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Chappie (2015) Film Review. Directed by Neil Bloomkamp. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The Third in the trilogy of Neil Bloomkamp's South African Sci-Fi action series,with the excellent District 9, being outstanding, Elysium slightly underwhelming,I had high hopes for this Movie,well it should have been called"Crappy" as it is not good.
With Shartlo Copely only the voice of Chappie,this time,but actually acting alongside the real actors whilst filming,to have the CGI added in post production. Why didn't I like this? For one the actors were bloody annoying, One Being called Ninja, and being his real name in real life,to the South Africa pop star Yolandi Visser,once again the same name in real life,were just so awful,and annoying in this,even the Normally reliable Dev Patel could not save this mess of a film.
Set in the future,with Johannesburg  already being a violent city,with gang violence,murders crime out of control,the Police force are struggling to cope,so the Government out sorts to a private military defence firm,with this breed of law enforcement…

District 9 (2009) Film Review. Directed by Neil Blomkamp. Distributed by Sony Pictures International.

This film put a certain Director,and Country firmly on the map. South Africa,not usually the choice of many directors, especially the slums of Johannesburg.

Neil Blomkamp,a fellow South African,wanted to tell a story about apartheid,that shamefully disgraced that great country. Not with humans,but using Alien beings,who come peacefully to Earth,not to take over,and raid our resources,like most Alien films.

But with these new beings bring new prejudices,and xenophobic behaviour from the local human population,with the normal slums,being the new home to these beings.

With constant checks from the Government to make sure,they are not using,or creating,new Alien Tech,when a governmental agent is exposed to some alien DNA it starts to transform him into a human/Alien hybred,which the government quickly take advantage of,as Alien technology,is DNA coded,so can not be operated,or used by Human hands,including their advanced weaponry.

This film also Introduced us to Shartlo Copely,a fantasti…

Snakehead Swamp.(2014) Directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy. Distributed by SyFy Channel

Another SyFy exclusive,a film I actually thought might be okay. Yes we have had Sharknado trilogy,Mega Python, Two Headed Shark Attack,and IceTwisters. Well SnakeHead Swamp is not for me.

I can take cheesy CGI effects, I can forgive below par acting,but I cannot forgive a script,that is completely boring. With no new scares,or any decent violence, Heck Sharknado is literary genius compared to this.

A story about genetically altered Snake Fish,to grow,and learn quicker than any other species, with an insatiable appetite to kill,accidentally released into the release havoc on the unsuspecting Swamp folk.

With a lovelorn story of a man getting over his ex who has recently remarried, to his parents,his Mother who is Ranger round these parts,and His dad a Swamp Expert, who has recently divorced,with a sub plot about voodoo,and curses we have this mess of a film. I can watch any crap film,and usually find some good in most films, well in this I just couldn't,and I loved Shark…

Hobo With A Shotgun(2011) Film Review. Directed Jason Eisener. Distributed Alliance Films,and Magnet Releasing.

One of my other guilty pleasures, Hobo With A Shotgun, with surprising one of the best performances from Rutger Hauer,apart from The Hitcher and of cause Blade Runnner. A story of a a homeless man who comes into town,in the hope of making enough money to buy a lawnmower,so he can mow some lawns for cash. With the town being controlled by this vicious gang,even the cops look in a different direction to the chaos,violence and mayhem.
It is just this Hobo,sorry I'll call him a homeless man,as the other word I don't like,decides he will be the only one to stand up to the injustices in this small town,instead of buying a lawnmower,he buys a shotgun,and as the poster says,cleaning the streets one shot at a time.
This is graphically violent,too much some might say,to some extents it works to others it doesn't. With the scene of school children being set on fire by a two scumbags with a flame thrower is unnecessary, but the then again,to use the ghosts of the children to revenge the …

Insidious Chapter 3 (2015) Film Review. Directed by Leigh Whannell. Distributed by Sony Pictures

As I have reviewed Chaper 1 and 2 and being disappointed by both,I still had to have a look at Chaper 3,and you know it isn't half bad,better than the previous two,giving a larger role this time to the most interesting character of the franchise played by Lin Shaye. I am also hoping that this is it for now,for this franchise,a nice trilogy rapped up,with this explaining the other two.with an origins back story.
It worked for one reason,the performance from Stephanie Scott who plays Quinn,the grieving daughter of a now single Dad,loosing her Mother to Breast Cancer only a year before. With her unsuccessfully trying to contact her Mother,she approaches Lin Shaye's medium, Elise Rainer,for some guidance,to which she tells Quinn you never call out to the dead,as they all can hear,and not always the right one appears. In this case a disgusting dark spirit has been summoned,a skeletal man,decaying and wearing a breathing mask,who somehow manages to take the souls of other young gir…

WolfCop (2014) Film Review. Directed by Lowell Dean, Distributed by StudioCanal

I cannot understate how good this film is,Grind House Indie film making at its finest. With so many releases to coincide with the resurgence of Grind House movies,since Mr Tarantino,and Mr Rodriguez created Death Proof,and Planet Terror respectively. A film that is generally funny,completely tongue in cheek,without failing on any ideas,and out staying its welcome.
We have Werewolves,Shapeshifters,Devil Worshippers,human sacrifice,somehow fitted into a 74 minute movie,yes in that short running time,this film fits in more action,comedy,violence,than other films running 30 minutes longer. A story about an Alcoholic cop,who is more interested in finding his next beer,than fighting crime,until one night, out of character,actually doing his job for once,he is knocked unconscious,surrounded by hooded figures,only to wake the next day with heightened senses,smells,and finally not hungover for once.

We have had some great Werewolf transformations over the years since the fantastic Rick Baker'…

2015 Year review.

2015 has been a great year for films,more so the independent filmmakers has conquered this year. With some of the most disappointing films made by the bigger studios,such as Ouija and Annabell being so disappointing,but to counteract with fabulous films such as It Follows, and The Babadook.  With so many releases now debuting on the home video market, namely video on demand,we have had some fantastic films,with Creep,and Circle, both debuting on Netflix this year and both being outstanding.
With some of the better films made this year from the Southern Hemispheres,from the Zombie action film Wyrmwood,to Wolf Creek 2,To The Babadook,To Predestination, to Housebound even Son of A Gun was okay.
This was the year I started blogging also,and for once commenting on the films I watch, I started just giving a quick summary of the films, to eventually reviewing them with star ratings. I'll have to admit the lack of interest from any of the independent film companies has been disappointing,with…

Fury (2014) Film Review. Directed by David Ayer. Distributed by Columbia Pictures.

I love war films as much as Horror,and I have owned this since February,but have not brought myself round to seeing this.
Well I kinda figured a Sunday afternoon is a perfect time for a War Film,so I put it on,and you know I wished I hadn't. Being warned by a good friend at work,that it is not the best,and he was right.

Yet it is not the film itself,as it is well filmed and acted,it is I just didn't like any of the characters, apart from the new recruit Norman,a desk Clark being sent out to the front line. From Brad Pitt,as hardened tank captain Wardaddy,to Shia Lebouef, "Boyd Swan".The normally very good,and reliable Michael Pena,"Gordo Garcia",the Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal "Grady Travis". They come across as the most vilest of men,if you can call them that,as war has made them machines,far from men and being human.
As this is a true story I cannot comment on how true their portrayal is,but I wished that Norman would turn on any of them an…

ZNation Tv Piot review. Created by Karl Schaefer,and Craig Engler. Distributed by Syfy

Over this festive period I have invested in a lot of boxsets,so I will be reviewing TV shows alongside movies.
I have been watching ZNation from Syfy and well !!! It isn't no Walking Dead, well imagine if Walking Dead is directed by Sam Mendes,well ZNation is directed my Michael Bay. It obviously isn't but I'm hoping you get my comparison. Two shows the polar opposite of each other.

Walking dead is about character development,fabulous acting,with a Zombie threat,ZNation is balls out Zombie threat,with a few human characters. It is not as great acting,quite poor in places actually. It is thoroughly enjoyable though,with the Zombie outbreak  full in force  within minutes of the start, yet the Zombie kills are as violent,and these things move,especially recently turned,they run,they move in packs like locusts,with an ingenious zombie attack of bodies in the water,with a closed community believing this,to only have hundreds of these bodies get up and attack,and overpower this…

Maggie (2015) film review. Directed by Henry Hobson. Distributed by Lionsgate Films.

This is a film I really desperately wanted to like,with so many positive reviews,so I finally watched the other night. I was so disappointed by it, a film that in the end achieves nothing. Even brilliant acting in this could not save it from being mediocre.

When Wade's daughter has been missing for two weeks,after being recently bitten,and infected,instead of putting her family through heartache she runs away. Wade finds her quarantined in a hospital,and persuades the Doctors he will look after her. Much to the displeasure of his second wife and family.

We have a slow film in the end about a relationship between father and daughter,and how much he will do to protect his own flesh and blood.

As I said it is slow,with nothing happening at all in some scenes, so very clever of the trailer to show an apocalyptic world,with Zombies,when you see three in total in the whole film. The acting is above average,especially from Abigail Breslin who actually looks like a teenage girl,terrified…

Candyman (1992) Film review. Directed by Bernard Rose. distributed by Tristar Pictures

One of the only and best Horror films of 1993, starring Tony Todd,and Virginia Madsen,based on urban legends,on a black slave,being Tourtured,and being left to die whilst being stung to death by bees. The name became a legend,especially amongst the inner city areas,with the name Candyman,and if you repeat his name five times in front of a mirror he will appear.
With a mature student writing a piece about urban legends,this becomes her signature piece,and almost an obsession,with unsolved murders in the neighbourhood,with her being convinced it is linked to this urban legend.
From the mind of Clive Barker,and director Bernard Rose,we have this tale about inner city life,and poverty,especially amongst the Black community's in America,set among Towerblocks,and run down areas in Chicago,with no funding from any Government,with an attitude to just get on with it,leaves these family's living in fear. And I get the whole boogeyman theme,being the fear of neglect,like the titular charac…

True Romance (1993) Film Review. Directed by Tony Scott. Distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

The best Tarantino film he never directed,with this being his finest script to date,and directed brilliantly by Tony Scott,who RIP is no longer with us,a frantic action director,who could out direct Michael Bay out of the Park with his eyes closed,any day of the week. I will be crucified for this,but the better of the two brothers at Directing.
With this being without doubt Christian Slater's finest performance,as Clarence who naively meets the love of his life,who happens to belong to a drug dealing pimp,played absolutely menacingly by Gary Oldman.With a violent exchange,and a missing suitcase full of drugs,mistaken for clothes. We have a rip roaring ride,with the FBI, DIA and local mobsters all wanting this suitcase full of kilos of this white stuff back.
This film is incredibly violent,full of the normal expletives you would expect from a Tarantino screenplay,but with brilliant speeches and monalogues you also expect,for example the exchange of words between Christopher Walken,…

The Vanishing (1993) Film Review. Directed By George Sluizer, distributed by 20Th Century Fox

The Vanishing,a remake of the same name,starring some younger looker actors,with a Fresh Faced Kiether Sutherland,with a film debut,and extremely young Sandra Bullock. With Jeff Bridges looking extremely young in this also.Directed by George Sluizer,who directed the French thriller in 1988, returned five years later to direct this American remake.
This film has Been condemned,and hated over the years as an inferior remake,even though it was made by the same director,namely they never liked the ending. In all honesty I have not seen the original,but I know of the screenplay,and the ending,and yes it is dark,it is bleak,terrifying,and a more realistic ending to this remake. Yet this remake does have its qualities though. With one of the creepiest performances from Jeff Bridges. Who explains when he saved a life once,he had to do the opposite by taking a life. Two sides of the same coin,with the number 8 being referenced frequently as the infinity symbol. Good and Evil on the same path.

Hard Target (1993) Film Review. Directed by John Woo. Distributed by Universal Pictures

One of my guilty pleasures,and yes I love this movie,and is without any doubt Jean Claude Van Damme's best movie.
what's not to love it has Mullets, punching snakes in the head, slo-mo fighting scenes, Doves flying, horse chases,and a great motor bike chase.with gunplay galore. Oh and Lance Henriksen as the over the top bad guy.

With this being John Woo's Hollywood debut,and strangely not being recognized as an action genius till two films later in the fantastic Face Off, with producers worried about his English language skills,they employed Sam Raimi as assistant director,in case it all failed,and he would take over.
With Van Damme as Chance Boudreaux a French speaking man in New Orleans,with the whole film being set around the French Quarter,to explain his accent,and The Bayou,with a climatic ending using old Marci Gras floats,and heads

With this being almost a prequel to the Hostel type films,where rich business men pay a fortune to hunt human prey,with an organization…

Innocent Blood (1992) Film Review. Directed by John Landis. Distributed by Warner Bros Pictures

Another forgotten jem,once again coming out in 1993, I can remember that summer well,going out with a Girl,and taking her to see this, Fire in the Sky, Hard Target,and Falling Down. A great summer of films,hence to say she hated them,and prefers comedy,it only lasted 3 months but I enjoyed all those films.

With this vampire movie being directed by John Landis, of American Werewolf Fame,Animal House, Blues Brothers,and Coming to America, this film was even called in some countries, A French Vampire in America. I liked the  English  tagline "she has a taste for Italian" as she only eats and kills bad people,namely Italian Mobsters. With Anne Parilaud debut Hollywood film,after her great La Femme Nikita role.

Starring Robert Loggia, Anthony LaPaglia Chaz Palminteri, also starring Sam Raimi,and Dario Argento as cameo roles ,a comedic Horror film,that has it's moments of violence,and nakedness with the gorgeous Anne Parilaud as the sexy vampire,who uses her sex appeal to get…

Point Of No Return. (1993) Film Review. Directed by John Badham.Distributed by Warner Bros Pictures

Point Of No Return (Assassin) In the UK.

A remake of La Femme Nikkita was never gonna be an easy task,following the classic from Luc Besson. I know a lot of people hated this remake,but I thoroughly enjoyed it,and watching it again recently, I realised that it is such a shame Brigette Fonda gave up acting in the early 2000's,as she was a great actress,and was the golden girl of Hollywood, following Scandal,and Shag, and Single White Female.
We all know this story a drug addict,who kills a cop,giving the chance of redemption,by taking part in this secret Government operation,to become a hired Assassin. With lessons in how to become a lady,posture,speaking elequently, oh and learning how to use a firearm,and to Kick Ass.
Being thrown in at the deep end,believing she is on a date with her Boss, Bob played by Gabriel Byrne,halfway through dinner he gives her a firearm,and informs her to take out this VIP and his bodyguards,just tables away,he leaves her to do the deed,which she does,…