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After the disgrace in Hollywood, and the abuse suffered by women to get roles, I felt it was apt to put this film on. The most empowering film, and the revenge of one Woman. Woman (2011) Film Review.Directed by Lucky Mackee

I've decided to include this movie today, it is a film I have reviewed a long long time ago, but  with all the press about sexual abuse of women in Hollywood,  this film is so apt. This film is about the terrible abuse of a woman, and how she fights back.
I've seen many films recently with strong female leads,especially in Horror,so I'm going to write about them. I have seen this film on the radar for some time,but never watched it. The fact I saw the star Pollyanna MacIntosh in a recent film, Let Us Prey I decided to watch this,and in a way I wished I hadn't .

It is without doubt one of the most disgusting films I have seen in some time. A film that if you say you enjoyed it,well I'm sorry there is something wrong with you. A film that is meant to shock,but not because of the violence,but the whole seedy nature of the film. With an absolutely foul perverted creature,and it isn't the Woman, but the Dad,and Son of this so called normal Family. Who take in this …

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