An Apology for lack of posts for a few days

Hi there just thought I had to put in an apology for the lack of content the last few days. I might have mentioned before that I am a stop at home Dad, and I stupidly thought I would still find time, to watch films,review them, blog about them. And to keep up with my Youtube channel also, whilst running a family home, unfortunately I was wrong, and time did catch up on me.
Please stick with this blog,as I have some great Ideas for it,my mind is working so much that I cannot switch off at night. I'm in the process of changing this blog to my own Domain name that I own, just figuring all about the process. I have also contacted many film companies if they could send me once in a while, a DVD, or even a BLURAY , to review,as I only have limited finances, as I said before I'm not running this Blog as a source of income, I just love films, and love discussing them, I worked for the same company for nearly 25 years, before I made the decision to leave work,as my Mental Health was suffering. My family then will always come first, but that does not mean that I will not be dedicated to this blog. So please be patient I will try my very best to at least update it at least once a day.
I do have a number of great films to watch, but rest assured as soon as I do watch them a review will be on here  soon. Thanks for reading and I will keep this blog going. 


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