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The Unseen 2016 movie review. Directed by Geoff Redknap. Certificate 15, running time 100 minutes.

The Unseen a strange film in the vain of The Invisible Man for the modern age, the story of an every day man Bob Langdon, who suddenly decided to leave his family, leaving behind his 9 year old daughter, and working for a saw mill on the outskirts of some unknown small Canadian town. To getting a phone call out of the blue from his ex wife that their teenage daughter has not returned home one night. Bob returns home in the vain attempt to reconnect with his ex wife, and to locate his missing daughter, whilst at the same falling apart from an unknown condition that is making him turn invisible, body part at a time.
With some innovative and gross out special effects, including one scene when you can see through Bob's Stomach and see a rib broken, endured after a recent car accident. We see Bob as his condition gets worse, and is extremely painful, whilst searching his old home town for his daughter, who may or may not have the same condition as he has, and maybe the reason his daug…

The NIght Watchmen 2017 film review. Directed by Mitchell Altieri. Certificate 15, running time 90 minutes.

A decent little indie vampire flix that is really quite good, the story of the most underpayed members of society security guards, who after receiving a package meant for their business neighbours containing a vampire clown of all things, have to survive a night shift of the undead clowns and former turned vampire colleagues.
As said previously this film should be the run of the numbers comedy horror flix, but it has some great attributes and characters we care for, the teenage drop out, the token, but very funny black guy, the Hispanic who may be an ex cartel assassin, the girl every one fancies in the workplace who is a kick ass vampire killer, and the gruff too old for this shit leader.
We have a genuinely funny film that ticks all the boxes, clowns, tick, vampires, tick, the undead, tick, and plenty of blood and gore equals tick.
I preferred this movie so much more than Bloodsucking Bastards that pretended to offer so much more than it actually did.
So simply if you like low budg…

Jackals Film Review. Tommy Alastra Productions, A Tap Inc production. A film by Kevin Greutert. Distribution 101 film UK, certificate 15. Running time 85 minutes.

I saw this trailer last year and thought "oh yeah another home invasion movie" in a way it is, but something about this movie I liked.
The story of a family kidnapping their youngest son back from some Satanic cult in the mid eighties. Hooking up at a family retreat in the middle of nowhere. With a trained marine, who is trained in anti brainwashing, to return the son to his mum, dad, brother and girlfriend. Unfortunately the cult members want their family member back too, so begins a stand off at this family reatreat for this rescued cult member.
What we have though is a film the critics hated, with the negatively that it was so like other great horror films. Yes I agree it has elements that are like The Strangers, You're Next, Straw Dogs, yet this move is a great companion piece.
It has great menace, some whince moments that shocked me, some great gore and violence and a WTF ending to finish it off. Plus the acting for a horror movie was absolutely top notch.
To have …

Videodrome (1983) Directed by David Cronenberg. Distributed byUniversal Pictures.

⚫️ Updated review, I watched this again last night and wanted to re post it.

It was 1983 the real start of the VCR revolution,with the models becoming more readily available, and affordable, a film once again by David Cronenberg ahead of his time, about the wanting of more material that is available this time on TV and VHS cassettes. A film about a small cable Chanel wanting to show groundbreaking television, with an accidental find of a pirate tv Chanel showing real life torture called Videodrome. It turns out this broadcast when watched gets into your mind, which will develop into a tumour in your head, that will give you violent Halucinations followed by death. Directed by David Cronenberg, and Starring James Woods, and a young Debbie Harry, in this violent, almost pornographic nightmare, of State sponsored snuff movies, which when broadcast,using subliminal imagery, that turns those who watch into drones,with violent Halucinations,followed by Death.
With some of the most depraved…

Slumber film review. Distribution by Vertical Entertainment. Directed by Jonathan Hopkins. Rated R running time 85 minutes.

I really had high expectations for this movie especially as it covers something that affects me and millions of others that is extreme nightmares and sleep paralysis, a condition where your brain thinks your awake yet you are still dreaming, yet you cannot move your body, and you feel like something else is in the room with you.

Plot summary, the Morgan's who are already suffering from grief, after losing a child to cot death, and their oldest son Daniel (Lucas Bond) is suffering night terrors, and a nightmare of something trying to suck the life out of him. They go to a Sleep expert Alice Arnolds (Maggie Q) who's own life suffered a tradegy when her brother died as a young child in a sleepwalking accident. These are resurfaced again after coming in contact with the boys family, who she is trying to help, with nightmares of her younger brother tormenting her once more. With her visions and nightmares getting progressively worse, and the boys life is in serious danger as these…

Minutes To Midnight film review. Directed by Christopher Ray. Distribution By Uncork'd Entertainment. Currently unrated. Running time approx 90 minutes.

Minutes To Midnight on VOD From July 3rd.
I have to give plaudits to the creative poster department for creating this poster, that coincides with the release of Strangers Prey At Night, with the tagline " pray these strangers Don't come calling"
I'll admit I was intrigued when Uncork'd Entertainment sent me this screener copy, especially when it's staring some of the nineties biggest stars William Baldwin, Dominque Swain and Richard Grieco.
A slasher movie set around New Years Eve, although it looks like it was filmed around the middle of summer, with a cabin in the woods vibe going on, meets Devils Rejects, and a poor mans Strangers. Yes this film is crap, but strangely really, really enjoyable, I see these type of movies two three times a week, but this one was actually quite good.
It is half decently acted, has two scenes of graphic nudity that is always a bonus, every horror movie stereotype is in this movie, one don't have sex, two never go out to i…

American Satan movie review. Directed by Ash Avildsen. Produced by Sumerian Films Jeff Rice Films. Rated R US certificate 18 UK. Running time 106 minutes approximately.

Released last year at October I'm glad I had a chance to see it, a story of a struggling band who met over the Internet, part British part American, trying to get that break in LA at Whisky A Go Go, where some of the most famous rock bands found their fame. The likes of Motley Crue, Van Halen, Guns And Roses, will Relentless have the same luck?. Well it's hard to get noticed when you have no money as a band, never really played together, still missing a bass player, and a bad English manager who is way too much of a push over. A chance encounter with a gentleman who offers them a chance of a lifetime the promise of fame, money and anything they desire, with just one clause take a life, create a sacrifice, and all the trappings of fame is all theirs.Of cause the band do this, and instant fame is theirs, a record deal, a number one single in the Rock charts, a supporting act to another famous band on tour. Relentless, and their carasmatic singer Johnny Faust become an instant s…

Beware The Slenderman 2016. Directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky. Distribution by HBO, Warner Bros Television, Sky Atlantic. Running time 117 minutes.

Having watched this excellent documentary last night thinking it was about the Internet folklore of The Slenderman, famous from the pages of Creepy Pasta, although this is the case the underlining story is of an attempted murder by two twelve year old girls obbsessed with the folklore.  Believing they were about to be servants of this being by taking a life, a sacrifice of their best friend after enticing her into some woods and stabbing her 19 times.
The whole case shocked the rural community, so much so, that the girls were tried as adults and expected a 56 year stretch in jail if found guilty. The other thing that scared the adults more in this case was the access to information that the Internet has, including mass amounts of YouTube content to the obvious Creepy Pasta site. We see the birth of the myth, like a Grimm fairy tale, started in 2009 from a photo shop experiment by a student, to the constant added information from other users of this site.
 The folklore grew to massive…

Deadpool 2 film review. Directed by David Leitch. Distribution by 20th Century Fox. Rated R, running time 106 minutes.

A rarity that a sequel surpasses the original, but to actually better it, and out smart it, is an amazing feat. I cannot put into words how good this movie is. A film that Ryan Reynolds was born to play, a natural comedian, the one liners, the piss taking of Marvel and DC, the whole X Men theme is ripped apart again, with Wade whizzing around the School for gifted, in Professor Xavier's chair saying it smells like Patrick  Stuart. The action set pieces are bigger and better, the car, moped chase scene is worth the admission price alone. A film that was so naturally funny these days are a rarity alone, it is without doubt easily one of the funniest scripts ever. With spot on casting from the inclusion of Josh Brolin as Cable, cameos from Bill SkarsgĂ„rd, to Terry Crews, Rob Delany as Peter. With outstanding performances from Zazie Beetz as Domino, and Hunt From The Wildness actor Julian Dennison as Firefist. This film is as close to perfection as any movie I'll ever go and see.

The Lighthouse film review. From Angel Grace, distribution by Uncork'd Entertainment. Directed by Chris Crow. Currently unrated.

The Lighthouse a survivor thriller from small production company Angel Grace, and recently being acquired by Uncork'd Entertainment for international release.
As I said many thanks for Uncork'd for the screening copy, of this very bleak film, set in an unforgiving environment, the story of two men on a stint at the lighthouse, with incoming storms, lack of supplies, and realising that maybe no one is coming back to relieve them of their shift. With isolation comes madness and distrust. With an accident that has devastating consequences.
This film is incredibly well acted from the two British leads, and I do love films set in just one location, with this film also could work as a stage play. The only downside is the film is unfortunately very drab and boring, with absolutely nothing happening in the first 45 minutes, we do learn at lot about the weather, how to cook scrambled eggs, soups, how to fish, and play various famous board games, apart from that nothing happens at all.…

Girls Night 2 film review. Written and directed by David Teixeira.

Girls Night 2, the sequel to the first short film from David Teixeira
A film that I really enjoyed the first time I saw it, and many thanks for the director for the advance screening, and once again for the sequel. I'm being honest I'm not a fan of sequels, and they are usually hit or miss, like most bands difficult second album, some succeed such as Godfather 2, Evil Dead 2, then again sometimes we get A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Freddy's Revenge. Girls Night 2 is a film that extends the events of the first movie, we see surviver Jess, who is still traumatized from the events of the first movie, and the game of Bloody Mary, seeing her friends butchered by some unseen force. She is having nightmares, seeing her dead friends, and some strange man with a pair of scissors that haunts her. We do have some great scenes in this movie, abet being so short, still manages to up the tension, a credit to director David Teixeira who manages to create tension with such confidence espec…

Voodoo film review. Directed by Tom Costabile, arriving DVD and VOD 9/11/18. Distribution by Wild Eye Releasing.

I have to thank Wild Eye Releasing for the screening copy of this movie.
Although all the appreciation I will give, for free movies I'm getting a little fed up of seeing bad movies, and unfortunately horror movies are the cool genre of choice. Films are getting cheaper to film using camcorders, mobile phones, the found footage genre has made all this possible, yet so many are so badly excecuted.
I like low budget movies, some of the greatest classics are made on a miniscule budget,  Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead and The Blair Witch Project, all perfect examples of low budget, but fantastic film making, Voodoo has none of this. From what I could make of any of the plot, a woman after an affair with a married man, moves from her southern state and moves to LA to holiday with her best buddy, unfortunately it seems her married lovers wife cursed her with a Voodoo curse, to curse her to hell. All this is told via a video diary.

Yet at the midway point of this movie it had some re…