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Killer Clowns From Outer-Space is 30 years old this year, and will be celebrated by being played at certain Horror festivals.

With Thursday nearly upon us here is my flashback, and this movie is celebrating its 30, yes 30th anniversary, and that movie is Killer Clowns From Outer-Space. Which will be getting I've heard limited cinema releases, and is being played at certain horror festivals this year.
An absolutely amazing film from 1988, that is so bad it is good. Starring cult scream queen Susan Snyder, Who is famous for Return of The Living Dead films, and her stint in other comedies  such as Weird Science. A very simple little tale of a comet landing, in a small California Town, within Minutes a strange Big Top appears. With reports of clowns walking about, and people strangely disappearing. Only Debbie Stone and her boyfriend Mike Tobacco, know the truth because they witnessed the comet land. Can they convince the other Towns folk and even the Local Sheriff of the terrible deeds the clowns are doing. Including killing people with shadow puppets, and custard pies that will melt your face away. The plan…

The Strangers Prey At Night movie review. Directed by Johannes Roberts. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Running time 85 minutes.

*Warning this review does contain expletives* The Strangers Prey At Night, we have had to wait ten years for a sequel, and I'll admit I was dubious that it would match the ferocity of the original, which I will say alongside Funny Games, The Original Strangers were the two films of 2008 that really got to me, and still do. Yet is it any good, well in total honesty yes it is, not quite as good as the original but in places it equals it, or even betters some scenes. The premise is almost identical Three masked killers Doll Face, Pin Up Girl and Man In A Mask arrive at a secluded holiday caravan park, at the same time this dysfunctional family who are here for a make or break getaway. We have the knock at the door again, and it soon becomes apparent that things are not looking good for this family, and will it have the same outcome as the original?, I'm not going to disclose anymore as it is still in cinemas at this present moment. All I can say it is definitely more brutal, and so…

Pyewacket film review. Directed by Adam MacDonald. Distribution by Signature Entertaiment, UK. Certificate 15, running time 87 minutes.

There is a very clever quote" be careful what you wish for as it may come true" this movie is that moral tale. A movie that sums up teenage angst and bereavement, a young woman dealing with the death of her father, and learning to live with her mother, who is after all just trying to do her best to raise an only child as a single mother. The film deals with resentment, loss, anger as the result of loosing a parent/ husband. In Mrs Reyes ( Laurie Holden) case the loss of a husband, that was not perfect, was adulterous, but still was her husband and dad to her child, we have Leah ( Nicole Muñoz) her late teenage years thinks she knows everything, but eventually knows nothing, and hates and blames her mother for everything, like most teenage girls. Yes I can relate I have a teenage daughter of the same age, and I have seen the awful rows my wife and she has, the only difference is, is they Kiss and make up, and move on, where Leah's deep hatred of her mother is so much so s…

The Nursery film review. Directed by Christopher A. Micklos and Jay Sapiro. distribution by Uncork'd Entertainment. Not Yet rated. Running time 87 minutes.

Many thanks for Uncork'd entertainment for this screener copy, and for once I was impressed, as some low budget movies are dire, I did find myself engrossed in this movie.
First I'll start with the negatives, It isn't the best acted movie, then again it is a horror film, so I'm not expecting Oscar winning performances.
Second it isn't the most original movie either, a typical malevolent ghost story wanting to do harm.
I'm surprised that there is only two negatives, as the rest of this movie I did enjoy, the creepy nursery rhyme music at the start does unnerve you, it is then followed by another song that is equally disturbing too. As I said the use of music in this film especially the two original songs by some unknown female performer are outstanding.
The camera work, the neon blue pallet tone is also unsettling, we don't see much of the malevolent spirit which is a bonus too, as I always believe sometimes seeing less is more, and these directors obviousl…

Revenge 2018 Film Review. Directed by Coralie Fargeat. Not yet rated, running time 108 minutes.

Revenge is a movie that is  equally horrible washed with gallons of blood, to some of the most impressive camera work seen on- screen a melancholy mix of colour, visuals that from first timer Coralie Fargeat
looks like it has been directed by someone more established.
We have a revenge film that for once doesn't rely on torture, from the survivor, we don't see baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire pushed up a man's backside, or a man with his eyelids forced open with fish hooks. What we do have is a story although graphic, and sickening, using only guns, and knives.
It is a simple premise a rich man and his gorgeous mistress go to the dessert for a weekend away, in his posh man cave retreat, when two of his buddies actually turn up for the hunting trip he used as an alibi to his wife. With Jen who is hot and she knows it, a man's fantasy, perfect in every way, but still treated like a piece of meat from the men in this picture. Things happen, I'm not going to discl…

Quick horror news for all you gore hounds.

Looks like a release date has been reached for Sharknado 6, with it going to be on Syfy on Sunday August 19th. Looks like this is going to be the final one, with a time traveling element being added to the mix.
The franchise brings back regulars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo, and Vivica A. Fox.
Looks like Blumhouse has some problems as test screenings for Halloween reboot have not be positive. As we speak now the ending is being reshoot, along with other scenes, although this isn't uncommon it still is a worry that this great movie and characters may not be as good as the hype it has created. Even though Jamie Lee Curtis is back, and this being a direct sequel to the original Halloween, obviously set decades later, ignoring all the other timelines  We are hoping it is the usual just film a few more scenes, to keep the horror fans happy, and not the case that it is a little crap, and the studio knows it.

Thirdly on set photos from Rob Zombies 3 From Hell as been released, lit…

Truth Or Dare 2018 movie review. Directed by Jeff Wadlow. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Rated R, certificate 15, running time 100 minutes

Yet another movie from the camp at Blumhouse, that so many have criticised so I finally got a chance to see it, and is it as bad as most say, well yes unfortunately.
Six friends go to Mexico on Spring Break and end up at a haunted church where they play a cursed game of Truth Or Dare.
With a mysterious stranger admitting he got them to play the game to pass the curse on, just like the movie It Follows.
The main girl Olivia  on returning home sees Truth Or Dare written everywhere, to realise she still needs to play, causing difficulties for her friends, by saying truth and telling everyone her best friend Markie had cheated on her boyfriend Lucas. Then everyone else has to suffer the consequences of the game.
Suddenly Olivia realises their is a pattern to the game, and selfishly passes it on via a Youtube video potentially cursing the whole world.
That is what I, and many others had a problem with, save yourself and selfishly infect everybody, because we are all curious about clicking …

Escape From Cannibal Farm. Directed by Charlie Steeds. From High Octane Pictures. Not Yet rated, running time approx 90 minutes.

Escape From Cannibal Farm I had the unfortunate chance to see on a screening copy, I have to say thanks to High Octane Pictures for sending it to me,  I wished I'd hadn't invested my time in it though.
A British Texas Chainsaw wannabe, that with Leatherface with all its flaws and being dreadful, is still a better movie than this one.
With the trailer making this film look like a gore fest, showing all the gore in this film, and what to expect, with a script, and acting that is hilarious. It was so bad I was laughing so much, that is how bad it really is. Honestly I've seen a lot of bad movies in my time, but this is honestly the worst film I have ever, ever seen.
With a clever Chainsaw clad face on the cover, which is completely misleading as the chainsaw is not used once in the movie. Talking of chainsaws please lend me one so I could destroy this god awful movie, or even to cut out the memory of this turd from my brain.