A picture collage of all the scariest monsters from films recent and old. I have seen everyone of these films, my favourite film and franchise has to be A Nightmare on Elm Street, with Freddie Krueger still the scariest on screen monster. Second and a close one at that has to be Michael Myers, from the Halloween franchise. I have to admit I have seen the recent Conjuring film,with the scary doll Annabelle. Also the Insidious films, but they left me a little disappointed, They were not scary, the deliberate use of jump scares, that seem to be the norm in recent horror films these days,has spoilt films. I have a good friend called Mark and we were both in agreement about these recent films, that they are not scary. Yet the recent films of late I have seen It Follows, and The Babadook, that uses the old style type of film making used by the Great John Carpenter, has been fantastic examples of how to make a creepy scary horror film.Without the need to bloody use stupid jump scare music to encourage you to be scared and jump. The problem is Hollywood sits up and listens and watches the trends, so you will see a load more of these type of horror films which will flood the market,and take the credit away from these great new independent film makers.


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