A massive Thank you

I would like to say a massive thank you to all you fabulous people out there, Male or Female,Boys Or Girls, Gay or straight whoever you are, a fantastical  thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read my blog, I hit my first target milestone today,and you do not know how happy that makes me feel. The fact that one person reads this is brilliant, but as I said I set a Target in my first month and I  have well exceeded that amount I'm SO HAPPY so a BIG thank you one and all,you guys are great and I promise I will keep this going. Please leave any comments ,or any films you would like my opinion on,as I said all my reviews are honest,and I'm not swayed in any direction by any company, if I like I will recommend,if I don't I won't, but I would Never be mean that is not me. Friends have told me to be more bitchy and diss everything,well I don't do that in real life. So why start on here. So what you read is me and only me.
Thanks for reading Rob.


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