wants to be accepted in life,with chronic fatigue,and insomnia, in a boring job as an insurance investigator. Who joins every support group,just to meet new people. It is only when he meets Tyler Durden,a polar opposite to himself. He is charismatic,good looking,takes risks in life,everything he would love to be,but would never have the confidence to be like that. The Bromance to end all Bromance's. When the Fight Club is discussed,and then started, I could see why most men,especially lonely men would join. It gave them a purpose,somewhere to go,something they could all do and be accepted. Yes it is violent but that was never the idea of the film,it was about as I said before wanting to be liked,fitting into society.  A film at the time the critics never got i…