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A very sad day today

So saddened to hear the news today about the death of Wes Craven, the genius who probably started the horror we love today,and the person who generated the interest back in Horror in the late nighties with the Scream franchise. When horror films were almost pardon the pun dying out, to action thrillers,and the darkness that was Seven. He put new light back into the Genre,and people should not forget that. With so many favourites to choose from such as A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes, The Serpent And The Rainbow, Scream,The Last House On The Left, And Shocker. To name a few,you know I still cannot believe it so upset today.

Me and Stormy are destined to be together forever

I see dead people and my god I will do something about it.Yes this is the strange story of Odd Thomas a young man from an early age who has seen things no young boy should see,spirits,ghosts demons you name it Odd can see it. But like in the sixth sense when a dead person comes to him for help he will help them.Alongside his police chief friend,kind of like a cold case detective,but the only cold things are the corpses asking for his help.As they cannot pass on until justice has been served. Now Odd manages to do all this whilst holding down a job as a short order cook in a diner.His only friend and love of his life is Stormy Llewelln,who when kids saw a psychic and was told they are destined to be together for ever.Now Stormy works in a local Mall in a frozen Yoghurt,and Ice Cream Store,but they both love each other dearly,even though she knows what her boyfriend does in his spare time. As well as seeing dead things Odd can see Grim Reapers he calls them "Bodachs which feed of…


I have a busy week ahead this week with new titles to review,starting work again after a two year absence,but I have to include this as one of my must see movies. Yes I know it is almost 4 years old now,and I have owned it since 2012,but It is a film I forgot how good it was. Staring Michael Shannon,and the always reliable Jessica Chastain. Now Curtis is a hard working father is loved by his wife Samantha,with a normal boring job,but it brings home the money his family needs,and he also has a very good medical package with his job,which is paying the medical bills for his deaf daughter. One day Curtis wakes from a bad dream about an impending storm of biblical proportions,he puts it down to a bad dream. But with these dreams becoming more frequent,and actually start to see visions during work,and daylight hours,of storms,birds attacking him and his daughter in a vicious manner.Quite rightly he tells his wife who puts it down to stress.The Visions and dreams become so frequent Curtis …

The Hobbit Trilogy

Now I've been dwelling on this for months, yes I have all three versions individually on BluRay I have the Trilogy box set on DVD also. Now I love Peter Jackson,a fantastic director,a genius in filmmaking,even setting up his own special effects company Weta. I have followed his work from the very early low budget horror/comedy films he made up until these mainstream films. Lord Of The Rings is considered to be one of the finest trilogies ever made,and I cannot disagree with that. Yet I cannot hide my feelings  like I've been let down by this trilogy. Yes they are all fantastically made,acted brilliantly,the cast I cannot disagree with,with Martin Freeman perfect as Bilbo Baggings. The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey was an overlong,but still an enjoyable watch,with some outstanding scenes. The Desolation Of Smaug was without doubt the finest film to be ever put to celluloid, a film at almost three hours long,that never felt that long at all,a film that flows so brilliantly. With sce…

Just a few titles I will be looking at this week

I shall be visiting these films I have purchased in the last few weeks. Looking forward to watching and reviewing these titles most are newish releases one isn't.As I said before I will not be doing themes on this blog,but will review films as I watch them,there might be a few trends such as thrillers,sci-fi, horror but will be as I review them. Horror month last month was a little draining on me. But I'm back to blogging again after a few days away,and I do apologise, but everything is working okay again and I'm good to go,and thanks for reading.

My Quadrilogy of dark thrillers

My final film over the weekend of dark thrillers and no more darker than this 2007 beauty from the fantastic Coen brothers. Why is it so dark well one answer Javier Bardem, or Anton Chigurh the hitman who is as cold as ice. Yes he has a silly haircut but my goodness he is a dangerous man. This film is a modern classic and if you haven't seen it where have you been. Probably one of the best ensemble cast in quite  an age with Tommy Lee Jones,Josh Brolin, Kelly MacDonald and Woody Harrelson. A modern day western without the need for Cowboys or horses.  I did not see this until 2009 but I have to admit I loved it from the start,and why would you be routing for the bad guy rather than good guy,it is easy Javier Bardem is this film a tall brooding presence,as I said before dangerous,but still likeable. A one man show which is unbelievable to watch. Quite rightly was an Oscar winner,winning 4 golden statues which one was best film,and also best adapted screenplay by the Coen Brothers of …


I loved this film so much and it was dark,so dark in fact I had to turn up the brightness in some scenes. Liam Neeson is the best I have seen him ever,back to the time of Shindlers List when we realised he was a great actor.
Forget about all his recent action films,the poor Non Stop, Run All Night,and Taken 3. This film is where Liam shines, I cannot recommend it enough.
A disgraced cop,an ex drunk,who now works as a private investigator,someone who you approach if you want something really done,if you know what I mean.
His name is Matt Scudder,and when he is approached by a drug dealer,who's wife has been kidnapped,he is asked to act as go between. When the transaction goes on as planned and the wife is to be located in a trunk of a car a few streets away.Matt opens the trunk to find the wife in about 30 tiny bloody bags. The kidnappers had no intention of returning her alive.The same thing happens to another criminal in the city,his wife is found in many bags in a local park, m…


A film that I think has divided most people almost like Marmite,you either got it or you didn't. I thought it was a fantastic piece of film making from our very own David Fincher. Based on the best selling novel of the same name.A year that two of the darkest books was put to screen,this film and the other The Walk Among The Tombstones. This film I'm being honest was fabulous,but I still thought A Walk Among The Tombstones was the better film.This film is a simple film,which is dragged out to over 2 and half hours,with the title character Nick Dunne who seems to have the perfect marriage to the perfect Amy, five years of married bliss,when one day the perfect Amy has gone missing, in a struggle in her marital home,traces of her blood on the floors,walls.
Of cause the first and only suspect is her husband Nick.
With police finding her personal diary with entries that put Nick in a bad light,that he can be violent,with a temper,with no mention of proper violence,but enough to ar…

An on form Mel Gibson

After a leave of absence from acting roles since 2002 Signs,which I believe is still his finest acting work to date. An directing two films one being the very controversial The Passion Of The Christ. He had almost been out of work since,after his bizarre behaviour with former Girlfriends,and his Drunken Anti Semitic rants,which obviously upset a lot of Hollywood producers,and fans worldwide.  Yet he Came back with this film,and I'm revisiting it again as I saw it on TV the other day. And remembered what a great film it is. An action thriller directed by Bond Director Martin Campbell,which was actually from a script of a successful British TV series of the same name. It really is a great return on form for Gibson,almost as dark as his Payback film in1999. When his daughter an environmentalist is killed on his doorstep, Boston cop Gibson goes on an all out mission to find out why his daughter was killed,even going beyond the law. As he uncovers corporate greed,environmental cover ups,…

An actor who to my knowledge is still extremely popular

What can I say about this Guy Steven Seagal he is in his sixties,a martial artist who choreographed many movies before his fame in the late 80's with Above The Law or'Nico' in the UK.This cemented his fame for easily the next decade,with his unique fighting style,first hand,very fast fight scenes,a master with a sword,or knife,his Mediterranean looks,swiped back hair,and his Pony tail. A brooding presence with his height also. Shame that in the 2000 after a few flops,was dropped like a hot potato from the Hollywood scene. Being replaced by the likes of Jason Statham, Mark Wahlberg. Did this stop this hulk of a man "no" he produced his own films using Eastern European money, directors, and Asian finance where films are cheaper to make, yes they were all straight to DVD. He had time to release at least three films a year, whilst having a successful blues career, and a lawman on TV with 3 seasons filming his actual stint as Sheriff. 
I'm being honest I stopped wa…

My apologies for lack of posts

Hello just a quick apology for lack of posts over the last few days.Been extremely busy. Getting ready for my new job. And I will be struggling the next few days also. With so much induction work to do.But I promise by the end of the week I shall be raring to go again. As I said before I do apologize,but hopefully everything will be back to normal by next week.
Thanks for continued support and I will see you all soon

Probably the best film of 1990 In a glorious collectors edition

This will be my final post today,and as I have mentioned a 40th Anniversary film tonight, a 35th Anniversary film I thought I would show you the great 25th Anniversary of the greatest gangster movie I think that has ever been made in the modern age,and that is GoodFellas. Martin Scorsese finest work to date,apart from Taxi Driver, and Raging Bulł. Which at the time was shockingly overlooked by the Academy in Hollywood. And they all should hold their heads in shame for making Mr Scorsese wait another 16 years to have his first golden Oscar. Anyway this Bluray is a two disk set, jammed packed with extras and special features, a lovely mini hardback book full of photos,and interviews with the cast. And the nicest touch of all is a personal Written note from the master himself Martin Scorsese,introducing us to this great movie. I paid just £10.00 for this in May for a supermarket,by the way it was cheaper than on Amazon at the time. So yes this version is worth getting and is a great coll…

The Mother of all Alien Movies

This film came out last year the 35Th anniversary of this sci-fi Classic,but to only American customers,strange being the film was made in the UK directed by one of the most famous Brits. And yet was not released over here to a UK audience. Shameful really 20th Century Fox. To all those who are concerned about buying this film as it is Region A for America and North American audiences. I can confirm it is actually region free,and it will work in European Bluray players I took the gamble and thought if it does not play at least I can have the fantastic collectors edition of this beauty. The fact it plays is a bonus,but the Bluray package is superb. With new artwork as above. A graphic novel comic of the film,which is worth the price of this alone. And fantastic Art cards from the master H.R.Geiger himself. Both versions of the film. And the American Bluray cover of the film Alien,which has not been seen over here before. And I picked this up for as little as £17.00 last year and that i…


Finally got a chance to have a look at this today on the 40TH anniversary edition of Enter The Dragon. I had it a while a go. Apart from the great edition of extras we have art cards in a great looking Chinese Envelope,unfortunately we do not get as many items as our US cousins,with bookmarks and a 3d moving postcard. I did not watch the whole film as time wouldn`t let me with hungry kids to feed,and being an 18 had to keep it mostly on pause,with them coming in and out of  the living room,even Minecraft on the xbox could not distract them in the other room.The picture quality is ace,a really good HD transfer,well worth the upgrade if you do not already own it on DVD.I don`t need to say how legendary this film is and  how sad that Bruce Lee died so young,before his career had time to take off. And this being his big budget American Debut. The only thing I cannot comment on is the famous Numchaku  scene which has been previously banned in the UK.Other reviews say it is the uncut versi…

You be COOL

I know I mentioned not doing Horror,but after watching Everly last night,I had to revisit this film. Which is probably the finest Vampire movie made in the last 20 years,the film is very violent,very brash,extremely sexy. And without doubt the best George Cloney film ever period!!! Written jointly by Quentin Tarantino,and Robert Rodriguez, and directed by Robert Rodriguez. This film being 19 years old now is still brilliant. And starring a cast of fab actors,some we don't see very often now such as Juliette Lewis, Harvey Keitel, and cameos from Danńy Trejo,Cheech Marin and special,effects wizard Tom Savini. We all know the story,if you don't where the f@@k have you been. If not to watch the brilliant final third of this glorious over the top blood fest, please just watch for the gorgeous Salma Hayek debut performance as Santiago Pandemonium,you will not be disppointed. And George Cloney as Seth Geko the coolest best looking man in the world,even with tattoos. Pisses over the TV…

A hard ass woman with balls who is not gonna die tonight

Just a quick review. See this please, it is excessively violent,sexy and how all action films should be followed. With just one setting her apartment to defend from a bunch of hired assassins.  It is breathtaking not only Salma who is probably the most gorgeous woman in the world right now. Who has still got it from the From Dusk till Dawn days,if anything being more mature she is better looking. The whole film is how films should be, one word FUN. Films that a lot of filmmakers forgot how to make these days. One woman's personal crusade to defend herself,knowing she is gonna die in that apartment,no escape,but she will defend herself to the end. Why principles,she has shamed a Japanese Yakuza boss,by wanting to get out of the prostitution ring she is forced to par take,and she wants out,and by any means necessary. Please see this it is unashamedly fabulous directed by actor and director Joe Lynch director of the most famous film Wrong Turn 2 Dead End,and starring in Hatchet 2, and …

Just a quick update

Hello I know I said it would be Horror month this month,and Sci-Fi but I have got such a variety of films I have purchased,streamed,that I think it will be whatever film I buy,or stream I will review.To be honest 3 weeks of Horror has been a little draining on me,and I love Horror,but I think I need a rest so it will probably be whatever film I buy I will review,like I did originally on the blog.So it will always be a wide range of films,not just certain titles and certain genres.
Thanks for being understanding.

Last Days is a Farce

I so wanted this to be great,the trailer looked fantastic.It stars the normally reliable Liev Schreiber who like a friend who is always punctual,always reliable and will never let you down,but this time my friend let me down.And that is how I felt with this movie.Yes it is a low budget,independent movie,with what the director had to work with,created a realistic Mars environment. The opening sand storm is really good,and gives a vast space of nothing but rocks,and sand to look at,a desolate  planet.No wonder the crew are all ready to return to Earth,after months away.The crew are all watching their last few hours, clock watching,waiting for the shuttle to collect them,and swap crews,ready for the long journey home.The problem I have with this is Liev's character Vincent who has appeared to have got claustrophobia ,now we are not sure if he developed it during the long months away,being in an enclosed space.Or wether it is the dread of going into stasis for the journey home.But s…

The VOICES strangest film ever but original

The voices is a film I watched yesterday evening, I never wrote a review right away as I really wanted to decipher the film. Even now the film is still processing in my brain. A lot of negatively has come from this film,especially about the mental health aspects of the film. People claiming to be harmful,and to be ridiculing especially people who suffer with Schizophrenia. This film was neither dangerous,or once patronising to people with mental health issues. The only true message it did send out was the importance of taking medication,whilst being diagnosed. Yes I myself suffer mental health problems, mainly severe Anixetys which stopped me from working,and bringing on depression. But I did not find this film offensive in anyway. And the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Jerry is once again spot on,an actor who never seems to do right in any film with any critics,he is too good looking,stars in too many comedy's, miscast regularly in the eyes of critics. I have never really seen a fi…

A sickening example of how Horror and Comedy can merge and produce a brilliant film.

A perfect example of how to get the comedy and gore elements just right, the fabulously over the top horror/comedy from the late 80's. I have watched recently on glorious disgusting perfect Blu-Ray and the quality,the special effects,considering this film is now almost 28 years old, is sublime. Directed by the fantastic Stuart Gordon,and produced by Brian Yuzna,who went on to direct the sequel of this film,and the equally as disturbing Society.  What can you say about this film, I cannot believe that I only watched it for the first time in 2013, and on Hi Def only recently. If you don't know the story it is about a Doctor Herbert West who is played by the superb Jeffery Combs, he is a doctor who has discovered a serum that can re-animate a recently dead individual. Only the serum always seems to have devastating side effects. But he is determined to get it right. He rents a room from another medical student Dan Cain to do his diabolical experiments in his room,rather than in a l…

Sam Raimi back to his best

2009 seemed to be the year of the Horror,yes I know films are released regularly,especially more so for the home market via streaming services. It seemed that this year really had some great titles,it was a year for mainly remakes,and if you've read my blog recently I wrote about that over the weekend. This film was so different,yes we have had films about demonic children,sinister ghosts, serial killing mask wearing killers. The question is have we ever had a film about the taboo subject,and that is the Gypsy Curse. This is what this beauty is about. A story in some ways is not as far fetched as it sounds. A Romanian woman Mrs Ganush is on the verge of losing her home,in serious mortgage arrears,she pleads with the bank to give her more time to find the money,or give her a reprieve on her mortgage repayments. We have Alison Lohman who plays Bank Teller Christine Brown,who in just doing her job has to tell Mrs Ganush,that the bank will have to reposses her home. Yes Christine is e…

My Bloody Valentine (2009) Film Review. Directed by Patrick Lussier. Rated R US, Certificate 18 UK. Running time 90 minutes approximately.

2009 was quite a year for remakes we had this film,Friday The 13th reboot,which in all farness was not bad.The Last House On The Left,another one that was not too bad,The Unborn,which in fairness was only decent one, mainly for Odette Yustman Ass on the front cover. The Uninvited which was a remake of Tale of Two Sisters,again not brilliant,but not a bad effort.
Then we had this a pointless remake just to take advantage of the recent advance in 3d technology. Yes 2009 was the year of one film that was Avatar and then gave the excuse for luckily only a while that every horror film made had to be 3D. Yes I have watched the 2D version I`ve seen the 3D version also. Apart from Jamie King who has a decent pair of lungs on her,if you know what I mean.That was the only really positive in this film. It wasn`t dreadful in any sense still an enjoyable romp,but that is all it is,a bit of fun for 90 minutes.The story is a simple one about a mine worker who on Valentines Day goes on a Killing spr…

The mighty Kane is back

Not always a fan of sequels,but I'm going to be honest I never saw the original 2006 film. So this sequel was announced,but was going straight to DVD and streaming services in October 2014. Now I watched this recently on streaming services Netflix. The one thing I was happy about was it starred the recent scream queen,the very lovely Danielle Harris,known for her performances In the Halloween sequels in the nighties, the recent star of the Hatchet film series,and also the very good Stake Land. The story carries on straight from the first film,as serial killing Jacob Goodnight corpse is being delivered to the mortuary where Danielle Harris's character works. Now. It is Amy's birthday,and no body wants to work on your birthday,especially a night shift. With a quiet night with no bodies and only the one being delivered the mighty Jacob,she decides with her co-workers to invite some of her friends to join her for birthday celebrations,at the morgue. I mean where better to have…

A film that is so bad it is brilliant.

The nurse this is my second guilty pleasure of the day,a film about a serial killing Nurse,who after watching her dad be unfaithful to her Mother. She has made it her life's work to tempt horny married men into a Honey Trap,give them the choice to sleep with her or walk away,if they walk away they live,if they still want to carry on Fu@@ing her she kills them. That is the film really. It stars the stunningly tall Paz De La Huerta  as chief nurse Abbey Russell,who has taken on a bunch of newly qualified nurses under her wing. And she takes a liking to a nurse called Danni. Who she seduces one night by drugging her drink,and then blackmailing her with sexually explicit images of them having sex,to her fiancé. Dannie then starts to get a police detective to look into this nurse, and they eventually find out what she really does in her downtime and that is killing unfaithful men. This film is so over the top,so stupid,it is like your watching almost like a Troma release,really violent…

If your gonna rob someone make sure they are not a serial killer first.

This is another great guilty pleasure film. Produced by WWE films and staring our British own Luke Evans,before he was famous in The Hobbit,and Dracula Untold. A film with a delicious irony about a gang of no good scumbags,who on one night just pick on the wrong couple. It is not many times you actually route for the bad guy,but the bad guy is still a nicer guy than the other scumbags in this film.The problem is Luke Evans just so happens to be a serial killing, social path, who happens to have a teenage heiress onboard,who he kidnapped months ago,and for some reason is keeping her alive,for his own sick pleasure. When he and what we believe is his current girlfriend we see eating nicely in this freeway type cafe,minding their business,when this gang walks in,starts badmouthing this couple,being a cool dude Luke ignores the antagonists and carries on eating. They later get run off the road by this gang and taken to this abandoned garage,to be tortured for there money,credit card inform…

Another misunderstood film 'SMILEY'

Another film I think was once ruined because of a great marketing campaign. Which was the most watched Trailer on Youtube.I think by showing the trailer gave the public the idea they would be watching this great slasher movie. About a creature if you said I did it for the lulz you would pass the curse on to whoever you were chatting last too in a chat room,and they would be murdered by this smiley character.
The actual film was about the dangers of social media,especially trolling which is so prevalent in today's society now on vulnerable people.That is what this film is really about.
A bunch of sadistic college kids who create this idea of this evil being,stalking the internet,to kill you.To create fear amongst their peers.Now I actually watched this film when I was in a middle of a deep depression myself,and the whole sick idea of creating this thing,to scare an emotionally  disturbed girl until the point of suicide.Is far more scarier than having a slasher who kills kids on th…

I want a genuine talk about this film. And was it so bad?

I'm going to be completely honest I could not ever make up my mind about this film. Yes I watched it some of it worked,a lot didn't. Being a carbon copy of the original with shot for shot remakes. In which the original  film done so much better.I was watching it and the one thing that spoilt it for me was the fact at one point,the teenagers actually believed Freddie Kruger was innocent,then turns out he was a child molester. Now if I was a screen writer I would have been brave enough to keep this in the film. What would give a spirit more anger towards the teenagers of the parents who murdered him,so coldly by burning him alive. If you were actually innocent,If you were a spirit wouldn't you be a little pissed to be burnt alive for a crime you did not commit. If I was doing a reboot that would be in my script,yes he still haunts the kids,till he is strong enough to inflict the justice he deserves. Then again I do not think any Hollywood script writer would be that brave,t…

Just a few cheap titles I picked up today