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Wish Upon. Distribution by Vertigo Releasing. Directed by John R. Leonetti. Running time 90 minutes. Certificate 15.

AHH yes another generic horror movie, which is it about this time, a curse maybe? Ouija board games?, Spin The Bottle? a Doll? Truth or Dare? a cursed music box?
Yes you got it the latter, another teenage horror film set around high school, with every generic stereotypes ticked. Bullied kid, tick, spoilt girl, tick, a male friend who will clearly be your love interest, tick.
Yes this movie is like any other teenage movie ever made, and maybe not for the scenes of horror, it would've ended up on the kids Disney Channel. Even the kills are not inventive, trust me watch the trailer and it shows you all the deaths that are in the movie.
A film that is so like any other movie, it could've easily fitted in to the Final Destination movies, or even Ouija, Midnight Man, Bye Bye Man, and like all these movies easily forgotten. I'm glad I was given a copy of this movie, and not actually brought it, as I would've been pissed for spending my money on this turd of a film. Honestly…

Girls Night 2 film review. Written and directed by David Teixeira.

Girls Night 2, the sequel to the first short film from David Teixeira
A film that I really enjoyed the first time I saw it, and many thanks for the director for the advance screening, and once again for the sequel. I'm being honest I'm not a fan of sequels, and they are usually hit or miss, like most bands difficult second album, some succeed such as Godfather 2, Evil Dead 2, then again sometimes we get A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Freddy's Revenge.Girls Night 2 is a film that  extends the events of the first movie, we see surviver Jess, who is still traumatized from the events of the first movie, and the game of Bloody Mary, seeing her friends butchered by some unseen force. She is having nightmares, seeing her dead friends, and some strange man with a pair of scissors that haunts her. We do have some great scenes in this movie, abet being so short, still manages to up the tension, a credit to director David Teixeira who manages to create tension with such confidence espec…

Girls Night 2017. Written Produced edited and directed by DavidTeixeria. Not yet rated, available online from October 31st. Runningtime 14 minutes.

Girls Night from Director David Teixeira, starring Alice Nazare, Liliana Garcia and Marina De Sousa. Many thanks to the writer and director David Teixeira for giving me the link and the chance to see his short film well before the release date in October. A film about three girls Jess, Alyson and Chloe who have a drunken Halloween party, at a friends house, whilst the wine is flowing and the usual girlie chat, deciding on whether to watch a horror, they discus Urban Legends including the legend of Bloody Mary. Why I liked this, well the acting seemed natural and not forced, the girls were natural looking young women, normal sized women with curves, they were likeable, which seems strange to say that in a film with such a short running time. That is why I liked this movie, the build up, the pacing, you caring about the characters in the short run time. David Teixeria is a great story teller to look out for, he has achieved more in 13 minutes than most directors produce in film five time…

Midnight Man Dvd review. Distribution by Signature Entertainment. Certificate 15. Available on Dvd and digital Hd from March 12.

What do you get if you add Ouija, Bye Bye Man, with a little IT thrown in then blatantly copy Insidious you get the Midnight Man. I am being a little harsh as this movie, although instantly forgettable, it really does have its moments of great horror set pieces. The opening segment is outstanding, and quite sickening, but instantly draws you in, shame it doesn't keep the same pace, and expectations, as it is instantly followed by unlikable characters, and abysmal acting. Only Robert Englund and Lin Shaye's manic performance saves this movie. The gore effects are impressive though, the bath of blood, the throat cut, decapitation, and an explosion of blood, are thrown in, and are great ideas. Shame the rest of the script is underwhelming, as it has a great premise of a demon who likes to play a game, you follow his rules, you live, you break the game rules you die. With The Midnight Man knowing your deepest fears and memories, and using them against you. Play at the stroke of mi…

A Cure For Wellness Review. Directed by Gore Verbinski, distribution by 20th Century Fox. Rated R, certificate 18. Running time 144 minutes.

If a film about a woman banging a fish can win best film, how the hell didn't this film from Gore Verbinski even get a little nod. A film that is just stunning to look at with some of the best visuals, stunning symmetry the train going into a tunnel, is hard to explain but is absolutely amazing film making, and a scene with a woman standing on a edge of a pool with her reflection and the stunning mountainside of Switzerland is breathtaking. Not only is the film gorgeous to look at, the steam punk visuals, the look of the forties but actually set in modern times is a joy to behold. I knew I was going to like this film, then again Dane DeHaan once again has not let me down, one of the most talented young actors around. With another outstanding performance from Mia Goth, a brave role to play, in especially one scene later on, that not only is sickening to watch, is also the other reason why this movie carries an 18 certificate. With other squirm inducing visuals, including teeth being…

New Terminator Concept art shows Lance Henriksen as the T-800.

New concept art of the 1984 Terminator movie has shown Lance Henrikson as the T-800.
James Cameron at first wanted an everyday man, as the role of the famous character to easily fit in to modern life at the time.
Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't even considered at this point, which is impossible to think about now as this is the role that made Schwarzenegger.
It is a weird idea in a different universe how the original idea would've worked with Lance in the titlular role, who we all know is a brilliant character actor, especially in Aliens 1986 two years later as the android Bishop. Anyway it is all in the past now, and Arnold is definitely our Terminator of choice now, with the reigns now being passed back to Cameron, and the original cast now all back together, we can only hope that this Terminator will be actually decent once more.

The hooded woman on a train urban legend.

Photo courtesy of Clayton Bastiani/ Trevilian Images.
The hooded person on a train is an old Internet folklore story, but if you have never heard it, it goes something like this. A woman was on a train one night alone, apart from three passengers sitting in front of her, two men and a lady wearing a hooded top sat between the gentleman. This didn't seem alarming, it was just the fact the lady in the hooded top never took her eyes off her, which made her feel extremely uncomfortable. Although the face of the woman in the hoodie could not be seen entirely, the other woman could make out her eyes watching her, constantly looking, eyes never moving off her.
At this point the train pulls into a station and a gentleman gets on, and sits near the lonely woman, without saying a word could tell the woman he was sat by seemed alarmed by something. He looked around at everyone on the train, including the hooded woman and her two male companions, he then passes …