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Beware The Slenderman 2016. Directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky. Distribution by HBO, Warner Bros Television, Sky Atlantic. Running time 117 minutes.

Having watched this excellent documentary last night thinking it was about the Internet folklore of The Slenderman, famous from the pages of Creepy Pasta, although this is the case the underlining story is of an attempted murder by two twelve year old girls obbsessed with the folklore.  Believing they were about to be servants of this being by taking a life, a sacrifice of their best friend after enticing her into some woods and stabbing her 19 times.
The whole case shocked the rural community, so much so, that the girls were tried as adults and expected a 56 year stretch in jail if found guilty. The other thing that scared the adults more in this case was the access to information that the Internet has, including mass amounts of YouTube content to the obvious Creepy Pasta site. We see the birth of the myth, like a Grimm fairy tale, started in 2009 from a photo shop experiment by a student, to the constant added information from other users of this site.
 The folklore grew to massive…

Deadpool 2 film review. Directed by David Leitch. Distribution by 20th Century Fox. Rated R, running time 106 minutes.

A rarity that a sequel surpasses the original, but to actually better it, and out smart it, is an amazing feat. I cannot put into words how good this movie is. A film that Ryan Reynolds was born to play, a natural comedian, the one liners, the piss taking of Marvel and DC, the whole X Men theme is ripped apart again, with Wade whizzing around the School for gifted, in Professor Xavier's chair saying it smells like Patrick  Stuart. The action set pieces are bigger and better, the car, moped chase scene is worth the admission price alone. A film that was so naturally funny these days are a rarity alone, it is without doubt easily one of the funniest scripts ever. With spot on casting from the inclusion of Josh Brolin as Cable, cameos from Bill SkarsgĂ„rd, to Terry Crews, Rob Delany as Peter. With outstanding performances from Zazie Beetz as Domino, and Hunt From The Wildness actor Julian Dennison as Firefist. This film is as close to perfection as any movie I'll ever go and see.

The Lighthouse film review. From Angel Grace, distribution by Uncork'd Entertainment. Directed by Chris Crow. Currently unrated.

The Lighthouse a survivor thriller from small production company Angel Grace, and recently being acquired by Uncork'd Entertainment for international release.
As I said many thanks for Uncork'd for the screening copy, of this very bleak film, set in an unforgiving environment, the story of two men on a stint at the lighthouse, with incoming storms, lack of supplies, and realising that maybe no one is coming back to relieve them of their shift. With isolation comes madness and distrust. With an accident that has devastating consequences.
This film is incredibly well acted from the two British leads, and I do love films set in just one location, with this film also could work as a stage play. The only downside is the film is unfortunately very drab and boring, with absolutely nothing happening in the first 45 minutes, we do learn at lot about the weather, how to cook scrambled eggs, soups, how to fish, and play various famous board games, apart from that nothing happens at all.…

Girls Night 2 film review. Written and directed by David Teixeira.

Girls Night 2, the sequel to the first short film from David Teixeira
A film that I really enjoyed the first time I saw it, and many thanks for the director for the advance screening, and once again for the sequel. I'm being honest I'm not a fan of sequels, and they are usually hit or miss, like most bands difficult second album, some succeed such as Godfather 2, Evil Dead 2, then again sometimes we get A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Freddy's Revenge. Girls Night 2 is a film that extends the events of the first movie, we see surviver Jess, who is still traumatized from the events of the first movie, and the game of Bloody Mary, seeing her friends butchered by some unseen force. She is having nightmares, seeing her dead friends, and some strange man with a pair of scissors that haunts her. We do have some great scenes in this movie, abet being so short, still manages to up the tension, a credit to director David Teixeira who manages to create tension with such confidence espec…

Voodoo film review. Directed by Tom Costabile, arriving DVD and VOD 9/11/18. Distribution by Wild Eye Releasing.

I have to thank Wild Eye Releasing for the screening copy of this movie.
Although all the appreciation I will give, for free movies I'm getting a little fed up of seeing bad movies, and unfortunately horror movies are the cool genre of choice. Films are getting cheaper to film using camcorders, mobile phones, the found footage genre has made all this possible, yet so many are so badly excecuted.
I like low budget movies, some of the greatest classics are made on a miniscule budget,  Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead and The Blair Witch Project, all perfect examples of low budget, but fantastic film making, Voodoo has none of this. From what I could make of any of the plot, a woman after an affair with a married man, moves from her southern state and moves to LA to holiday with her best buddy, unfortunately it seems her married lovers wife cursed her with a Voodoo curse, to curse her to hell. All this is told via a video diary.

Yet at the midway point of this movie it had some re…

Bad Match Film Review. Directed by David Chirchirillo. Distribution by Orion Pictures US,Precision Pictures UK. Rated R, certificate 15, running time 90 minutes.

Bad Match, or Fatal Attraction for the Tinder generation, well it does say that on the cover. Anyway I saw this the other night, and what a crock of shit it was. A story of a cocky twenty something millennial, Harris who is too busy for a relationship so Tinder is the fuck app of choice. Now I'm not saying Tinder is a fucking app, but in my experience from very good friends you only go on it to get laid. When Harris meets Riley and doesn't swipe left, she is gorgeous, a young twenty something, on meeting up they click imediately, they drink, party and fuck. Trouble is Riley has become smitten with Harris far too quickly and when he makes it clear it was only a one night thing the games begun.
With Harris's life spiralling out of control loosing his job as his Twitter account is hacked, and caught bad mouthing the company he works for, whilst being arrested for child pornography on his computer that he didn't download, facing five years in jail for the offence. His lif…

Is Hereditary going to be the scariest horror movie ever, with some saying it may be our generations Excorcist.

Is Herediary going to be the scariest movie ever, with reviews coming in, and a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It looks like this movie is going to be one of the most unnerving films of recent times, starring Toni Collete and Gabriel Byrne with some saying it is this generations Exorcist, a story about grief and the demons sometimes our parents leave behind, for us to deal with.
Here is a quick excerpt of some reviews. Vanity Fair"Hereditary is a terrifically unsettling look at the howling despair of grief, combined with that good, old-fashioned fear of what demons we may have inherited from our parents." Hollywood Reporter"Hereditary takes the core haunting element of a spirit with a malevolent agenda and runs with it in a seemingly endless series of unexpected directions over two breathless hours of escalating terror that never slackens for a minute." Time Out"A harrowing story of unthinkable family tragedy that veers into the realm of the supernatur…

Horror news for May, for all you gore hounds.

Is the Walking Dead finally going to die a death as Andrew Lincoln has said he wants to leave the show after season 9, leaving Norman Reedus to be the main star in this dying franchise, I think even Andrew has realised this and is finally bowing out. In my opinion this series died after season 5, but still continues, with hardly no original characters left, as Lauren Cohen has failed to negotiate her new contract and is leaving the show too. I know Norman Reedus is a fan favourite in Daryl, but I don't think he can head the show on his own.  It still leaves the question will Rick be killed off, or just leave the group, I still think it'll be the first option. So Robert Kirkland do the honourable thing and finish this show after season 9, we don't want another Dexter that eventually ran out of stream and became a shadow of its former self.

Looks like a release date has been reached for Sharknado 6, with it going to be on Syfy on Sunday August 19th. Looks like this is going to be…

Terminal film review. Directed by Vaughn Stein. Distribution by RLJE films US, Arrow Films UK. Released 11th May US, July 6th United Kingdom. Not yet rated, running time 90 minutes.

Terminal the film that is dividing critics, with a 22% Rotten Tomatoes score, "WTF" did they see a different film to me, what I saw was probably the best British film, and best twist since The Crying Game, and we have not one but two to bleeding deal with. With Margot Robbie who is not only gorgeous but fucking nails the English accent, I could hear her say " Naughty" in a British accent all night long. Yes this movie has a very cockney twang to it, and to any non British residents that means a London based accent with loads of " Fackin muppets" "you Fackin C**ts" you not what I mean if you live in the UK. It has a Lock Stock And Smoking Barrels feel about it, starring at least two actors who starred in that, that is Dexter Fletcher, and a blink and you miss it Nick Moran, it's as if this film could've be directed by Guy Ritchie when he still was good, without the crappy fast edits that Guy Ritchie was famous for, before turning into the…

The Hollow Child film review. Directed by Jeremy Lutter. Broken Mirror Films. Released 9th Feb Canada. May 18th USA. Not yet rated. Running time 90 minutes.

The Tag line is There Is something wrong with Olivia, and with the fab poster artwork you feel you are about to see a creepy film.
Problem is the very clever artwork is just like click bait, it draws you in, you think "oh scary kid, scary film" well it isn't.
Although this film is far from being dreadful it just isn't very good either.
We have teenage Sam, who has been fostered by this family, she has mental health issues after being abandoned by her own mother, and resorts to self harm to cope. She has her foster family daughter as her half sister Olivia who she calls 'Squirt' one day whilst walking Olivia home, Sam decides to go off and smoke weed with her best friend leaving Olivia to walk home in the woods by herself. When Olivia fails to returns home, Sam is filled with guilt especially finding Olivia's backpack in the woods, feeling the worst that Olivia may be dead, and being hated by her foster father.

The strange thing is Olivia returns a few da…

A Quiet Place film review. Directed by John Krasinski. Distribution byParamount Pictures. PG13. Running time 84 minutes.

A quiet place is a strange film to actually put into any genre, although it has a horror element, it is very much a drama based movie about the family unit, and how to survive something completely alien to them, and do what every other family unit would do and that  is to try to protect each other and keep each other safe. The film is told from the point of view of this one family, the film starts 89 days after some aplocalyptic event with no explanation but we have to work out clues for ourselves, it turns out these monsters have appeared on earth and are completely blind but have hyposensitive hearing, they are predators and react and kill when they hear sound. This family have survived because one of their children is deaf, and the family including the other children have to communicate using sign language. The family have learnt to survive for so long as they live in a rural setting next to natural noisy sounds that hide their movements, including a river, and corn fields and For…

Death Wish movie review. Directed by Eli Roth. Distribution by MGM. Rated R. Running time 107 minutes approx.

Welcome to the most ill timed movie of all time, just in the wake of another school shooting, we have this movie, which is a blatant second amendment, pro gun rights film, probably funded by the NRA, to show the American public " hey buy a gun it's cool and will protect your family" with pro gun commercials, and the ease on how to buy a gun in US culture. This pro concervative film is just an awful attempt to use the logic the NRA always have, if there was more guns on the streets there would be less gun violence, as ordinary Americans can arm themselves and shoot the bad guys with guns. This ill timed remake has no place in the film world at the moment, even Michael Winner and Charlie Bronson will be turning in there graves over this travesty, with a tongue and cheek approach to gun and violent culture, did Eli Roth not get the original movie where Paul Kelsey took no pleasure in what he was doing, he did it because he felt let down by the same system designed to protect…