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Never Let Go 2016 film review. Directed by Howard J. Ford.Distribution by Icon Films UK, Uncork'd Entertainment US, running time 94 minutes approximately.

A film I first  saw the trailer for just before Christmas, but thinking it's just another Taken style action thriller, I never really gave it a second thought, well it is now streaming on Netflix in the UK if you are interested and available on DVD.   I was given a streaming copy to watch from the great people at Unkork'd Entertainment, and watched it, and you know I will admit I was so wrong, for a low budget British made film, the film puts most if not all US thrillers to shame. Starring Angela Dixon, a little known Indie actress, who deserves to be seen at a larger level, although being an actress She is an established Yoga instructor in the UK, so she is fit, and not just in the looks department but my goodness me the amount she runs, jumps and free runs  like a professional, puts Liam Neeson late fifties Brian to shame. A film that if you didn't know about a mothers love, and the things they are capable of, a Mothers bond is so strong, which is shown to perfection in…

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Alien Covenant 2017 DVD and bluray review. Distribution by 20th Century Fox. Directed by Ridley Scott. Certificate 15.

Are you coulrophobia? The fear of Clowns. With the horror world made upof these painted creatures. Here I will have a look at the most famousclowns used in celluloid.

Girls Night 2017. Written Produced edited and directed by David Teixeria. Not yet rated, available online from October 31st. Running time 14 minutes.

Clowntergeist film review. From High Octane Pictures. Directed by Arron Mirtes. Distribution by Uncork'd entertainment. Not yet rated, running time 80 minutes. On demand from 9/12/2017.

Hacked as known in the UK and The Den in America 2013 review. Directed by Zachary Donohue. Distribution by IFC Midnight, Precision Pictures UK, released 18 April 2016, running time 81 minutes. Certificate 18.

Cold Moon 2016 FILM REVIEW. Curmudgeon films and Highland Film Group. A film by Griff Furst. DISTRIBUTION BY Uncork'd entertainment. Not yet rated, running time 92 minutes. Release date 6th October in theatres and VOD.

Abattoir Movie Review 2016. Produced by Dark Web Productions. Distribution by Momentum Pictures US, Universal Pictures UK. Certificate 18, running time 98 minutes. Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman.

Insidious Chapter 4 The Last Key trailer is now available.

Anti Matter 2016 film review. Directed by Kier Burrows. Distribution by Uncork'd entertainment U.S. Release date September 8th 2017.

Ibiza Undead 2016. Templeheart Films, directed by Andy Edwards. Distribution by Soda Pictures. Cetificate 15, running time 95 minutes.